Forest corruption that will be the subject of films

This is the story of how the AKP slaughtered the forests…

It’s a document on how it rewards deforestation instead of preventing deforestation. 11 Super Villas Scattered Across Scots Pine Forests… Seven years ago the foundations of million dollar villas were laid in the area leased from the Ministry of Forests for the people of Bolu Gerede to picnic and breathe. The AKP municipality of Gerede quietly parceled out the forest it leased as a private forest area and sold it to its supporters. Before long, villas rose up in the picnic area. Upon notification, inspectors from the General Directorate of Forestry investigated the incident and prepared a report. In the report, it is requested that the authorization granted to the municipality be canceled immediately, indicating that the forest area, which was rented free of charge for the public good, has been used for other purposes and that the integrity of the forest has been damaged.

The General Directorate of Forests orders the Regional Directorate of Forests of Bolu to act by transmitting numerous consecutive reports. However, the controls are under the table. The scandal arose at the “request for an act” from one of the owners of the villa. The size of the swelling is not limited to this. The Municipality of Gerede and the inhabitants of the villas ask the General Directorate of Forests to remove the leased area from the forest, that the leased area is no longer a forest but an agglomeration.


The Bolu Regional Forestry Department is carrying out operations to bring the forest estate to the title of “land having lost its forest character”, which is qualified as 2D. Despite the denunciation of the chief inspectors of the GMO Board of Inspectors and the initiation of legal proceedings, the General Directorate of Forests, the Regional Directorate of Forests of Bolu, the Directorate of Forestry Operations of Gerede and the lawyer under contract from the agency İsmail Çetin abuse their functions in a chain. Note that the lawyer İsmail Çetin is both the lawyer of the institution and the chairman of the AKP district Gerede. In other words, the Municipality of Gerede plots and sells the forest it leases for the benefit of the public, the partisans build villas there, and the regional management wants to hide the corruption by placing the forest area among the “degraded” areas. instead of stopping this incredible banditry. However, due to the resistance of the honest land surveyors of the Regional Forestry Department, the 2B qualification cannot be attributed to the land…

While the owners of the villas are pressuring the municipality for “deeds”, the AKP government is coming to the “rescue” of its own municipality with legal regulation. The controversial law number 7394 published in the Official Journal of April 15, 2022 and number 31810, which paved the way for the looting of forests, is being amended. The regulation that saves the looters is hidden with an additional article to the amendment of the law, “On the valuation of immovable property belonging to the Treasury and making amendments to the law on value added tax, and on amending of certain laws and decrees”.

The article briefly states that forest areas where settlements are located will be sold to settlers. Like women forced to marry their rapist! How much more harm can a government do to its country, to its honest citizens who live within the law?!


I speak with Şükrü Durmuş, president of the Union Tarım Orman-İş about this scandal which will be the subject of films. “Our forest existence is threatened, this legal regulation means rewarding those who occupy the country’s forests”, he says, describing an injustice experienced in the Black Sea: “The Directorate General of Forests has opened proceedings for the cancellation of title deeds and confiscated the titled hazelnut orchards in the Black Sea because they were “turned into forests”. Due to the nature of the Black Sea, if you don’t care for the garden for a year, it will revert to the forest. People in the Black Sea region, who do not have enough agricultural land, are usually expatriates. If he does not visit his hometown for a few years, his land turns into a forest in a few years. time… When the citizens who are abroad returned to their villages, they learned that their titled lands had been taken from them because they were classified as forests.The AKP now gives title deeds to those who cut down the forest, contrary to article 169 of the constitution! Honest people are punished while dishonest people are rewarded. This law is not only for Gerede, we know that there are hundreds of similar places of occupation… It is a process of complete destruction. We will fight with all who fear to oppose this destruction…”

The AKP is the power of plunder and destruction… The great destruction that Turkey has done against forest assets, the destruction of forest areas for profit, the fact that even Parliament is a tool of plunder in enacting special laws for supporters figure among the government’s top criminal records.


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