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Turks living in the Netherlands have shown great interest in the traditional iftar program organized by the Dutch branch of the International Union of Democrats (UID).

Hasan Tekten, president of the Dutch branch of the UID, organized the fast-breaking dinner at the Rhone Events & Congrescentrum in Amsterdam.

Regional Iftar UID Netherlands, former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Deputy of Kayseri Taner Yıldız, Ambassador of The Hague Şaban Dişli, .C. Amsterdam Vice Consul Akın Özden, Consul Representatives and Attaché, Former MP Selçuk Öztürk, City Council Member Mehmet Safranti, Yasin Makineli, THY Officers, Former UID Regional President Mehmet Salih Kaya, IGMG North Holland President Mustafa Hamurcu, IGMG South Holland External Relations Officer Kenan Aslan, East Turkestan Foundation President Abdurrahman Abdullah, Murat Ateşalp on behalf of HOTİAD, MUSIAD President Ali Köklü, representatives of Turkish non-governmental organizations, UID branch heads, administrations, representatives and members were present.

UID President Hasan Tekten, Taner Yıldız, and Şaban Dişli each delivered a greeting speech in the program, which began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, in which the music group Lalezar took the stage and was introduced by Yusuf Meral.

UID President Hasan Tekten: “If we act in unity and solidarity, we can bring Turkish society to the place it deserves”

Hasan Tekten, who was elected President at the last General Assembly held, expressed the following in his speech: “My dear Minister, dear Ambassador, Vice Consuls, President of UID VQA Youth Branch, valuable members of our organization , valuable representatives of political parties, leaders and members of NGOs, valuable members of the press, respected and respected guests, ladies and gentlemen. I greet you all with respect and love.

We have entered the last 10 days of the blessed month of Ramadan, whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is salvation from the torment of hell. May Allah accept all your fasts in the glory of the lodge. You accepted our invitation that day, you shared our table, God bless you all. I would like to express my gratitude to you, dear guests, who have participated far and near in our program, and welcome you on behalf of the Board of Directors.

As UID Netherlands organization, we believe that the Turkish community, which has been living in Europe for more than 60 years, is no longer a guest but part of the Dutch community, and that financial and moral investments should be made not only in Turkey. but also in the Netherlands now. We see good developments in this regard and the number of our businessmen in the Netherlands is increasing, and we are proud of that.

In doing so, we are also aware that we all have a duty to ensure that ties with our homeland are not severed and to instill a love of country in our children.

As you all know, the unpleasant events between our homeland Turkey and our homeland the Netherlands in recent years and the negative developments against our society tended to ease a bit with Prime Minister Rutte’s visit to Turkey. We have to turn this into an opportunity and look for what we can do politically, socially and economically with the society in which we live. The need to provide them with our moral support is more than ever felt in order to help them overcome the feeling of loneliness and isolation in society that began with the pandemic and allow them to resume a normal life.

In the society in which we live, living conditions are deteriorating day by day. This situation can create serious pressures on our society and cause our people to withdraw into themselves. On the contrary, we as a UID organization believe in finding ways to live together with the society we live in and seek solutions together, instead of retreating into our society, and I would like to attract your attention to the fact that we are an organization that guides society and produces solutions…

Our aim is therefore to help the development of our society living in the Netherlands in the political, social, economic and cultural fields, while creating an environment of integration, equality and participation in social life and ensuring that they are informed about these areas.

By partnering, where possible, with other non-governmental organizations operating here; While we benefit from their experience, we want to make sure they also benefit from ours. Only then can we bring Turkish society to the place it deserves.

Local elections took place in the Netherlands in March. Unfortunately, turnout was very low across the country. Our society’s voting rates were just as low.

If we want to be effective and authoritative in the society in which we live, we will go to the polls, vote and send our friends to parliament, city councils and states, who we believe will do useful work for us.

It is time for the Turkish company to create serious lobbying activities in the Netherlands. This can only be done by working together, by acting together, by accepting each other as we are.

Together, we see and witness the games played in our country up close. On this occasion, we have a great responsibility in the presidential and parliamentary elections to be held in our country next year. As I end my words, I pray to the Almighty Creator that our unity and solidarity will be permanent, and I give you all my respects.

The program ended with conversations accompanied by tea and coffee.


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