“The main criterion is our conscience, we must try to live without disturbing anyone”


We are very used to working from home, but when the internet or electricity goes out at home, we run to the nearest cafe. Or, on those days when the weather improves, our ancestors come to our bag, and we to the cafe, to the beach, to the park, to the garden. We share the same environment with other people, especially those who come to socialize in cafes. They laugh and from time to time unpleasant situations may arise while we are working.

Recently, the famous British authority on etiquette and behavior Debrett put together a guide to ‘coffee work’. Normally there were rules like how to behave when going to a royal wedding, not sprawling on the tables, not spending the day with a single coffee in the list of 253-year-old institutions that determined the rules of reverence.

We asked etiquette experts and coffeehouses from Turkey; We have listed the rules of etiquette. Most don’t just work in the café; This is valid at the cinema, on the ferry, that is to say in any place where you meet other people…


‘Place a second order in sessions longer than an hour’

Gökhan Dumanlı, founder of Grace Academy, author of the book ‘Manners and Elegance for Youth’

In terms of business

* It is strange that we do not refrain from doing things that are uncomfortable when they are done to us. However, all of these problems can be solved with a little empathy…
*Be sure to place a second order after sitting for over an hour.
*Do not occupy the table large enough for large groups to sit alone.
*Each place has its own rules. When you receive a warning, do not act otherwise.
*The method comes before the substance. When there is a problem, convey it to the other person in the most polite manner.

For cafe staff

*To say ‘good morning’, ‘hello’, ‘calm down’ to the employees of the cafe; It is very important to order with a smile and add ‘please’, request and thank you to our phrases.
* During the coffee, keep a distance between you and the person in front of you without waiting for a warning.
* Calling the waiter saying “my boss”, “teacher”, “my friend”, “brother”, “Excuse me”, snapping your fingers, pointing fingers at the waiter shows that you underestimate him. Instead, make eye contact and call to the table with a nod; just raise your hand if there are people.


At the level of other customers

*It is very impolite to shout greetings all over the cafe, to talk loudly on the phone, to watch loud videos without wearing headphones, to listen to songs and not to mute the phone with insistence to which we will not respond.
* It is disrespectful not to ask permission to take a chair from someone’s desk or use the outlet.
*Although cafes are a socializing environment, we are not allowed to disturb anyone. It’s not fair to act so that all tables can hear while talking, laughing, joking, having fun.
* When others behave this way, you can first make eye contact with the table and politely express your discomfort.

During an online meeting


*Remember to tell other meeting participants that you are in a café and apologize in advance for any noise.
*Use headphones. Don’t bother people in the cafe with your voice and body language.
* Mute the sound unless you are talking.

“Don’t look around when you’re bored”

İhsan Ataöv, protocol and corporate courtesy expert, former presidential protocol officer

* Your location is a for-profit business. Spending the whole day with a cup of coffee is not only good manners, but also an economic mistake. In this way, this business cannot exist for long.
*You should not consider cafe staff as your own staff. You should be polite, smile, greet, watch their faces while talking, and thank them.
*There may be groups talking, having fun and laughing from time to time. It’s not good to look at them. They are the ones who use the coffee for its intended purpose.
*Children cry, laugh, run… Do not behave in ways that show you are uncomfortable. If necessary, move to a remote office or politely ask a relative for help.
* When you are bored while working, don’t start looking and listening to your surroundings. Because people are uncomfortable being watched.
And it’s disrespectful.
*Do not take photos or videos of other people without asking permission. Even holding the phone in your hand in the air like you’re taking them to the camera can disturb people, don’t.
*Actually, the main criteria here is your awareness. In general, we should try to live without disturbing anyone. Ultimately, freedom is limited to the freedom of the other.


‘If there are people standing, the computer should not be turned on and working’

Halit Elüstün, Grandmother General Coordinator

*We have branches in Bebek, Nişantaşı, Galataport, Suadiye. In Suadiye and Galataport, students and white collar workers often come to us for work.
we are very happy about it too.
*Our square meters in Nişantaşı and Bebek are small, so we put a small sign on the tables saying “Tables are not suitable for working with computers”. We had a huge response. However, rents are high and food prices keep rising. To be profitable, we need to increase customer traffic.
*According to an article I read recently, the social interaction of customers who constantly stare at their cell phone or computer is low. He doesn’t say ‘hello’, ‘hello’, ‘thank you’. This had a negative impact on the psychology of employees. We have no right to do that to them.
* We must take into account the crowd of the place and the suitability. If there are people standing in one place, you should not turn on the computer and work. It’s a matter of a little awareness, a little care, a little empathy…


Waiters complain that customers forget that cafes have their own rules.

“They take the stress out of the waiters job”

Waiter at PN, Yesterday

*Our restaurant is in Moda. The public here is very aware, our customers are very polite. However, nasty things happen from time to time. Some white-collar workers can relieve the stress of the waiters’ job.
* It is not possible for everyone to do whatever they want. For example, when they go to hold a meeting, they demand that the music be turned off. But the cafe has its own rules, they get mad when they don’t turn off the music.
*They are of course very busy, but it is not so difficult to say “hello” or “thank you” to the person in front of you.

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