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In the new fairy tale Cinderella, Cinderella does not go to this elegant ball, she does not want to go; because he and his half-brothers, who love each other very much, are looking for a more fun job: building a rocket that will go into space…


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teacher. Dr. Dogan KÖKDEMIR*

Written by the American Psychological Association (APA, for children ages 4-8 and published in 2016 Cinderella: a story of planets and not of princes (Sinderstella: The Story of Planets, Not Princes), the famous fairy tale, you guessed it. Cinderellaof (Cinderella) is an adaptation. I guess the original story is still in everyone’s memory. A handsome prince, a poor but beautiful young girl tormented by her stepmother and stepsisters, an elegant ball, the prince and Cinderella falling in love at that ball, then a shoelace forgotten as she rushed out of the palace to midnight to avoid turning into a pumpkin. As at the end of every fairy tale, our heroes are happy at the end of this tale. For Cinderella, the path to happiness is to meet the Prince; The purpose of the whole story, of the whole colorful narrative, is to prepare the reader (i.e. the children) after this. Happiness depends on having beautiful girls with beautiful boys and status. Let’s bring them together now so that when they grow up, their happiness will continue as men and women. It’s true… Can there be a bigger and more passionate project than this? There is also the defamation of the stepmother and stepsister in the tale (as if there were no children in the world with a stepmother and stepsisters), but let’s leave that aside for now.


Cinderella in the new fairy tale named Cinderella, she does not go to this elegant ball, she does not want to go; because he and his half-brothers, who love each other very much, are looking for a more fun job: building a rocket that will go into space… and they do it. Cinderella has taken a very important step towards realizing her greatest passion, her passion to reach the stars, with a rocket, where all the mathematical and physical calculations are done by herself.

Perhaps not just psychologists, but all experts in scientific fields are faced with the belief that science is still a “more human-friendly” field, even though we are in the 21st century. from the APA Cinderella The point to which he wants to draw attention, and above all to warn parents, is that this belief is not only unfounded, but also presents a false ideal for children (mainly girls). It is not difficult to guess how unfair and insane the approach is that fields such as mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, technology are not suitable for girls. Science and science education are gender neutral. There is no scientific basis to believe that there are areas where men and women can dominate each other. For this reason, it will be the most natural right of young children to be encouraged in their own desires and passions and to have the opportunity to receive the necessary education.

It must be awful to think that from the very beginning of the education of children, from kindergarten to any group – as it is believed – they are not allowed to have a basic education. Although common lessons are given to all students in the classes, it would be wrong to think that this will completely solve the problem of the previous sentence. It is not possible to find and fix errors one by one. However, from a more general point of view, we can provide our children with the knowledge and equipment they deserve; specifically, we can offer options on this.


Perhaps the first thing to do would be to regulate their attitude towards science. Of course, it would be beneficial for us to correct our attitude in this regard as well. Otherwise, there would be no point in advising a mother or a father, whom no one has ever witnessed, to read a book to his child. As mothers and fathers, we must first be a role model for our children; moreover, in doing so, we must increase our own knowledge according to their developing interests. You have seen that almost all 4 year olds, for some reason, are interested in dinosaurs. In such a situation, unfortunately, saying “well done to my son/daughter, how well he takes care of me” will not be enough. It’s time for you to refresh your dinosaur knowledge. When your daughter starts doing chemistry experiments at home, it’s a good idea to buy yourself a lab coat. Maybe you will have to explain to our little scientist, who wonders what the brain is, through a model… In short, you and we both have to work. By nature, children are scientists who can think freely and without limits. It’s hard to find something they wouldn’t be interested in or understand. It is very important to respond to the curiosity of these little scientists who develop in the first years of life, to nurture this feeling and to encourage their efforts to acquire knowledge.

Original Cinderella is it so bad? What’s wrong with knowing that a man and a woman fall in love, get married and then are very happy? In fact, it doesn’t hurt. Of course, life isn’t just about science, what’s wrong with relationships, love, romance, marriage? These are the facts of life, and very beautiful facts. However, this should not be the sole purpose of young children’s lives. Fairy tales and cartoons that ideal the project It repeats itself so much that at least when they go back to the real world, they should see that there are other things in life too. They must understand that a prince or a princess is not the only condition of happiness. We should at least be able to offer them as many alternatives as possible so that they can make their choice.

April 23 is still the only official children’s day in this world. The founding philosophy of this country knew how important children and their education were; Eid should be a fun day for children, but it should be a time for us adults to discuss and rethink our responsibilities towards them.

Prince?… He’s probably still at the ball.

Bibliography: Miles, BS and Sweet, SD (2016). Cinderstella: A Tale of Planet not Princes. PAA.
*Baskent University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology

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