“AKP and HDP meet in secret”! Garo Paylan came to Saray’s rescue – Latest News

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Newspaper writer Korkusuz Can Ataklı, in connection with HDP MP Garo Paylan’s motion in parliament regarding the so-called Armenian Genocide allegations, “Garo Paylan is proof that the palace is making secret deals with the HDP” He wrote an article titled

In his article, Ataklı said that the AKP had secret talks with the HDP to get Kurdish votes in the elections and was ready to make concessions. It is claimed that the proposal was discussed during the secret negotiation tables that were set up… At this precise moment, one of the HDP deputies stood up and moreover, on April 23, he tabled a motion in Parliament “for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide”.

Here is Can Ataklı’s article full of striking assessments as follows:

“Readers and viewers of this column will know that I said the palace is in secret talks with the HDP and is ready to make some sneaky concessions.

Because Erdogan and his team know very well that the votes of the HDP in the next first elections will be very decisive for the presidential election.

For Erdogan, the legislative elections are no longer of great importance.

Because even in the worst results of the polls, the votes of the AKP reach 30% and this rate shows that the party will enter Parliament with at least 201 deputies.

For today’s bizarre system, the parliamentary majority is no longer important.

Of course, the support of at least 300 deputies will relieve the palace, but it may be enough to have 201 pro-deputies in parliament.

Because whatever the arithmetic balance in Parliament, it is almost impossible to question, control, accuse and judge the elected president.

For this, at least 400 deputies must meet.

In this case, with the support of 201 deputies, the president becomes almost totally untouchable.

However, it must be chosen.

Here is Erdogan’s dilemma.

The leader of the AKP must find 50+1% either in the first round or in the second round. For that, he needs the votes of the HDP.

For this reason, it is known that there have been low-level talks with the HDP for a long time.

It is claimed that a number of proposals, from the detention of Abdullah Öcalan to the release of Selahattin Demirtaş, from regional autonomy to the official Kurdish language in certain provinces, were discussed at secret negotiation tables.

The HDP has not openly denied them until today.

However, in various statements, of course, there are criticisms of the government, but in the presidential election it is stated that the position of the party will be “in favor of democracy” and with this rubbery expression an open door is also left for the palace. Saray, on the one hand, continues these secret meetings, on the other hand, declares the HDP as a supporter of terrorism and underlines that he is the 7th partner of the table at 6 of the opposition.

At this precise moment, one of the HDP deputies stood up and, moreover, on April 23, he presented a “proposal to Parliament” for the “recognition of the Armenian genocide”.

It is an irrational and illogical undertaking. Stabbing the opposition is a very strategic move that will turn the mood against Erdoğan in an instant.

This incredible initiative by Garo Paylan will put the opposition parties, which have kept their calm despite all kinds of provocations against the HDP, very difficult.

Is it possible that Garo Paylan, especially the parties that share the table at 6, doesn’t condemn this mind-blowing attempt in the strongest terms?

There again, despite all kinds of provocations, it is unthinkable that the citizens of the opposition, who do not think of adopting a negative attitude towards the HDP, remain insensitive to this.

Suddenly, Garo Paylan rushed to the aid of the palace and traumatized the opposition as the operation to open up the opposition between the HDP and the opposition, which the palace and its clowns had been struggling for months, was going to fail.

The HDP cannot prove that this attempt is an innocent demand.

They can probably make a statement that “this does not reflect the views of our party”.

I don’t think that will convince anyone.

Perhaps his single very fast broadcast can lessen the backlash.

Unfortunately, Garo Paylan has put a dagger in the growing democracy.”

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