The Darkest Batman

When I think of all the Batman movies I’ve watched so far based on visuals, it’s 2022. ‘The Batman’I can’t think of any darker than

Tim BurtonBatman has always been a dark series since the 1989 Batman-directed movie. Particularly “The Return of Batman” (1992), P.Enguin, Catwoman It’s full of beautiful ideas and details that go beyond its own time with characters like these and blur the line between good and evil.

Christopher NolanThe 2000s trilogy almost completely breaks with Tim Burton imagery and tells its story against a more realistic urban backdrop. Of course, like in all Batman movies, there is darkness, but it’s not stylized. The darkness comes from the story and the depth of the characters and the sense of tragedy rather than style.

As director Matt Reeves’“The Batman” is perhaps the most formal and stylized example in the series. From the first scenes You can see that Reeves designed and shot the whole movie like a painter. In the first part, Gotham in the city Halloween night His images take us to a dreary, haunted and frightening metropolis. external voice, Bruce Wayne/BatmanA lively melancholy dominates the film listening to the lines written by . Nirvanaof “Something in the Way” of your song ‘slow’ version is one of the best parts of the opening… ‘Blade Runner’(1982) images of dark cities reminiscent of the calm, unhurried pace are followed by scenes of suspense reminiscent of expressionist films.

On the other hand, the main star of the opening episode The Riddler It should not be forgotten. After all, the film is his, ‘chase’It opens when looking at it from afar with binoculars. We do not see his face in the scenes that follow him, but we closely witness his violence. With the murders of The Riddler, the atmosphere of a serial killer movie pervades in “The Batman”. “Se7en” by David FincherI (1995) both dark atmosphere and ‘moralist’ One of the movies that comes to mind with its killer.

While we’re at it, we can cite other Matt Reeves references. In ‘The Batman’ from start to finish film noir (film noir) has a feeling. Reeves, to some degree, especially when writing the screenplay. ‘badass’ He is known to be inspired by detective novels known as When we travel through history, he is considered among the pioneers of neo-noir, so much the plot is linked to corruption in the administration of the city. ‘Chinese district’ (1974) can be added to the list. Another 2019 made in the dough of ‘The Batman’ CC film ‘Joker’We can justify by . Here, according to the ‘Joker’ inspirations, ‘big city movie surrendering to crime’ aspect ‘Taxi driver’It is necessary to mention his name. ‘Taxi Driver’ is a film that is remembered not only because of the crime in the city, but also because of the crazed anti-hero The Riddler trying to save the city.

I think the success of “Joker” played a role in Reeves taking the story to a dark, carefully constructed visual world, and the studio giving him a blank check. So much so that the visual atmosphere appears to be a much more important element than the action. Of course here, the production designer James Chinlund and director of photography Greig FraserYou have to give your due. in production design ‘retro’ The style reminiscent of the past, called For example, police clothes are reminiscent of 40-50 years ago. Gotham is a city inspired by New York, as always. There are old-style architecture buildings as well as skyscrapers. Beyond the crowded, illuminated plazas lie unsafe streets.

In the advanced technology used by Batman, we see an atmosphere that reminds us of the 1980s and 1990s rather than today. The Batmobile, on the other hand, is reminiscent of old-fashioned, modified American sports cars whose “engine screams”. In the car chase scene, we can see that she draws inspiration from 1970s action movies with a retro attitude.

All these inspirations aside, I think Reeves and cinematographer Greig Fraser have achieved admirable originality with the color scheme they used in “The Batman” and visually elevate their superhero movies to a higher level on the mainstream.

So what do we see when we look at history? Screenplay by Reeves Peter Craig ‘The Batman’, which he wrote with (Robert Pattinson) It comes with character. A young Batman searching for his own personality in his superhero’s early years awaits. He’s a Batman who doesn’t shy away from close combat, isn’t afraid of getting shot, has a pale complexion, always looks depressed, has high testosterone, and doesn’t have nothing to do with humor…

The Batman we know and know is a superhero who uses advanced technology effectively with his engineering skills and has no supernatural abilities. He has a balance between businessman Bruce Wayne and the masked Batman. As the subtexts of Tim Burton’s films point out, he is actually considered a monster. But his name is considered a superhero. Here from the very beginning We see that he lost his balance between two identities, that he did not like being Bruce Wayne. Alfred‘of (Andy Serkis) As he warned, his financial situation is getting worse because he is not interested in business. In fact, it looks like he doesn’t know exactly what he wants. In the first episode, we understand that he enjoys scaring criminals in the streets, being a formidable force against them and violently suppressing crime.

