TurkStat: statistics are shared transparently

Erhan Çetinkaya, President of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), took stock on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the establishment of TÜİK.

Affirming that policymakers, researchers and all segments of society in Turkey, as well as around the world, need up-to-date and reliable information on the various dimensions of economic and social life, and that they guide studies in this sense, Çetinkaya gave information about the history of the institution.

Çetinkaya said that TÜİK was established in 1926 as the Central Statistical Office, changes have been made in its structure and functions with laws or decree laws issued in accordance with constantly changing needs, and that it took its present name with the Turkish Statistics Law which came into force. force in 2005 and has been structured to meet the requirements of the new period.

Recalling that with the amendment to the relevant law on June 30, 2021, TÜİK became an institution with a legal person under public law, endowed with a special budget and linked to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Çetinkaya continued as follows:


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  • “The President of TURKSTAT was designated Chairman of the Statistics Council and the number of members of the Council increased to 37. The President of TurkStat was given the power to appoint a head of department and lower-level staff, similar to d Other Related Institutions In addition, TurkStat will make its own administrative arrangements and position for execution.
  • Associated organizations in the state structure are organizations with separate legal entities. The association of the institution concerned with the ministries is intended for administrative coordination and there is no administrative relationship. With the aforementioned regulations, TurkStat, which has scientific and technical autonomy, also gained administrative and financial autonomy.

“Statistics are shared transparently”

Noting that TÜİK is open to audits by international institutions and organizations, Çetinkaya explained that all statistics produced by the institution are calculated using the methods, definitions and concepts valid in international standards, valid in the European Union ( EU) and around the world, and recommended by international institutions.

Emphasizing that in this way a production of internationally comparable data is achieved, Çetinkaya said:

  • “The results of the implementation of the above-mentioned concepts and methods are open for evaluation by experts from domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, and are transparently shared with the public on the Turkstat website.
  • In addition, the statistics produced by TURKSTAT are used by international organizations such as the International Labor Organization (ILO), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), EU Statistical Office (Eurostat) , the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and are synchronized with data from other countries by these organizations. is published.”

Çetinkaya pointed out that the assessment reports published each year by Eurostat include the determination that the data produced by TURKSTAT in many statistical fields are highly compatible with EU standards.

Stating that TÜİK is a public institution whose duties, powers and responsibilities are determined by law, presidential decree and presidential decision, Çetinkaya said: “The official statistics produced by our institution are calculated and announced independently, not according to the requests, instructions or estimates of any person, authority or institution, but using the scientific and technical autonomy of the institution and valid international methods.” used the sentences.

Hello TurkStat call center

Stressing that TÜİK continues its efforts to strengthen its technological infrastructure in data collection in accordance with the needs of the times, Çetinkaya said that one of them is the Alo 124 TÜİK call center.

Çetinkaya explained that they allow respondents or users to quickly access TURKSTAT, quickly obtain information on survey studies on the Alo 124 line and respond more quickly to requests for information via the Alo 124 as well as on the website.

CPI Data Compilation Process

Stating that TURKSTAT conducts various studies to use alternative data sources in CPI calculations, Çetinkaya said that these alternatives “use barcode data (sales)” and “compile prices by web scraping method “.

  • Çetinkaya said, “Barcode data was first used in CPI calculations in 2021 and around 21% of the total number of prices compiled were obtained directly from retail chains. As of this year, the number of prizes compiled with this method constitutes 44.3% of the total number of prizes.” he said.

Pointing out that the generalization of purchases of goods and services on the Internet forced statistical offices to integrate the prices of products sold on the Internet into the CPI, Çetinkaya said that white goods, electronic products, clothing, furniture, new products, which are suitable for price compilation with web scraping due to definitions and structure of substances He noted that from 2022, prices compiled on the Internet for car and bus ticket prices will be used in index calculations, and that the number of prices to be obtained by this method constitutes approximately 5.3 percent of the total number of prices compiled.

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