Izmir University of Economics opens “kindergarten”

Izmir University of Economics (IUE), which has carried out many projects to support the development of children, families and educators, will open a “kindergarten” in its 21st year. The kindergarten that will be established in the old Izmir mansion, opposite the Balçova campus, will start operating in September.
Izmir University of Economics (IUE) has taken steps to open a “kindergarten” in its 21st year. The kindergarten, where a full-time psychologist and 5 teachers who are experts in their fields will work, will be open to the participation of children of EUI and Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) members, as well as all of İzmir. Children who participate in workshops, trainings and activities led by a professional team will have a healthy development process both physically and socially. The kindergarten that will be established in the old Izmir mansion, opposite the Balçova campus, will start operating in September. In the kindergarten, where children aged 36 will be accepted, a total of 72 students will study in 4 classes.
EUI Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Aşkar said that they attach great importance to the kindergarten project and continue to work meticulously. teacher. Dr. Aşkar said, “Our university recently established the Children’s University Research and Application Center with the approval of the Higher Education Council (YÖK). Our university, which bears the title of “Children’s University”, has so far implemented many projects for our children and families. The “Children’s Festival” that we organized last week is one of the most recent and beautiful examples of this. In accordance with university-society cooperation, we will continue to organize new activities using our university facilities for our children. We will open our nursery school in September adding a new one to the measures we have taken for our children. »

Launch of the teacher recruitment process
Expressing that they will prefer experienced and undergraduate graduates for kindergarten education, Prof. Dr. Aşkar said, “We are very keen that our children in our kindergarten are educated in the best conditions, in a physical environment where they can have a pleasant time. For this, in the old mansion of Izmir, just in front of our campus; We will build a solid kindergarten, where our children will be educated comfortably and safely, not only physically but also with the quality of education. Having a child development program within our university is also an advantage for us. We will take a total of 5 teachers to our kindergarten. For this our applications have started, those who plan to teach can contact us.
Yasemin Özgün, deputy director of the Center for Application and Research at the Children’s University of the EUI, said that the knowledge and habits that children will acquire at kindergarten age are of great importance for the healthy development of children.
Stating that they sought expert advice on determining educational content in kindergarten, Özgün said, “The period between 36; It covers a process in which children are very eager to learn, to find out about what is happening around them and to develop. As kindergartens, we need to create a rich social activity space for our children as well as quality educational content. We will develop our children’s self-confidence with workshops; We must provide an environment in which they like to learn and come to school with pleasure. Acting with this awareness, we develop our plans and work in detail with the support of all relevant units of our university. We care a lot about our kindergarten,” he said.

Experts in the field
The direction of the Center for Application and Research of the Children’s University of the EUI, specialist in preschool education Inst. To see. It was undertaken by Ezgi Oral Bozkurtoğlu. Specialist in counseling and psychological guidance Lecturer. To see. Yasemin Özgün is the deputy director. Expert PsychologistFamily Counselor Ayşe Özgener, IUE School of Foreign Languages​​Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Evrim Üstünlüoğlu and Head of Textile and Fashion Design Department of EUI Prof. Dr. Elvan Özkavruk Adanır is also a board member of the center.

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