Press release from the Ministry of Finance…

A new step has been added to the measures taken to prevent the increase of foreign currencies, and it is mandatory to pay contracts concluded in foreign currencies in TL. However, while the regulation raised many question marks in the minds of economic players, an attempt was made to clarify it with an exhaustive press release “in the consistency of a press release”.

This important settlement made with the press release was one of the most discussed topics in the business world last week.

This regulation, which comes into force on April 19 and completely excludes the public from the scope, has caused players in the economy to share their question marks in almost all environments, including on social networks.

The communiqué regulates the prohibition of making payments in foreign currencies in contracts for the sale of “securities” concluded between residents of Turkey by amending the communiqué on Decree No. 32 on the protection of the value of Turkish currency. On April 19, when the statement was released, comments containing certain misunderstandings were made in the public, especially on social media, and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance shared the innovations brought about by the leveling through a written statement. The questions clarified regarding the scope of the press release are as follows:

  • The term “furniture” includes all kinds of goods and property that do not fall under the definition of immovable property.
  • Payment obligations in securities denominated in foreign currencies put into circulation before April 19, 2022 will not have to be paid in TL.
  • Invoices issued before April 19, 2022 can be paid in foreign currencies.
  • In the BIST precious metals and gemstones market, it will not be necessary to carry out purchase and sale transactions in foreign currencies and payment obligations within the framework of clearing in TL.
  • The obligation to pay TL covers the contract concluded between residents of Turkey, there is no such obligation for non-residents.
  • Checks issued in foreign currencies cannot be used as a means of payment in contracts for residents of Turkey.
  • In vehicle contracts, payment can no longer be made in foreign currency as before.
  • The creation and payment of capital market instruments in foreign currencies will not fall within the scope of the prohibition.
  • No changes have been made to the practice of accepting and performing payment obligations with respect to contracts other than contracts for the sale of Turkish lira securities. Existing exceptions apply.

Kılıçdaroğlu’s house without electricity

CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu took the risk of cutting off the electricity to his house through an individual action, which he justified as “in protest against rising electricity prices and in solidarity with the nearly 4 million citizens who cannot pay their electricity bills due to high price increases.” As he could not pay his electricity bills, his house was shut down within the stipulated legal time. Kılıçdaroğlu announced that this deprivation will last for a week, then he will pay his debts and turn on the electricity in his house.

When it comes to living without electricity, I remember the childhood days Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu told us about when the electricity bills didn’t hurt so much. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s childhood was spent in the small towns of Eastern Anatolia without electricity due to his father’s civil service. He grew up in homes without electricity until college and studied. Her successful school life began by studying under the kerosene lamp with her siblings. I think being without electricity for a while will remind Kemal of his childhood.

Ankara is thirsty for events…

Although more than three weeks have passed since the end of the ECO climate summit and fair held in Ankara on March 30-31, its repercussions continue. After nearly two years of pandemic captivity, Ankara has staged a successful event of this scale and international quality for the first time. The enthusiastic interest of Ankara residents, the majority of whom are young people, also showed how hungry they are for such well-attended events due to the restrictions. With the support of Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) and under the leadership of Ankara City Council, 52 thousand 300 people visited the summit and fair on the first day and 42 thousand 700 people on the second day, which s is held at the ATO Congresium on March 30 and 31. With the participants, that number reached 95,000.

The architect of the organization, Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, ATO Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Ankara City Council, told DÜNYA about the summit:

“Transforming the cry of dying nature, the hunger and thirst of millions into a symphony of hope; Eco Climate Summit, a poetic organization that brings together all layers of society, national and international authorities around the same objective… The greatest response to those who want to discredit this great link is to ensure its sustainability. Ankara, the seat of the national struggle, must be the seat of the solution to the problems of the next century.

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