HDP Paylan’s ‘Armenian Genocide’ proposal dismissed by Speaker of Parliament: ‘It’s been 7 years since I made the same offer, I haven’t suffered such a lynching’

  • Ayse Sayin
  • BBC Turkish, Ankara

Source, HDP

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HDP’s Paylan said he had submitted the same proposal to Parliament for 7 years, only updating the year, but had never been lynched like this before.

HDP MP from Istanbul Garo Paylan on Friday submitted the draft law titled “Recognition of Armenian Genocide, Removal of Genocide Perpetrators’ Names from Public Domain” to the Speaker of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly. However, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Şentop, returned the bill on the grounds that it was against the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

Paylan’s bill provoked reactions, especially in the ruling wing.

bbc turkishPaylan, speaking to , expressed the following views on the backlash against him:

“I became an MP in 2015 and I have been making the same offer for 7 years since I have been an MP. I am only updating the year in terms of updating. I have not suffered such a lynching for 7 Because these issues could be discussed in Turkey and every year I am on a subject to which the president wishes his condolences, that is how I define it.

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