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magazine Işın Karaca, who is often on the agenda and attracts attention with his statements on social networks, has become a subject of curiosity. Here are the details about Işın Karaca who is curious about Işın Karaca, life and biography of Işın Karaca…


He was born in London in 1973.

Her mother is a Cypriot restaurateur, Seniz Büyükkaraca. He studied musical theater in England.

She started her musical career as a singer of Sezen Aksu. In 1997, the songs “Holy Truth I-II-III”, “It Happened From Zero”, “I Can’t Tell”, “A Star Is Born” from the Turkish soundtrack of the Disney cartoon Hercules, Melis Sökmen , Tuba Önal, Sibel Gürsoy, He interpreted with names such as Yonca Karadağ. Music by Alan Menken, original lyrics by David Zippel, the Turkish lyricist of the film’s soundtrack is Işın Karaca. He was the soloist of the group “Panic Attack”, founded in 1999. The group dissolved without releasing any albums. He participated twice in the Eurovision Turkey qualifiers.

With the songs “Bir Kırık Sevda” in 2000 and “Kaderimsin” in 2001, he could not win the qualifications for Turkey, but he represented Turkey in the OGAE Second Chance Contest. While “Bir Kırık Sevda” was 7th with 104 points in 2000, “Kaderimsin” was 14th in 2001 with 52 points. In 2000, he duet sang the song “Journey to the Past” on Fresh B’s “Real Stay” album. Until 2001, he continued to act as a vocalist for Sezen Aksu.

Besides three albums, he has also contributed to many projects. He performed “Oak Song”, which was composed for the Tema Foundation’s One Billion Oaks project, along with other artists. The artist who sings many commercial jingles; He sang commercials for brands such as Coca Cola, Saray Carpet, Piyale, Aria and Powertürk.

He released his debut album Anadilim Aşk on December 6, 2001. Sezen Aksu achieved great success with the album, in which all lyrics and music for all songs except two belonged to Sezen Aksu and are become known throughout Turkey. The album’s first single “I could’t hold back” and then “Another Spring” became hits.

After the release of the first album, he signs many projects. He performed “And I’m Alone” in Selmi Andak’s album “International Award Winning Selmi Andak Songs”. He performed “Sen Gittimi Ben Die Rüm” in the album “O Şarkılar… Hakkı Yalçın Songs”, which consists of songs promised by Hakkı Yalçın. A music video was shot for the song on April 7, 2004 in the Istanbul Metro. He did a duet with Alpayla “Don’t Be Silent”. Işın Karaca had a role in the song’s music video. In the remix version clip, footage from the previous clip was used.

He sang the song “Yeni Türkiye” in the album “Yeni Türkiye Coşku Dolu” consisting of hymns. In 2004, she sang the song “Aynı Cemin Bülbülyüm”, one of the soundtracks of Ezel Akay’s film, Where are You Firuze. He also appeared as a guest vocalist in this film. Also in 2004, he founded the Masalcılar group with Erdem Yörük, Eda Özülkü and Metin Özülkü. The group releases its first album, “Tale Taller – 1”, which tells fairy tales to children. Although the band stated that they would serialize this project and even wrote it on the album cover, they never released the latter.

He released his second album, İçde Aşk Var, on December 19, 2004, in which he included his own composition for the first time. There are only 2 Sezen Aksu songs in the album where she worked with various names such as Aysel Gürel, Suat Suna, Ümit Sayın. First song Do You Know To Be Enough? has been a success. The music video’s second song “Let’s Wait and See” was also a big hit. The last video was the song “Tolerance” by Onno Tunç, a cover of Sezen Aksu.

He sang a duet with Özcan Deniz in “We are on Duty” organized for the 160th day of the founding of the police organization in 2005. Işın Karaca participated in the music video, which was shot for the song and also featured famous names such as Hülya Avşar, Cem Yılmaz, Ebru Gündeş, Beyazıt Öztürk. In 2006, she performed the song “Address of Solitude” in Mehmet Tokat’s poetry album, “I Love You In My Faith”.

In the same year, Ali Kocatepe reinterpreted “Ben Sana Vurgunum”, sung by Nükhet Duru years ago, in the album “41 Times Mashallah”, in which Ali Kocatepe celebrated his 41st year of art. Rap singer Ogeday sang a duet on the song “An Old Picture” in his album “Mecburi Istikamet”. He sang with Burcu Güneş, Yavuz Bingöl, Fatih Erkoç and Özcan Deniz, the song written and the music of Ahmet Özden for the project “Long Live Our School”, which aims to build schools and improve the physical conditions of schools .

After a 2-year hiatus, he released his third album Başka 33/3 on June 16, 2006. He mostly worked with Alper Narman and Fettah Can on this album. “Mandalinalar”, the lead track from the album, which also includes one of his own compositions, became a hit. The second song in the music video was “Heart Entrusted to God”. The most important difference of this album compared to previous albums is that he no longer works with Sezen Aksu. Known as the vocalist of Sezen Aksu, Karaca says she was kicked out of Sezen Aksu school for a while because she didn’t work with Aksu on this album.

