Green light for “intelligent” vehicles


The Information and Communications Technology Authority has reached an important milestone regarding the use of value-added services in connected vehicles, which car dealers and consumers in Turkey have been waiting for a long time. BTK, which has not allowed the use of these services since 2018 for reasons related to national security and public order, determined the necessary conditions for the use of these services after meetings with representatives of the sector. automobile. As a result, car brands will have to use “domestic SIM cards”, data will be shared under the control and supervision of BTK, and citizens can switch their data sharing traffic on and off via e-government. The measure taken will allow users in Turkey to use many features found in next-generation connected vehicles, in particular autonomous driving. Also, many electric and connected vehicles that cannot be offered for sale in Turkey because data sharing is not allowed will enter the Turkish market.



The details of the subject, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. I heard it from Ömer Fatih Sayan. Pointing out that cyber risks have increased due to the development of information technology, Sayan pointed out that cyber risks are important for the automotive industry, as well as related vehicles. Recalling that in 2018 they made a decision regarding the need to have servers in Turkey that will serve in the communication systems that allow the provision of value-added services, as well as the “eCall” service (call service emergency) in vehicles manufactured for use in Turkey or sold by import, Sayan said, “The basic principle here is The goal was basically to prevent cybersecurity vulnerabilities in connected vehicles and eliminate possible risks. In this respect, it was important to have the servers necessary for the delivery of the service in the country for the value-added services offered with eCall in the vehicles.



Noting that they had been working for some time to implement this decision, Sayan said: “As a result of these studies, we determined the general technical framework and the solution for the use of connected vehicles and shared them with automobile industry. As a result, the process will work as follows:

a. The connection servers, which will serve in the communication systems enabling the use of value-added services with eCall in the vehicles, will be located at an Internet service provider located in our country, which is authorized to provide electronic communication services mobile. The authorizations to open and close access to these servers will be under the control of BTK to be managed via application interfaces.


2nd. Our citizens will be able to activate and deactivate their traffic whenever they want via e-government. This request will be forwarded to the servers by BTK through the application interface.

3. Vehicle telemetry products, which include communication systems enabling the use of value-added services with Ecall, will be tested in BTK laboratories to verify that they meet the requirements of the legislation. Depending on the test result, BTK may authorize the use of vehicles equipped with the appropriate telemetry unit in Turkey.

4. With the implementation of the regulation, eligible vehicles will be able to use smart technologies and services in accordance with the legislation.



Hayri Erce, Secretary General of the Association of Automotive Distributors (ODD), said that this milestone reached by BTK is very important for the industry and users in Turkey, and said, “Now all brands will prepare. They will approach the BTK regarding the telemetry units and obtain the necessary approvals. After approval, value-added services in connected vehicles will go live. Once the necessary conditions are met, we expect connected vehicles to be on our country’s roads next year. This decision was particularly important in terms of autonomous driving.



* Autonomous driving

* Vehicle-specific internet

* Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

* Route and live weather

* Advanced Navigation

* Parking and remote control

* Receive updates remotely

* Servicing and maintenance tracking

* Advanced security systems

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