There is a new electoral law on the agenda of the table of six

Continue its meetings for studies on the strengthened parliamentary system and the post-electoral transition process. six opposition parties It will meet on Sunday, this time organized by the Democratic Party (DP). Among the points on the agenda of the meeting, in addition to the new electoral law introduced by the Popular Alliance, there is also the security of the elections.

The six opposition parties, commonly known as the “table of six”; Leaders of CHP, IYI Party, Felicity Party, Democratic Party, DEVA Party and Future Party will meet for the third time. The meeting of the six leaders will begin with an iftar dinner at the Democratic Party headquarters in Ankara.

The effect of electoral law on alliances

According to the information that DW Turkish obtained from the senior officials of the parties that make up the table of six, the main points on the agenda of this meeting are the evaluation of the new electoral law as well as the question of election security. , considered very important. .

The new electoral law, on which the AKP and the MHP are working and which lowers the electoral threshold to 7%, It had been passed by Parliament in the previous weeks and had entered into force. The CHP applied to the Constitutional Court (AYM) for the cancellation of certain articles of the regulations, and the Constitutional Court saw no shortcomings in the request and decided to examine the request for cancellation on the merits.

During the six-point table, it is expected that the implications of this law for the opposition will be discussed and different scenarios of how it could affect alliances will be discussed in general terms.

A senior opposition official recalled that the new law cannot be implemented in snap elections which could be held until April 2023, saying it is early to determine some issues, saying:

“At the moment, the conditions are not entirely clear, so it would not be fair to make an assessment based on one option. The economic data is not good, and if the economy is expected to deteriorate, the In this case, if the election takes place in the fall, a completely different equation will be established.

Another opposition party official stressed the importance of winning a majority in parliament as well as in the presidential election, we want to achieve a majority that can do that.

Election security is essential

Election security will be among the issues to be discussed at the third meeting of the table of six.

At the previous meeting, it had been decided to act jointly on election security and a commission had been set up for this purpose. This commission should begin its work next week.

In the commission, Vice President Oğuz Kaan Salıcı on behalf of CHP, Head of Electoral Affairs Şenol Sunat on behalf of IYI Party, Chairman of Local Administrations Hasan Bitmez on behalf of Felicity Party, Head of Migration and of Social Policies İlay Aksoy on behalf of Democrat Party, Head of Electoral Affairs İdris Şahin on behalf of DEVA Party, Future Party Ayhan Sefer Üstün, Head of Elections and Legal Affairs, is on behalf of.

It is said that the electoral commission will assess the situation in each province separately and work meticulously in the meetings that will be held. As part of the work planned to be carried out under the headings “security of elections” and “security of ballot boxes”, cooperation for the provision of regional training for joint monitoring of ballot boxes will be discussed. In addition, the regions and provinces where the six parties are strong in terms of organization will be evaluated one by one.

The commission, which will also assess census security, will discuss software studies needed to create a common technical infrastructure where wet signed minutes will be captured immediately during the election results transfer process.

A senior opposition official cites the recent elections in Istanbul as an example, saying he thinks the change in the new electoral law regarding senior judges is no coincidence. The same official, who predicts that ballot box security will create a lot of controversy in the upcoming elections, recalls that the government opposed the result in almost all ballot boxes in Istanbul elections, but could not achieve results for the difference was also up to 800,000.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also said in a statement on Fox TV on Friday that they will discuss the work of the Election Security Commission at the meeting, and the documents in the hands of the parties will be shared, and also that the work on the materialization of the Reinforced Parliamentary System will be done.

Uncertain commission for the economy

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether a commission will be set up at the meeting for economic issues for which Turkish voters expect urgent solutions.

IYI party officials say that their economic staff has been working for months and has produced various concrete projects, and similar studies are also being carried out in other parties, and they do not want to “unify” all parties, and therefore they are not in favor of the idea of ​​the Economics Committee.

A senior official from another party, conveying a similar view, said: “The commission on the economy will not start today, because if the work of such a commission becomes binding, the parties will not have no flexibility.”

Unexpected definition for the presidential candidate

According to officials spoken to by DW Turkish, a clear definition or profile of the presidential candidate is not expected at this stage of the six-party meeting. An official at the table of six states that it is still too early regarding the question of candidates and states:

“There’s not much talk about the president’s profile now, and a definition isn’t expected at this meeting. Because it’s still early days. But that name shouldn’t be a ‘no-name’ person. Because I think a low profile person should not be put in front of a powerful politician like Tayyip Erdoğan.We need someone who can handle social psychology during the transition period.

The next meeting of the table of six should be held on May 29, organized by the next Party.

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