Watch the epic live! Watch ATV Destan Episode 18 Live! What will happen in the new episode of epic? What happened in the last episode of the saga?

Epic; It is a Turkish-made drama and historical fiction television series directed by Emir Khalilzadeh and written by Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, whose first episode was released on November 23, 2021, signed by Bozdağ Film. Watch the epic live! Watch ATV Destan Episode 18 Live! What will happen in the new episode of epic?


The epic begins every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on ATV.

“The enemy understood that it is not possible to defeat the Turk with a sword. They also resorted to deception!”

Will Cholpan Khan and Balamir die?

Alpagu Khan, who broke up the secret meeting that Batuga had called with the aim of uniting the Turks, badly injured Balamir and Colpan Khan. Can Batuga, Akkız, Saltuk and Temur raise Çolpan Han and Balamir to Kün Ata and save them? Alpagu Khan, thinking he killed Cholpan Khan and Balamir after the raid, heads for the Western Gök Khanate and seizes it. Will the headless beggar ask allegiance to Alpagu Khan? Will Alpagu Khan regain his former power?

First Command of the Mountain Khan Batuga

Batuga passes to the mountain throne vacated by Cholpan Khan. Batuga, the Mountain Khan, sits on the felt during the Nevruz festival, which is the symbol not only of the arrival of spring but also of the departure of the Turks from Ergenekon, and its first commandment is not death but death. marriage. As soon as the mourning is over, Sırma and Yaman’s wedding will take place.

Will Akkız be able to save her mother?

As preparations for Sırma and Yaman’s wedding, which will take place according to Turkish customs, continue, Akkız enters Gök Saray with the help of Günseli and Çalayır and learns the place where his mother is hidden! As Alaca kisses Akkız saying “You are more beautiful than my dreams, you smell like the day you were born”, will Akkız be able to save Alaca, who would be his mother? Will they be able to reunite mother and daughter? Ulu Ece has learned of the marriage and is determined to wipe out not just Akkız and Batuga, but the entire length of the mountain! What will Ulu Ece’s moves be?

Batuga and Akkız march to the khanate

Is this the end of the road for Ulu Ece?

Akkız encounters unexpected surprises on his journey to find his mother. When he tells his father the truth in Batuga, he gets an unexpected reaction. Taizu and Vargi flee to escape death, but Batuga and his friends are ready for it, they cut off all paths long before. What will be the fate of Taizu and Vargi? Is this the end of the road for Ulu Ece, who caused the death of Tılsım Hatun with the game she set up? Will Vargı betray Ulu Ece?

Akkız and Batuga can’t hide their feelings

In order to unite his divided country and get rid of Balamir’s ambition for power, Batuga offers his own khanate to the tribesmen who don’t want an Alpagu Khan, but he’s too lazy and can’t hold a two-handed sword, which closes the doors in front of him. “Isn’t it better to have a two-headed wolf feeding you instead of a cruel two-handed Han chopping your fathers’ necks?” Even his rebellion is not accepted. Batuga and Akkız are also looking for a way to cure this bald arm. The healing effort prevents Akkız and Batuga from hiding their feelings for each other. Can Akkız and Batuga persuade the clan to plead and take over the Khanate? Will they be able to prevent the war and prevent the bloodshed of the brothers?

The endings of Balamir and Choplan

Alpago Khan; When he learns the truth about Talisman, he experiences a great inner reckoning, but as Khan he pursues his condition, not his pain, and drives out those who rebel against him…He organizes a game on Akkız for those who rebel against him. Alpagu Khan, attacking the assembly made by Batuga with the pleading boy, shoots Balamir with arrows and wounds Cholpan with sword thrusts. What will be the fate of Balamir and Cholpan? Can Akkız stop Alpagu Han?

Epic series The epic love between Akkız, a mountain girl, and Gök Tegini Batuga, an orphan of Korkut Khan in Gök Palace, and the wars that took place during this time.

Ebru Sahin: Akkiz

Edip Tepeli: Batouga

Selim Bayraktar as Alpaca Khan

Deniz Gunpowder as Ulu Ece

Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı: Balamir Beg

Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan: Saltouk Beg

Ipek Karapinar as Colpan Hatun

Burak Tozkoparan as Temur Tegin

Elif Dogan: Passionate

Burak Berkay Akgul as Kaya Tegin

Ahmet Olgun Sünear as Yaman

Meral Buzzard: Sirma

Ecem Sena Bayir as Gunseli Hatun

Esra Sword: Mei Jin

Info Aydoğmuş: Kırçiçek

Osman Albayrak as Vargi Beg

Alper layout: Danis Ata

Sahin Erguney as Kun Ata

Meltem Pamirtan: Yibek Woman

Evren Erler: Plays

Hilal Uysun: Talisman

Info Aydoğmuş: Kırçiçek

Faruk Aran as Kuzu Beg

Muge Duygun: Tilbe

Mehmet Sertakan as Tayangu Yalvaç

Aysel Yildirim : Cam Wife

Seca Naz Karabulut: İlay

Berna Uçkaleler: Efil

Onur Yenidunya: Evren Alp

Doruk Şengezer as Oktem – Diary

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