(SUMMARY) Result of the match Beşiktaş – Kasımpaşa: 0-3 – Beşiktaş (BJK)

A big shock for Beşiktaş… The Black-Whites hosted Kasımpaşa in a tough game in the closing match of the 34th Super League week. Black Eagle, who wanted to buy a ticket for the European Cup at the end of the season, lost an advantage in the week that their direct rival Medipol Başakşehir won, in front of their fans.

The stands are full, but…

Black and white fans filled the stands at Vodafone Park to support their team against Kasımpaşa, the in-form side of the last few weeks, who have won 5 of the last 6 matches. However, fans were disappointed.

Disappeared for two weeks

Beşiktaş, who drew 0-0 with Giresunspor last week, lost 3-0 to Kasımpaşa as they could not prevent goals from Jackson Muleka in 28 and 82 and Ben Ouannes in 45+2. With this result, Black Eagle was seriously injured in the race for European visas and coach Valérien Ismael suffered his first defeat in his Black and White career.

The difference with Europe is 6!

Ismael, who played his first game away from Trabzonspor and drew 1-1 and beat Alanyaspor 4-1 the following week, gave the community a lot of hope. However, the 2 points left to Giresun last week, and the loss at Vodafone Park tonight, demoralized Beşiktaş. The gap with Başakşehir, who is in the European basket in 4th place, has increased to 6 points.

Sami Uğurlu garnered applause

Kasımpaşa, on the other hand, continued their rise with their 6th victory in the 7th last game, and coach Sami Uğurlu was applauded.


a‘ Yasin Kol blew the first whistle, the game started.

3‘ Eyyseric centered the right flank, Donk headbutted but ineffective. self.

5‘ Batshuayi activated on the long ball thrown behind Kasımpaşa’s defense during the Beşiktaş attack, and both players stayed on the ground in the double struggle with Spahic. Spahic’s lip bled as Batshuayi’s feet fell on his face.


20‘ Rıdvan Yılmaz inflated the ball, knocked out Batshuayi, tried his luck to come a bit behind Welinton’s penalty area line, but the ball was just over it.

21‘ Eren Elmalı came for Kasımpaşa from the left, dodges Rosier on the first move, hits him with his opposite foot as he steps forward, but couldn’t find the frame.


27‘ Hadergjonaj crossed from the right wing at the far post, Ouannes hit hard on his arrival, the ball returned from the post towards the field.


28‘ Kasımpaşa took a corner, then Spajic touched the ball on the ball turned inside, Muleka turned well, struck and shook the net. The star player scored his 10th goal in his 10th game! Kasimpasa is ahead 1-0.


30‘ Muleka met the ball in Welinton’s timing error in the long played at Kasımpaşa, the experienced player who quickly entered the penalty area from the right diagonal hit hard, Ersin got it out with his fingertips .


32‘ Güven came in with elegant dribbling from the left wing, kicked hard with his left foot, goalkeeper Ertuğrul took it out. The bouncing ball stayed in front of Ghezzal, the Algerian star kicked in, the ball passed goalkeeper Ertuğrul, and Marine-Blancs young left-back Eren Elmalı took the line.

45‘ +5 is added at the end of the first half.


45+2‘ Hadergjonaj played long, Ouannes clung behind the defense and sent the ball into the net over Ersin, whom he faced.


45+3‘ Ghezzal fell to the ground with Spajic’s interference. Match referee Yasin Kol pointed to the penalty spot.


45+3Linesman Aleks Taşçıoğlu raised the offside flag for Rosier. VAR also upheld the offside, the penalty canceled.

The first period is over.

46‘ The second half has started.

50“Josef saw Umut Meraş, who was supporting the attack from the left wing. As soon as Umut entered the penalty area, he kicked the ball which bounced past him, but the shot was inaccurate.

51‘ Eyyseric became very stylish in midfield, he swerved away from 3 Beşiktaş fans with his body slammed. In the attack that started this way, Hajredinovic played long, Hadergjonaj, who suddenly met the ball in an available position, shot, but Ersin succeeded.


52‘ Ghezzal took a break from Batshuayi, the Belgian footballer came back and kicked in, shook the net, but the goal is invalid due to offside.

67‘ Josef played deep, he kicked under pressure as soon as Emirhan entered the penalty area, but the ball had come off the top.


82‘ Umut Meraş lost the ball in his own half, Hajredinovic sent the ball to Muleka without waiting. Muleka also sent the ball into the net from the ground to the right of Ersin, whom he faced: 0-3.

87‘ Ghezzal saw Josef hanging behind the defence, Josef controlled him well but couldn’t pass Ertuğrul deep inside the castle.

90‘ +5 is added at the end of the challenge.

90+4‘ Ghezzal crossed on the wing, Larin kicked the ball past goalkeeper Ertuğrul at the far post, but the ball went just wide of the empty net.

The game is over.

Beşiktaş – Kasımpaşa 11s…

Besiktas: Ersin, Welinton, Vida, Montero, Rosier, Pjanic, Josef, Ridvan, Ghezzal, Güven, Batshuayi

Kasimpasa: Ertugrul, Hadergjonaj, Spajic, Donk, Eren, Doğucan, Hajradinovic, Eysseric, Fall, Ouannes, Muleka

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