I have been a farmer for 40 years, I have never seen such an economy.

Speaking at the people’s rostrum established by the provincial organization of the LEFT party Samsun, the citizens talked about their economic problems. A citizen said: “I have been a farmer for forty years, I have never seen such poverty, such an economy.


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The provincial party organization SOL Samsun also organized the “People’s Tribune” event held in many parts of the country in Atakum district. At the event, pensioners, young people, women, environmentalists and villagers took the floor and expressed their problems.

Tacettin Aydın, who delivered a speech from the rostrum, said: “The pensioners’ average salary is below the hunger threshold, the demands of the pensioners are ignored by the political power. We are faced with a government that sees too much of an increase in the inflation rate for retirees. Here I call them; If you ignore retirees, retirees will know how to ignore you,” he said.

Gökhan Üstüner also said the following about the planned biomass power plant in Çarşamba county where he lives: “We people engaged in agriculture, as people of the lowland , we are opposed to the construction of the biomass power plant. Those who opened our plains to construction do not think of us, these people. If they thought about it, they wouldn’t open their farmland to development. They have made this country dependent on foreign countries by opening up our agricultural lands for development.

“People just breathe, no life”

A farmer who produces in Samsun said that people are just breathing now and said, “I have been a farmer for forty years, I have never seen such poverty, such economy. The diesel I bought for seven liras last year has become twenty-two liras this year. The fertilizer I bought for one hundred liras is worth five hundred liras… For me, inflation is five hundred percent. Our people are only breathing, they are no longer living. There has to be a solution to this now, we can’t take it anymore.”

Speaking from the lectern, Gülsen Kılınç expressed his problems as follows: “There is a fire in my kitchen, in my pocket, in my life, and this fire is growing bigger and bigger every day. They take back with a big ladle what they give with the tip of a teaspoon. We pay the tax. We go to the market in the evening to be cheap. Our bills burn hands and pockets.

“Youth will not be silent”

Expressing the problems of youth, Betül Üzen said, “Today’s youth are facing difficulties in all financial and moral senses. We cannot access the books we need, the book prices are beyond our budget. Especially exam preparation books are very expensive. We face unemployment after graduating from college. There is no qualified education in our schools, we try to be put into certain patterns. We want qualified scientific training. We don’t want to think about financial difficulties while reading. As young people, we will stand up against this system, we will not be silent, we will raise our voices. »

Eser Alp Pala, who is studying at a vocational high school, said, “As vocational high school students, we do internships for ten months of the year, they don’t accept this internship as labor, they don’t cover not our social security. They make us work for much less than the minimum wage. Also, adequate material support is not provided in our vocational classes at school,” he said.

Speaking from the podium at the end of the event, SOL Samsun Party Provincial Chairman Coşkun Konca said, “Dear friends, we have once again shouted out the problems that our people from different parts of society know from this rostrum. The cost of living is increasing day by day. Everything from electricity to diesel, from sugar to oil, is expensive. While millions of people cannot find jobs, those who say they have difficulty finding a job are forced to work in precarious and flexible working conditions. Half of registered employees are sentenced to poverty wages under the name of minimum wage. It is time to put an end to this power and this darkness that has descended on the country like a nightmare. This is the greatest responsibility of leftists, democrats, progressive-patriots and revolutionaries in this country. Today is the day to raise this fight.


We can achieve this together. We can take our jobs, our vaccines, our future into our own hands. There is no other way! If there is left, there is work, freedom, secularism, independence. There are leftists and revolutionaries in this country who fight for this. We will not say goodbye to this dilapidated and doomed order, we will settle our accounts! We will get rid of the imperialist monopolies, of capital, of this reactionary-fascist blockade and of this power. We will establish the Revolutionary Democratic Republic, the country of equality, freedom, solidarity, workers and producers. Now, let us find ourselves in the ranks of Die Linke to cry out these demands together from the neighborhoods of May Day. We meet in front of Çiftlik Ziraat Bankası at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 1.

After the event, leaflets were distributed for the May Day roll call with party members.

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