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The idea of ​​reviving the Wonder Child Law, which came into force at the end of the 1940s and brought important names to the country, particularly in the field of music, is widely supported.

Our musicians, such as Turkish artists İdil Biret, Suna Kan, Gülsin Onay, were educated abroad with the Wonder Children Act and became famous all over the world. Classical music is a special field. Talent alone is not enough to become a world-class name. Moreover, it is essential to receive training from the world’s leading schools and names on this subject.

Since the Wonder Child Law, enacted in 1948 and continued for 20 years, became dysfunctional, young people have not found much support for classical music, outside of foundations and associations.

ÇEV Art took her hand

The Foundation for Contemporary Education (ÇEV) strives to bridge this gap with ÇEV Sanat, which was established in 2009 under the leadership of Berrin Yoleri. Even this process, carried out with donations and not supported by the state, has allowed young Turkish artists to become names the world envies.

Cellist Jamal Aliyev is one of the names that ÇEV Sanat puts “extraordinarily talented young people sweeping the stones” in Yoleri’s words. Born in 1993, born into a family of musicians. He exhibited his talent at a young age and continued his studies in England with the ÇEV art scholarship.

Concert on May 23

Aliyev, Yoleri and ÇEV President Prof. Dr. We got together with Ahmet Altınel at the introductory meeting of ÇEV Art Concert, which will be held for the 9th time this year. The concert will be the first major concert after the opening of the main stage of the Atatürk Cultural Center, currently under renovation. Halit Ergenç, permanent support of the foundation, will be the presenter of the evening, which will take place on May 23 and Haldun Dormen will be the guest of honor. The Olten Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by conductor İbrahim Yazıcı and the concert soloist will be Jamal Aliyev. Young artists supported by ÇEV Sanat will accompany cellist Aliyev.

reality not illusion

The most discussed issue during the meeting was the support of young names. Most talented young people in the field of classical music do not receive state support or incentives. If this level can be reached with the support of sponsors and donors, it is not a dream for Turkey to make its voice heard in the field of classical music if the Wonder Child Law comes out again. Some of the names that ÇEV Sanat has given to scholarships that we cannot afford to rank one by one, have become academicians, associate professors in various countries, especially in the United States, and have become judges in festivals of the whole world.

tour in america

He has already given concerts on many major stages around the world, and this fall he will tour the United States with Fazıl Say. Aliyev, beloved by ÇEV, says he worked hard to achieve this position. Aliyev impresses with his position and lifestyle. Yoleri says Aliyev’s achievements also encourage other young names. Jamal Aliyev’s album “Illusion”, released in March, will also be available for listening at the ÇEV Art Concert.

Berrin Yoleri, Jamal Aliyev, Songul Hatısaru

Yo-Yo Ma’s Cello!

Jamal Aliyev plays with Giuseppe Guarneri’s 1690 cello. The price of the cello, which was bought by a group of foreign investors at the auction and given to Aliyev by Yoleri, is 2.5 million pounds. Yo-Yo Ma also played this cello in her concerts for some time.

Aliyev must carry this precious instrument with him at all times. The cello must be reserved 48 hours in advance. Aliyev makes a reservation for his cello under the name Mrs Cello Aliyev and buys the seat next to him!

Young musicians will add energy

In the concert organized by ÇEV artistic president Berrin Yoleri and conducted by famous conductor İbrahim Yazıcı, one of ÇEV Sanat’s young musicians Deniz Erten İspir, Ezgi Su Apaydın, Deniz Şensoy, Doğa Altınok, Duru Önhon and Defne Güngör on percussion, Elman Mecid on piano Damla Ece Karataş and Fikret Uçar will perform on viola accompanied by the “Olten Philharmonic Orchestra” with Climate Care.

great guys

To break glass ceilings and blend in with life

In order to break down the “glass ceilings” that define the invisible and artificial barriers that limit the advancement of women in their careers, the Women Engaging in Life Platform, which was created under the main sponsorship of Pernod Ricard Turkey and in cooperation with IDEMA prepares women for the future with free training modules.

With reference to the World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report (2020), Culture, Arts and Entertainment; sustainability and climate change; New Business Life and Digitalization; It aims to be a pioneer in equal rights and skills for women in the professions of the future, with free training to be provided in four modules, namely New Media.

Expert names

Taking place as mentors in four training modules and attracting the attention of experts in their fields, the Women Engaging in Life platform is open to participation by all women over the age of 18.

Selçuk Tümay, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, main sponsor of the Platform for Women Coming to Life, spoke about this and said she was proud to sponsor this platform which aims to strengthen the presence of women in the professions of the future. Emphasizing that the presence of women at higher levels in business life and their involvement in the professions of the future will have an impact in all fields, Selçuk Tümay also underlined that she wanted the Platform for Women Coming to Life continues to grow for many years. .

great guys

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