The judge in the Gezi/Osman Kavala case, Murat Bircan, has become a candidate for the AKP deputy!

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Gezi / detained for 1637 days by Osman Kavala judge member Murat Bircann, it was revealed that he was a candidate for the post of Samsun deputy candidate of the AKP in 2018. In the statements made by Bircan during the application process, the president and president of the AKPI Recep Tayyip Erdogan for, “For a strong Turkey, we need a strong leader. This powerful leader is our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. JWe can only achieve Turkey’s 2023 and 2071 goals under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” His lyrics were also remarkable. The lawyers demanded the court’s withdrawal because the independence of the judiciary has been violated. The court rejected Murat Bircan’s request to withdraw from the case.

“The judging member already loves it!”

One of the lawyers for the components of Solidarité Taksim during the decision hearing of the Gezi trial. Universe JobsWas there a fair and honest trial or even a trial in this case? No. A fair trial is not so simple. The country has suffered various pressures on the judicial system, but we hope to return and seek the help of the courts. A fair trial should also be reflected in the image of the company. A citizen needs to feel that a fair trial has been done here.” mentioned.

“Do you need to give instructions?”

Jobs,”When we google the names of the members of the tribunal, we see that member judge Murat Bircan resigned while working at the Directorate of Legal Affairs of Bafra Municipality and became a judge. Murat Bircan was also a candidate for the AKP deputy.In this case, Erdogan is the first victim. Do you need instructions? The Member Judge loves her already, to her leadership!”‘ he has answered.

“A judge who reveals his links with a political leader should not be in a decision-making position”

imprisoned for 1637 days Osman Kavalathe lawyer of teacher. dr. Koksal Bayraktar,A judge who reveals his ties to a political leader should not be in a decision-making position. These are not things to hide. The court must make a decision, which may take the form of a discontinuance of the case or the withdrawal of the member judge. We reject you. We are also aware that this will harm the situation of our client, imprisoned for 4.5 years.‘ he said.

Hakan Altınay’s lawyer Torah Beijing, Member Judge Murat Bircan should not have accepted his position as a judge in this case.“, he assessed.

The request to withdraw from the case was rejected.

court, judge member Murat Bircan’request for withdrawal”that there is a request for extension of the case“Decided to deny the request.

“It is clear that the case is political, there is no need to say anything about it”

Lawyer Köksal Bayraktar continued his speech after the request was rejected:

“Some of our friends in this case have said that the case is political. Obviously it is political, there is no need to say anything about it. This case is an extraordinary case. 20 judges have changed so far in this case.

He also acted as a lawyer for the AKP municipality.

He worked as Director of Legal Affairs in Bafra Municipality of AKP. Murat Bircan According to his social media account about his resignation from his position as a lawyer, “To date, I have left my job as a lawyer for 20 years and my job as director of municipal legal affairs for 14 years because of my candidacy for the position of judge-prosecutor. May Allah make what is in our hearts good for us, make your rights halal” did he declare.

2018 AKP parliamentary candidate candidate

Bircan made a statement during his candidacy for the AKP, “For a strong Turkey, we need a strong leader. That strong leader is our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.‘ he used the phrase.

During his visit to the AKP organizations on May 6, 2018, during the application process, he said:

Our goal in this journey is to serve our people. In performing these services, we will work in harmony with our municipalities and agencies. We will do our best to respond to requests from our municipalities and organizations as soon as possible. Working in harmony with our municipalities and organizations will bring convenience in terms of service to both us and our nation. As a citizen of Samsun, it is our duty to serve our city, to work for employment and to contribute to the economy of the country. May Allah grant everyone to serve this country in unity and solidarity on this path we have traced to move our city forward in harmony and cooperation. I believe we will do much better things with you.

“We can only achieve Turkey’s goals of 2023 and 2071 under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan”

“Turkey needs the system that will be in place after June 24. The presidential system will make a positive contribution to the life of every individual and segment and bring stability to our country. We need a strong leader for a Strong Turkey. This strong leader is our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. For the bright future of our nation, this step must be taken under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We will not be able to achieve Turkey’s goals for 2023 and 2071 only under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Therefore, our President Erdogan and his organizations, which have maintained stability since 2002 and are the architects of the construction of the new Turkey, exist together. We will complete this work in the elections on 24 June with our strength.

“Young people, you will lead the new Turkey. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his organizations will leave you a great future legacy. It is up to you to protect this legacy entrusted to you, to strengthen Turkey and to achieve the determined goals of 2071. Compare the past and the present of Turkey, and millions of young people who will vote for the first time will determine their future with their votes.Therefore, the AK party, which always cares about the youth, has shown the value that “he grants to the youth with the services he provides them. Therefore, we believe that our youth, who will take up the flag after us, will achieve what we failed to achieve and lead Turkey towards its goals of 2071 with safe steps.

Who is Murat Bircan?

Born in 1974 in Samsun Bafra, Murat Bircan completed his secondary education at Bafra Imam Hatip High School in 1992. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Selçuk in 1998.

He started working as a corporate lawyer in the Municipality of Bafra in 2006. From 2013 to 2019 he continued his duties as Director of Legal Affairs of the Municipality of Bafra.

In the elections of June 24, 2018, he became a candidate for the post of deputy Samsun of the AKP.

Dispute process

Regarding the Gezi Park protests, businessman Osman Kavala, journalist Can Dundar, Ayşe Mücella Yapici and the player Mehmet Ali capsizedThe case, in which 16 defendants, including . Istanbul 30th High Criminal Court acquitted 9 defendants including detained defendant Osman Kavala, fugitives Ayşe Pinar capsizedCan Dundar, Gokce Tuyluoglu, Handan Meltem Arikan, Hanzade Hikmet Germiyanoglu, Inanc Ekmekci and the files of Mehmet Ali Alabora. After the prosecutor’s office appealed the local court’s decision, the 3rd Criminal Chamber of the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice overturned the acquittals of 9 defendants on January 22, 2021.

Following the annulment decision, the 30th Istanbul High Criminal Court decided to join the files of defendants Can Dündar, Mehmet Ali Alabora, Ayşe Pınar Alabora, Gökçe Tüylüoğlu, Handan Meltem Arıkan, Hanzade Hikmet Germiyanoğlu and İnanç Ekmekçi during the April 28 hearing. 2021. had given. In addition, Osman Kavala and Henri Barkey were tried by the 36th High Criminal Court in Istanbul for “violating the Constitution” and “providing confidential state information for the purpose of political or military espionage” regarding the July 15 FETO coup attempt. decided that the case be joined with the main Gezi Park case.

On the other hand, the decision of the 13th High Criminal Court of Istanbul regarding the Gezi Park incidents against 35 defendants, including members of the Beşiktaş supporters group, Çarşı, was overturned by the Supreme Court of Appeal. In the decision, in which it was stated that there was a legal and factual connection between the case relating to the events in Gezi Park before the 30th High Criminal Court of Istanbul and the Çarşı case, it was stated that “in view of nature of the crime of membership in a terrorist organization, it is necessary to combine the two cases and determine accordingly, in writing, the legal status of the defendants. It was pointed out that the verdict of acquittal following an incomplete investigation was considered grounds for reversal.

The cases were consolidated in the 13th High Criminal Court in Istanbul after the annulment verdicts.

During the hearing held on February 21, it was decided to separate the Çarşı case from the Gezi Park case.

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