Breaking news… Flash decision on mandatory mask-wearing in schools… Statement by Minister Koca and Minister Özer


The meeting of the Scientific Council on Coronavirus, which according to Health Minister Fahrettin Koca “will be one of the most important meetings of the Council”, was held today, and President Erdoğan announced the news decisions. President Erdoğan has announced that the mask requirement applied in closed areas has been lifted. Mandatory masking will only continue until the number of cases falls below 1,000 in public transport vehicles and health facilities.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca also shared on his Twitter account: “The requirement to wear a mask in schools and other closed areas has been lifted. Health facilities with public transport vehicles are an exception in practice. until the number of cases drops below 1,000 Very soon we are going to be living without a mask with the whiteness of our faces Yesterday there were 2,604 cases It’s obvious from the number !” used the sentences.


Later, Minister Koca, who sent another tweet, shared a photo of a masked student and said, “Let’s take our souvenir photo. The mask requirement has been lifted in schools.”


National Education Minister Mahmut Özer also announced that teachers and students will no longer wear masks from tomorrow.

Recalling that the decision by the Health Sciences Council to remove the mask requirement was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister Özer also drew attention to the importance of education in the face of face.

Minister Özer said: “As you know, since September 6, 2021, we have continued face-to-face teaching without interruption at all levels during the academic year 2021-2022. We are happy to continue face to face.As you know, today our president announced that after the meeting of the health sciences council, the obligation to use masks in closed places has been lifted.As ministry of national education, we, as the ministry of national education, will take the education of all of our 18 million pupils from kindergarten to primary school, from primary school to college , middle school through high school.” We have now abolished the use of indoor masks in schools, for both our students and our teachers. This process was very difficult. It took a very serious will to resolutely start face-to-face education, especially after a one-and-a-half-year hiatus from face-to-face education. . As the Ministry of National Education, we insisted on two points in particular. Firstly, the fact that the school is the place where school should be opened first and closed last, as in all societies, and secondly, we insisted that after a year and a half of interruption of face-to-face teaching, keeping schools open has become a national security issue rather than an education issue. At this point, the whole company saw how right our decision was. Our President’s statements today have also confirmed this. Of course, it was not an easy process. The education system in Turkey is gigantic with around 18 million students and 1.2 million teachers. Therefore, the normalization of Turkey in this process was due to schools remaining open face to face. Our determined stance has both facilitated and accelerated Turkey’s normalization. It was not an easy process. I would like to thank all the bureaucracy of our department. Together they followed day and night the evolution of the situation in the provinces. They tracked case situations in classrooms and their one-to-one contact status. Many thanks to the Health Sciences Council. They guided us through this process. Again, the biggest heroes in this process are our dear teachers, who are the heroes of education. I would like to express my gratitude to our 1.2 teacher from Bartın.”



Stressing that the continuation of face-to-face education has become a matter of national security, Minister Mahmut Özer recalled the contribution of the vocational education community in the epidemic process. Stating that schools are places where personal and psychological development and peer education are carried out beyond education, Minister Özer said:
“In this process, we witnessed together how much they sacrificed to keep schools open. Because they were teaching with masks. Vaccination rates were not only above Turkey’s average. They have set an example for Turkish society, which is well above the vaccination rate of teachers in most OECD countries. I am proud of our teachers. “Our teachers have not only made sacrifices in their classes. They have also made a lot of sacrifices with the coordination of our governorates in all our provinces with loyalty task forces. I thank you for being at the side of our fellow citizens and for being aware of their problems. There have been other heroes of this process. The professional education community has been facing the epidemic since the start of the Covid epidemic.” From the mask that facilitates the fight to the disinfectant, from the face shield to the disposable apron, respirator, mask machine and kit of rapid antigen, we will quickly use all the instruments that will facilitate the fight in this process. They produced them for free and delivered them for free to our citizens and health workers. As Minister of National Education, I can affirm it. If vocational training had not been active in this process, the initial phase of this struggle would have been much more difficult. In all our provinces we have vocational training schools and students who use all kinds of production capacities, from the production of this mask and disinfectant, to the help of our governorates and prefectures, to fight against this epidemic. I would like to express my gratitude to our teachers, administrator s school and vocational education community students who are dark day friends. I hope we will not experience this epidemic again. It is now forgotten. But again, even if there are different epidemics or extraordinary conditions, this 7 month experience has shown that. Schools are the safest institutions in societies when the necessary precautions are taken. These are the safest environments. Because school is a place where, beyond simple education, personal development, psychological development and peer education take place, and where the young people who build the future of a country. For this reason, I am very happy to express to our entire society that we have succeeded in this happy moment, which is now linked to the epidemic process of Covid-19, and that we have successfully completed this process, where we also remove the masks starts tomorrow. In this process, our governors, district governors and civil administrators have been our most important stakeholders. We are also grateful to them. »



President of the Council for Higher Education Özvar said: “In accordance with the suggestion of our scientific committee and the statements of our president, the obligation to use masks in the closed places of all higher education institutions has been lifted. I wish all of our students health and success in this new mandate without a mask.”

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