He is not highly respected in the city as he is a new superhero. The only supporter in the police James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). It seems that Alfred’s paternalism would have completely lost its way and he would have been alone without Gordon’s older brother. Obviously, there are a lot of people in town who see him as a monster. ‘Avenger’ and we think Batman isn’t too bothered by either description.

The story develops through criticism of his vengeful personality. Because the serial killer he is pursuing, The Riddler, is also an avenger at heart… In The Riddler, Batman sees the extreme point of his revengeful approach, his personal quest for justice and the idea of ​​saving the city through violence. . In fact, he discovers that there is a part of himself in The Riddler’s madness and the similarities between them.

By the way, it should be noted that the film opens with the image of a boy in a suit playing with his father. When we look at the whole story, The point where Bruce Wayne is stuck is that he lost his parents at a young age; not being able to overcome the trauma because of his youth… The emotional bond The Riddler forms with the child he left without a father indicates the true wound in Bruce Wayne’s soul. Note that The Ridller also tries to avenge his orphaned childhood. So, We’re looking at a story of maturation and finding the right path for Batman.

Despite some commonalities, “The Batman” is politically Todd PhillipsI think it’s the antithesis of the movie ‘Joker’. Towards the finale of “The Joker”, Batman is coded as the capital’s hero. “The Joker” is the story of how the sins of capital and the ruling class become a weapon of backfire. We think Batman can’t stay so innocent in this whole class equation. Here, however, there is a clear critique of class anger and violence. Batman not only fights The Riddler, but also the social corruption that has brought The Riddler to this point. To a certain extent, their objectives are the same. The only difference is that one wants to kill the bad guys and the other wants to bring them to justice. When we compare the meaning of Joker’s rebellion in the movie “Joker” to the out-of-control and oppressed sections of society, there is a moderate message that opposes the extremes, praising reconciliation. Plus, the movie ends in a promising way for Batman, no matter how dark it gets. Since it is planned as a trilogy, it is difficult to speak of an abrupt character change; but at least we can speak of interior illumination. Young Batman combines true superheroism with dedication, poise, and common sense.

I found Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ to be an impressive visual experience. It is impossible for me to underestimate such an effort. But I can say that I like Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s Batman comments more.

Without a doubt, great stories can be captured with a Batman character gradually maturing and finding his own personality. I can say that I’m hopeful for the next movies in the trilogy, but I can’t say that the story captivated me from the first movie.

Burton and Nolan produced thought-provoking films that blurred the lines between good and evil and challenged superhero egos. Animated film made in 2017 ‘Lego Batman’ And I think he had a remarkable and revealing story about good and evil. Reeves’ “The Batman,” on the other hand, didn’t sit well with me in terms of the layers it contains.

Leaving Batman and The Riddler aside, Catgirl / Selina (Zoe Kravitz) I don’t think the supporting characters are well written. Other than Batman and The Riddler, I can’t remember a solid scene between the two characters. The key plot name Carmine Falcono‘in John Turturro and Oz /Penguin’in the unrecognizable Colin Farrel they bring color to the film, but we cannot say that they are very effective overall. After all, the film is unnecessarily prolonged and I believe there is no such epic dimension of 2 hours 55 minutes in the story.

The strongest aspect of “The Batman” is its visuals. It’s a film that will be referred to as “Se7en” in terms of capturing the aesthetics of darkness in the future, and will be taken into consideration by professionals. Theater operators must be careful not to waste such film, operate projection lamps at peak efficiency, or replace lamps in poor condition. There were no problems with the print I watched at the press show held at Cinemaximum Kanyon, but when I think of the screening quality issues in Turkey, I wish the operators didn’t have pity this film and the public.


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