In 2007, Dolapdere sang the song “The Final Countdown” on Big Gang’s album Just Feel. This song is the first English song that Işın Karaca sang in a released album.

In early 2008, Maxi Single, a collaboration with Ogeday, was released. This single includes remixes of the song “Old Bir Image” in RnB, Electribe, House, Reggaeton and Electronic styles. In June, she sang the cover of Esmeray’s hit song “Remember Beni” for the theme music for ATV’s Elif series.

Her fourth studio album, Awakening, was released on May 29, 2009. She has worked with names such as Sibel Alaş, Zeki Güner, Erol Temizel, Erdem Yörük. In this album, Işın Karaca places himself mainly as a composer and lyricist. Apart from the traditional pop style, the album has different sounds in R&B and electronic style.

Işın Karaca Undercover Since 2006; He gives concerts at the Taksim Balans Performance Hall with a very special repertoire of jazz, funk, soul and foreign pop tracks.

He acted in the movie Sen Ne Dilersen in 2005. She gave a successful performance as Marika in the movie directed by Cem Başeskioğlu, starring names like Işık Yenersu, Zeynep Eronat, Yıldız Kenter and Fikret Kuşkan. They will star with Okan Bayülgen in the film “From Where Everything Ends”, which will be screened in January 2009. Filming for the film, directed by Ezel Akay, about the 1999 Izmit earthquake began on August 17, 2008. Karaca will play Nurse Caroline in the film.

In 2005, he presented the program “Isin Show”, which bears his name, which is broadcast on ATV screens. In the show, broadcast in seven episodes, the musician performed many duets with his guests. The program ended on August 19, 2005.

He appeared as a guest artist in the TV series “June Night” on Kanal D.

In 2007, she presented “Women are beautiful at all ages”, the beauty contest between mothers, broadcast on Elmax channel, in collaboration with Vatan Şaşmaz. The same year, he coached Vatan Şaşmaz in the “I Need to Sing” competition, broadcast on Show TV. The duo finished the competition in fourth place. In the same year, he presented the musical competition “Let’s Say”, broadcast on TürkMax.

She appeared as a guest star in the 4th episode of the series Altın Girls, broadcast on ATV, on May 17, 2009, with the role of nurse Binnaz. In 2005, she helped repair the library of Gölcük Girls’ Vocational High School, which was damaged in the 1999 Izmit earthquake. He performed a charity concert on July 31, 2005 and donated his earnings at school. The library he opened on April 19, 2006 bears his name.

In 2006, he took part in the “Long live our school” project, which aims to build schools or improve the situation of existing schools. He sang the song made for the project with other artists and included the song “You” in this album. He also participated in the charity evening broadcast on Show TV and collected donations.

In April 2008, she sang the song “Come, Join the Song of Hope” with other artists as part of the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KACUV) “Family House” project, which aims to establish homes hygienic for the treatment of children. with cancer.

He writes his own opinions on social events, as well as news about his projects, in his blog named “Kaleminden”, which has been published on his official website since March 2, 2005. His articles on global or national issues cover a wide range of topics from politics to artistic life. He has published 66 articles to date.

Saying he wrote a book in 2005, Karaca later explained that it was a diet book. He will publish his book “I need to shrink to grow taller” when he loses weight at 36. The book will tell the story of five years of weight loss. The book will also contain advice for readers. He started writing a column on the 2kadin.com site in 2008 and has been writing columns since July 18, 2008. He usually writes columns in his column, he writes about gender relations.

Since the summer of 2010, he has written a column for the magazine’s website.

He has a 14-year-old son, Erda Kıvanç, from his marriage at a young age. He then divorced his first wife. She has been working with arranger Erdem Yörük for 12 years. Silist ended her relationship with art and music video director Sedat Doğan in late November 2010. The couple married on May 30, 2011. Her second child, Mia, was born in 2011. They decided to divorce his second wife, Sedat Doğan, in September 2012. The couple, who made peace during the divorce case, later separated again and divorced on November 6, 2013 by agreement. Işın Karaca married Tuğrul Odabaş on December 28, 2016.


My Mother Tongue Love (November 28, 2001, Power Records)

There’s Love Inside (December 16, 2004, İmaj Music)

Another 33/3 (June 19, 2006, Seyhan Music)

Awakening (May 29, 2009, Seyhan Music)

Arabesque (April 22, 2010, Seyhan Music)

Arabesque II (7 July 2011, Seyhan Music)

Everything comes from love (May 8, 2013, Seyhan Music)

A Little Distance (June 4, 2014, PDND Music)

Beautiful Girl by Ey Love (February 3, 2015, Seyhan Music)[19]

My beauty (June 17, 2016, Europe Music)


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