Southeastern Journalists Association Journalist of the Year Award Winners Announced

DIYARBAKIR (AA) – The winners of the “Best Journalists of the Year Awards”, organized by the South East Journalists Association (GGC) for the 36th time this year, have been announced.

According to the statement made by the GGC, the selection committee of the competition, which was organized to encourage studies in the determined branches and crown the successful works, consists of Hüseyin Yılmaz, Fikret Bila, Murat Yetkin, Hülya Hökenek, Deniz Zeyrek , Hamdi İstanbullu, Burcu Kaya, Mesut Yar, Yeşim Sağlam, Murat Güloğlu, Deniz Bayramoğlu, Erol Candabakoğlu, Semiha Şahin, Ali İhsan Öztürk, İlker Taş, Mustafa Canoruç, Esengül Koç, Faruk Kaya, Gülgün Yavuz, Doğanğl Erlak, Mehynğl Kla Murat Bayram, Dr. He was trained by Yılmaz Özdil and Mahmut Begik.

– 4 prices at AA

In the category “Turkish print media (newspaper-magazine)”, the news “Rejected for 50 cents” from the Anadolu (AA) Aziz Aslan agency came first in the “News Branch”, Berna Kardaş from the Günaydın newspaper again Once “Murder in Suicide Case” “Claim” News Honorable Mention, Murat Başal’s “Nomads” News from İhlas News Agency (İHA) ranked first in “Research News Branch “, Ahmet Kaplan and Bestami Bodruk of AA, “Uncle Kemal” in the “Culture-Art News Branch” news won first place in the “Interview Branch”, the interview of Ömer Karakuş of the Haber newspaper “Kahtalı Mıçe” , who devoted his life to art, won first place, in the “Health News Branch” Mehmet Sıdık Kaya and Ömer Yasin Ergin from AA took the “Taekwondo course”. The short story “The shot found the cancerous tumor” won first prize.

The other short stories that won awards in the same category are as follows:

“News by Yusuf Ömer Bülbül from 24 Hours Newspaper, “Refugees and Immigrants Cannot Get Enough Health Services”, Honorable Mention, News from “The Heartbreaking Story of the Little Grave on the Hill” by Remziye Öner from Demirören News Agency (DHA) ranked first in the “Internet news branch”, Ahmet Mücahit Kantarcıoğlu drone news on “A Japanese tourist, who traveled around the world 12 years ago, was stabbed in Elazig” is an honorable mention. Abdulsamet Karaş from Özgür Haber newspaper won first prize in “Page Layout Branch”, Mehmet Uslu from Batman newspaper was honored”.

In the “news category” of the TV news, the news “Robinson Dede” by Kamil Can Kılıç and Hamdin Kılıç came in first place in the “news category”, the news “From Ağrı to beyond the ocean ” by Mehmet Çakmakçı was mentioned in the drone study, Kamil Can from UAV in the Kılıç drone study and Rıdvan Yeşilırmak’s drone work “Elazığ disappeared from the fog” won first place, Hozan Adar from Kurdistan 24’s “Grape Harvest in Mardin” drone work was an honorable mention, Meyser Tuncay’s “Beritan Tribe” from ARD work won first place, Rıdvan Kılıç’s work “A Gesture to Applaud by Diyarbakır Jeweler” was deemed worthy of honorable mention.

In the “Photography” category, “Hero Without Barriers” by AA’s Bestami Bodruk won first prize, and the Batman newspaper Murat Ezgin’s “Hypnosis Effect” photograph won honorable mention.

According to the statement, the news, documentaries and programs deemed worthy of an award in the “Kurdish” category are the following:

“Gola Bendava Tirspî ya Diyarbekirê Ziwa Dibe” by Hasan Kösen and Enes Özgültekin from Kurdistan 24 won first place in the “Kurdish News Branch”, “Leyla Alushun’s Story” by Alaattin Geçer from TRT Kurdi received the honorable mention, “Kurdish documentary” “Cinar” section of Waar TV’s documentary “Çinar” won first prize, Rudaw’s Ali Haydar Gözlü’s documentary “Şahiden Dêrsimê” was honored in “Kurdish TV Program Branch”, “Mehdî Mevane” by Ayhan Bayrak from Waar TV”, Bayram Sezgin’s “Hûn Dibêjin Çi” program from TRT Kurdi is honorable, and Seyed Tajedin Hosseini’s “Denge Sorani” program from TRT Kurdi Radio won the first place in “Kurdish Radio Branch”, TRT Kurdi in “Sports” the program “Quartier” by Firuzan Behlülgil of TRT GAP Radio won the first prize in the “Radio” category, and the program “Hello to the day” of Can Radio’s Leyla Irmak won honorable mention.

The “GGC Press Freedom Award” was given to the Press Council for its efforts to protect press freedom in Turkey.

– Special Jury Prize

The “Special Jury Prize” was awarded to the head of the excavation committee, Assoc. Dr. It was given to Aytaç Coşkun.

The winners of the GGC Special Prizes are:

“Ahmed Arpat (NTV), Cem İlkir (ATV), Selçuk Tepeli (FOX TV), Oğuz Haksever (TV100), Ekrem Açıkel (TGRT News), Gözde Şeker (Haber Global), Tigris Newspaper (Best Local Newspaper), Abori Magazine (Best Emerging Business Magazine), Yeni Journal (Best Internet News Site).”

GGC has also decided to present the “Loyalty Award” to press employee Yılmaz Tarancı, who died of COVID-19. The prize will be given to the Tarancı family in order to keep the memory of Yılmaz Tarancı alive.

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