You can cure a headache without medicine while fasting

Especially with the arrival of Ramadan, the headaches that fasting people often experience can plague the whole day. Here is the method to relieve these pains without medicine or food…


Pain is a kind of warning system for us. Pain, which we can also call a defense mechanism, helps us to be wary of damage that may or may occur in various parts of our body. As the level of pain can vary, the pain threshold can also vary from person to person.

The common first action when pain sets in is to stop the movement. For example, someone with knee pain may prefer to sit rather than walk. Generally, however, moderate movements can help relieve the pain.

Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness may also be seen in people who experience severe pain. People who regularly experience pain in a certain area are recommended to contact specialists.


Headache, which is the most severe of many types of pain and experienced by almost everyone without exception, can be mild or even unbearable. Besides the important role of genetic factors, environmental factors can also cause headaches. Long-term hunger and thirst are among the environmental factors that cause headaches.

Especially during the fasting period, individuals may experience thirst and hunger during the period from sahur to iftar. In order to avoid this situation, there are measures you can take during sahur and iftar, as well as methods other than medicine to relieve headaches that occur during fasting.


Besides consuming lemon juice, applying it to the skin is also used as an auxiliary method to relieve pain. Since you cannot eat or drink while fasting, you can get rid of your headache in a short time with head and neck methods.

While applying lemon juice directly to the neck and neck is one method you can choose, the other is to gently rub the same area with the lemon you have cut in half. This way you can enjoy the refreshing and relaxing effect of lemon and get rid of your pains. In case of muscle stiffness and excessive tension, rubbing the painful area first with lukewarm water and then using lemon juice will be much more effective.

Lemon, which you can use for throbbing headaches, will have a similar effect. You can rub a piece of lemon in your hand to make a paste and apply it on your face and forehead.


It’s not just iftar and you’ve got a bad headache or you’re tired of using painkillers. These alternative methods that we are going to list can also save your life.

Mint and menthol essences

This is a method you can use to massage the forehead and temples with oil as well as menthol and mint essences, which are sold ready-to-use as a solid oil, and to relieve headache. Menthol, which is frequently used by those struggling with migraines, is known to provide quick relief from headaches.

Apply pressure to the joints

Correct and measured pressure on the joint points helps relieve pain in different parts of the body. It is known that in the pains caused by compression or muscle contraction, especially the temples and the points between the thumb and the index finger can relieve the headache. It is very important that you avoid applying excessive pressure when applying this method. Otherwise, you may encounter problems such as muscle injuries.

cold or hot compress

Applying hot or cold compresses to the painful area will work the same way as a pain reliever. With the shock felt in the area, the pain will go away and he will offer you a drug-free solution. The thing to be careful about in this method is to avoid direct contact of the area with extreme heat or extreme cold. High temperature changes can cause skin burns.

lavender oil

Lavender oil, which is great for pain in the head after a stressful day, is one method you can use for pain caused by muscle tension. Thanks to its oil content, it softens the skin and facilitates massage, and even a drop relieves pain. With a small amount of lavender oil on your forehead for headaches, you will both relieve your stress and relieve your headaches.

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