LAST MINUTE | A single-engine plane crashed into the street in Bursa! Governor of Bursa announced the bitter news… Why did the plane crash in Bursa? – The last news

A single-engine plane crashed in Bursa!

Last minute… The incident happened around 3:00 p.m. in the central district of Osmangazi, Bağlarbaşı Mahallesi, Sarıgül Sokak.

According to DHA information, a single-engine plane crashed in the area near Yunuseli airport. The plane crashed between houses and caught fire.


The 5 vehicles in the street started to burn. Explosions have occurred from time to time due to the fire. The residents of the neighborhood were panicked. With the advice, numerous fire, police, health and AFAD teams were dispatched to the area. As firefighters responded and brought the blaze under control, it was determined that 2 people on the plane had lost their lives.

Similar to the plane that crashed in the incident

Similar to the plane that crashed in the incident


Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the TC-UTT T2002JF Model 2002 trainer aircraft, which took off from Yunuseli airport for training purposes, flew is probably overwritten for a technical reason.

Canbolat said: “It falls on the parked vehicles. The fire starts with the fall. As a result of the crash of the training plane, the pilot and the student pilot lost their lives. According to the first detections, there are no injuries.” mentioned.

Governor Canbolat, who was receiving information from the authorities while investigating the scene, made statements to reporters.

Expressing that there was a sad event, Canbolat said, “Probably for technical reasons it crashed into the house and collapsed. Two houses and two vehicles were damaged here. The case will be investigated in all its aspects by our chief’s office. Prosecutor.” he said.


Mustafa Yıldız, who has a house in the area, said he lived on the ground floor and went out to the balcony when he heard the explosion.

Noting that he first thought a vehicle had hit the pole, Yıldız said:

“The fire was on fire. I asked the neighbor, he said the plane had crashed. It fell on the roof of a house there and caught fire, and landed on the vehicles in the street. There was a service vehicle parked, it was on fire. People started running. The smoke engulfed everyone. When the explosions followed one another, they got scared and retreated.


Speaking to Habertürk TV, retired air traffic controller Zafer Yeşilgül said: “There should be no buildings on the approach and departure line of an aircraft. For this reason, this airport has been closed and Yenişehir Airport was built in its place. Yunuseli Airport is in the middle of the city and there are vertical takeoffs in a higher location. “There is a control problem. He could have landed somewhere else. It is an uncontrolled place, but an uncontrolled place must also be controlled from time to time. at time.” mentioned.


Yeşilgül continued his remarks as follows: “It was a closed airport, but it was reopened. It was closed because it was in the city. It is a place suitable for visual flights. Neither the airports Istanbul or Bursa Yenişehir cannot control aircraft departing from this airport, in this respect it is an uncontrolled airport.


Speaking to Habertürk TV, Vice President of the Pilots Association Ahmet Izgi said:

“This type of aircraft does not have very high engine power. It is an aircraft that pushes the limits when it has a little load. In this accident, it seems that the engine power was completely lost on takeoff. But this question comes to mind, if no intervention was made by the teacher pilot. “It’s a pretty quiet area. Now it is an overcrowded colony. As far as I know it was a military airport. Then it was first closed to civilian flights, then later. “But I don’t know why it was opened. it was opened, why was it allowed to be built around it?”

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