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President Şahin visited the exhibition with the children

GAZİANTEP – Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has opened the doors of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration Space Exhibition, the world’s largest traveling space exhibition, to residents of Gaziantep.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, visited the exhibition with the children, in which the adventure of mankind’s journey into space was told. The exhibition, which includes tools, materials, food appliances, clothing, models of rockets and vehicles used by mankind, which began to travel in space 60 years ago, can be visited free for 4 months at Müzeyyen Erkul Gaziantep Science Center.

The space adventure of man is told

In the exhibition, which has been visited by more than 4 million people in 12 countries in 4 years; Real moonstone that visitors can touch, replicas of space rockets and life-size models of spacecraft, a 10-meter-long model of the Saturn V rocket, clothes worn by astronauts going into space, menus and equipment for astronauts used in the missions, the Apollo capsule, the Sputnik 1 satellite and the International Space Station will be presented with the help of expert trainers. In the exhibition, where we will learn how space studies have developed historically both in Turkey and in the world, mainly “pioneer” works have been highlighted. All steps up to the SpaceX-NASA cooperation have been mentioned.

“Time has shown us sustainable development”

President Fatma Şahin, in her opening speech, commemorated Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms on the occasion of April 23 and said:

“There is a Gaziantep model. It was very important for the students to reach this place. Our task is to raise children who will walk in the best places in the second century, just as we are proud of our ancestors 100 years later. We have missed the industrial and agricultural revolutions. We have the era of science and technology ahead of us. Time is now using the knowledge economy. It has shown us how to be a smart city and development sustainable.

“You have to raise generations with high horizons and vision”

Drawing attention to the importance of investing in science, Şahin said:

“When we look at this exhibition, I think of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s saying ‘The future is in the sky’. We also saw it at TEKNOFEST. We experienced a paradigm shift. We learned that when we see great, we are learning that it can come true. Our goals that we can do these things have grown. As the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, our horizons have broadened. and we must raise generations with a high vision. My children, my young, my young people with intelligent vision will reach the best and most beautiful exhibition.We entrust the future to our youth.

“Gaziantep reveals its difference”

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül thanked those who contributed to the construction of the center and said, “Our greatest capital is human capital. They must receive a good formation so that this power reflects positively on us. A quality education is received personally through the projects of our municipalities, especially public and philanthropic. Institutional and individual. Everyone contributes to education, Gaziantep reveals its difference,” he said.

“We will reap the rewards in the future”

Vice Chairman of AK Party, Chairman of Information and Communication Technology Dr. youth :

“Undoubtedly, there is a spirit that continues this. Various organizations are signed in order to reveal the spirit of innovation in our youth. I am also happy that there is such a science center in Gaziantep. We we will reap the fruits of the future with the opportunities offered to young people. Our human quality, our skilled workforce and our employment culture will take us to a whole new point. economy region. The future is in space. We launched new satellites. We used locally produced material in these satellites. This subject is very important.

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