New secrets revealed about the Harry Potter series

New information and secrets about the Harry Potter series that may have escaped even fanatics have emerged. With the Return to Hogwarts program, the cast met the fans again, while unknown facts were revealed…

The Harry Potter series, which has garnered great attention around the world, has become one of the biggest parts of popular culture with its movies after its success as a book. of a great generation 10 years We can say that the series, published for a while, has grown to 8 films. Now the team we’ve seen grow, Back to Hogwarts He appears again in front of the public with his program.

the first day of the new year HBO MaxThe show, which aired in , took fans back to their childhood. Return to Hogwarts, which looks like a documentary-talk show, brought together the cast to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. By the way about the series some unknown facts also appeared. In this news, we’ve compiled information that even the biggest Harry Potter fans may have overlooked…

Emma Watson was in love with Tom Felton:

Bookworm and brilliant-witted member of the trio Hermione GrangerEmma Watson, who plays , has been the show’s “bad” character for a long time. Draco MalfoyShe shared that she has a crush on Tom Felton, who plays . When asked to “imagine what God looks like” in a private painting lesson, Watson replied that Felton ‘a skateboarder with her hat upside down’ He states that he drew and fell in love from that point on. Although Watson had these feelings for a long time, it was reported that nothing happened between them.


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Daniel Radcliffe’s Discovery Story:

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Chris Colombus, who directed the first two films in the Harry Potter series, says he couldn’t find a suitable actor to play the main character for a long time. At this moment 10 years Daniel Radcliffe, broadcast on the BBC David Copperfield He played the lead role in the miniseries. Deciding that Radcliffe was perfect for the role of Harry Potter, Columbus got to work. On the other hand, the 10-year-old actor’s family didn’t want Radcliffe included in a series that would last at least seven films. The possibility of filming in the United States also did not sit well with the family. But somehow, Daniel Radcliffe, He managed to become Harry Potter.

Draco’s father may not have been Draco’s father:

strangers in harry potter

Early on, he appeared as one of the series’ villains. Lucius MalfoyWithout a doubt, he has an inseparable place in the series. But who plays Draco Malfoy’s father Jason Isaacdeclares that he is not really a candidate for this post. The ‘dishonest celebrity’ professor originally featured in the second film in the series Gilderoy Lochart Isaacs, who participated in character testing, says he was quite upset when he was told to read Lucius Malfoy’s lines. When he read Lucius Malfoy’s “fluffy” and “frustrated” lines, he was deemed excellent for the role. It’s hard to imagine another actor in the character of Draco’s father anyway.


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Dumbledore, who thinks the phoenix is ​​real…

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One of the most memorable scenes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is Harry Potter and the Phoenix. Fawkes pass between. Fawkes, whom Dumbledore considered his own bird, was specially groomed for the film by the film crews. However, according to information obtained from the production team in the first two films of the series. representing the character of Dumbledore Richard Harrisbelieved the bird to be “real”. Of course, Harris didn’t think he was a “phoenix”, but he did think he was a real, very tame bird. Whether he was able to determine if Fawkes was real or not remains a mystery.

Hogwarts on fire:

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One of the first images that pop into many people’s minds when Hogwarts is mentioned are the candles hanging from the ceiling and the doors opening into this room. Well these candles real Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe, the fourth film in the series in the goblet of fire He explained that real candles were used, but then they melted and started falling to the ground, burning the ropes they were hanging from.

Was there any of this information that you didn’t know about before? Or, as a fanatical Harry Potter fan, did you already know them all? Is there any information not here that you know of? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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