New promotion plan of the Ministry of Commerce

According to the draft strategy prepared by the Ministry of Commerce to increase exports to distant countries, a special support program will be developed for the visibility of Turkish brands in such organizations as the Olympics, world cups, international weeks fashion, motor sports.

While the ministry was preparing the draft strategy and action plan for distant countries, the draft strategy was presented to relevant non-governmental organizations.

With the strategy, it aims to expand the range of exports and increase exports to 18 distant countries. The 18 countries identified so far under the strategy are: United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, India, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria , Pakistan, Chile, Thailand and Vietnam.

According to the compilation made by the AA correspondent from the draft action plan, it contains a lot of detailed information such as the macroeconomic situation, potential product groups, investment opportunities, policy and legislation in foreign trade, characteristics of the country’s market, the roadmap for setting up a business and doing business in the country, specific to each distant country Market entry guides will be created to provide all the information necessary for companies wishing to export to the country concerned.

Priority sub-sectors in the country concerned will be determined to increase the export of goods and services. The potential of these sub-sectors in the country concerned will be determined and targeted entry strategies will be created.


At least one sectoral trade delegation will be organized annually for the target sectors determined in all distant countries. In order to increase the export of goods and services to potential markets and to promote the exported products, at least one general trade delegation visit will be organized per year for each remote country. The upper limit of support granted to sectoral trade delegations for the export of goods will be increased for countries under the distant country strategy.

It will be ensured that the number of national, individual and virtual fairs to be supported for distant countries will be increased.


The support will be reinforced by the intensification of promotional actions, in particular advertising in the written and visual media, and the consumer circuits of the countries, shopping malls and chain stores will be specifically targeted within the framework of these actions. In these activities, the brand “Made in Turkey” will be put forward. In the countries determined under the strategy, studies will be carried out to use the existing incentive mechanisms to promote the potential sectors on the aforementioned advertising platforms.

A social media promotion campaign will be organized for Turkey’s goods and services, and cooperation will be established with influential social media personalities. Efforts will be made to increase the use of relevant releases in the context of export-oriented state aid so that social media phenomena in the country promote Turkish products, and an incentive mechanism will be developed. according to the needs of the sectors.

Schedules will be determined for special days when consumption in the country has increased significantly, and promotional activities for Turkish products will be organized in consumption channels, especially in shopping malls and chain stores. It will be a question of designing as much as possible the promotional activities in the mother tongue of the distant country.


In order to increase awareness of export products, TV series, movies and digital games will be used, and film and TV actors will benefit. Product placement on these platforms will be encouraged.

Turkish series and films broadcast on social networks and TV channels contribute significantly to the recognition of Turkish products and services. For this reason, placing products in Turkish TV series is considered an effective and important promotional activity. In this direction, television programs and online events in which one or more of the main actors of Turkish television series and films will participate will be functional in terms of increasing the exports of the relevant sectors. In this context, it is also planned to organize meetings with representatives of the industry and relevant organizations in order to expand product placement practices in domestic and foreign television series, films and digital games. television and online/digital platforms in the country in question.


Promotional activities will be supported by directing the sponsorship of major brands at prestigious international events to be held in distant countries. Among these events, a special support program will be developed for the visibility of Turkish brands in organizations such as the Olympic Games, World Cups, International Fashion Weeks, Motor Sports, which are of great prestige.

International prestigious events that will increase the international recognition of Turkish TV series and film productions will be determined and participation in these events will be encouraged with additional support items. Within this framework, internationally renowned film markets, biennials and festivals will be determined.


A common marketing strategy for design-oriented luxury consumer products in the sectors of activity to be determined will be created for distant countries and support mechanisms will be developed for these products.

A common marketing strategy will be created to promote and market the luxury consumer products identified under the strategy.

Linking with Turkish entrepreneurs residing in the remote country concerned on distribution and representation issues will be encouraged, and country-specific industry organizations such as “networking events for doing business” will be organised.

Representation of store offices and other market entry instruments will be strengthened with additional supports. In addition, efforts will be made to meet the costs of representative offices to be opened for after-sales services.

It will be supported to open temporary or concept stores in sectors such as luxury, particularly in countries where the pop-up store and pop-up retail concept, which are known as temporary openings that sell for days or weeks in a mall or busy street, are common. The aim is that this concept, whose popularity continues to grow, contributes to the image of Turkish products.


Support mechanisms will be designed for the simultaneous structuring of multi-channel brands established in Turkey in shopping malls and department stores and important e-commerce marketplaces in the country concerned.

Cooperation with purchasing units of supermarket chains in distant countries will be developed, and work will be carried out to rent shelves in department stores and retail stores.

A mechanism will be put in place where companies that have successfully exported to distant countries will mentor exporters targeting those countries.

A detailed logistics roadmap will be prepared for each remote country. Efforts will be made to reduce transport times and logistics costs by diversifying logistics lines between Turkey and distant countries. Efforts will also be made to reduce air freight transport costs with these countries.

Target products, customer audience and competitor analysis will be prepared using necessary software via e-commerce marketplaces and search engines in the relevant country. With the establishment of the “online export information platform”, producers and exporters will be informed about e-commerce and market entry opportunities.


Promotional and cooperative activities will be held with sponsorships on channels such as Twitch and YouTube to promote games from leading companies in the gaming industry.

It will be encouraged to take place in software-app-game stores on mobile devices.

In order to establish the competitiveness of the animation industry in international markets, support items such as dubbing and subtitles, anti-piracy expenditure will be supported by additional support items.

It is planned to establish and promote a portal that will be the digital face of the health tourism industry.

Prioritization in the allocation of resources to companies exporting to distant countries by Eximbank will be on the agenda.

It is expected that a buyer’s loan will be granted to support projects to be undertaken in distant countries and goods to be exported to these countries.

Negotiations will take place with the Asian Development Bank in accordance with the plan to establish co-financing models for the financing of contractual projects in Asian countries.

Efforts will be made to introduce Turkey’s opportunities in the conservative clothing and conservative tourism sectors to the Muslim population of the countries covered by the strategy.

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