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In today’s developing e-commerce platforms, business email service has also taken its place among the indispensable arguments. The e-mail address in question is an important indicator of the professionalism of the company, as well as a tool that has an impact in the field of marketing. In today’s developing technological conditions, obtaining a corporate email address and integrating it into the corporate system has become an extremely convenient process. It is essential to develop the most optimal solutions for your business, taking into account the hardware and infrastructure features you use.

The corporate email address is different from addresses obtained from a regular email address platform. The email address you will receive is a type of email address integrated with your company name or institution name. Regular email addresses have extensions such as hotmail, gmail or yahoo. If work email addresses are [email protected] includes an extension such as

Why should I use corporate email?

Many businesses that are just getting started in the e-commerce industry use free email accounts that don’t contain any business name in the first place. For example; [email protected] An e-mail address of the type meets the needs of the company. However, since the email addresses in question do not give the impression of any professionalism, it would make much more sense to use corporate email addresses. Why do you consider the following corporate email You can better understand that you should use the address:

● With a corporate email address, your email address gives the other party the impression of a more professional appearance.

● Since email addresses are usually short and easy to remember, they have a big impact in marketing.

● The professional email address allows the company to be recognized as a legitimate business. This helps the company to gain trust.

● When you email your customers with your company email address, you can help promote your brand.

No matter what industry you operate in, you will need a professional email address for your business. The effect of a business email address is an undeniable fact to communicate effectively with your customers and respond to their requests in a short time. If you don’t have a business email address, you must conduct your business with a regular email address or phone. With an email address with a business infrastructure, you can meet all your business correspondence and campaign needs.

Why is a company email address so necessary?

We mentioned in the column above why it’s so important to receive business emails. In this topic, we would like to mention the need for a corporate email address and what you can do using this argument. With the professional email address you purchased, you can:

● You can communicate with your customers via an email address containing the company name.

● You can answer your customers’ questions about your company or products in a short time with a professional identity.

● You can promote your products that you started selling with your professional email address.

● You can convey details about your products and campaigns to your customers conveniently.

Newcomers to business activities may find it difficult to obtain a professional email address. However, with today’s advanced technological possibilities, it is possible to get a business email address in no time. Additionally, you can get the best business email address for your business by considering the following points.

● Make sure the email address you receive contains the company name.

● Treat your company email address as a catchy name.

● In order to increase professionalism, employees of the company should also be included in the sub-addresses of the company email.

● When purchasing a business email address, consider that you will be using the address for industry business for many years.

What is Business Email Hosting Service?

The “first impression” comes first among the issues to consider in communication. The perception to be obtained at the first appearance is very effective in the sound execution of the activities of the sector in the future. Just as the external appearance is very important in physical communication, it is very important to use arguments reflecting the image of the company in virtual communication. One of them is to carry out business e-mail communication activities in the sector activities.

Businesses that achieve some professionalism in the name of institutionalization need to get a hosting service to host the website. Corporate email hosting service is also among the widely used hosting tools in internal and external corporate communication.

Corporate email should be used to establish communication between employees within the company or to show company activities to customers. You can also see the use of corporate email as a rule in terms of formalizing the business. The activities of companies that do not use corporate email leave an amateurish impression on customers. For this reason, there is a need for enterprise email hosting services in e-commerce businesses.

With the increase in the number of businesses operating in the home office style, it is seen that the need for business email is also increasing. It is also possible to use the email hosting service and hosting packages together. However, when purchasing this service, you should also consider the scope of the service offered. Because some service areas only cover the internal correspondence areas of the company.

A solid infrastructure is required for secure traffic and routine backup of emails from the website or from external sources. It is essential to set up this infrastructure in order to improve the services of the company or the products offered for sale. The opinions, wishes and complaints of site visitors and loyal customers are among the most basic needs of the development network to be established in this sense.

In order to benefit from the data received from the feedback and to coordinate the activities of employees who are not physically present in the company, you must obtain a corporate email hosting service. This hosting service should be used in all business activities to be conducted in a professional manner.

Where to get secure business email for business?

To get a business email address, you must first purchase a domain name specific to your business or brand. Today, many domain companies offer this service. Finding a domain name with the “” extension is important for corporate identity. If you want your domain name to express a more universal identity, you can also choose the “.com” extension. When you choose the first option, you must submit your stamp statement and commercial register to the company concerned.

The most secure corporate website for your business is the company that provides the corporate mail service. You can have a special interface by taking advantage of these opportunities. On the other hand, you can also segment based on company department in terms of quota limit.

Having a business email account provides extraordinary freedom of movement for your business. You can purchase the most suitable email disk space, enable unlimited email accounts, and create more secure email traffic by filtering unwanted email messages using campaigns that fit your budget. You can also save your emails for more controlled use.

Turkey Location Corporate E-Mail Service with Natro

You can create business email accounts by choosing Natro for business website activities. You can get the following benefits by choosing the company from which you will receive the business email service located in Turkey:

● You can have high capacity hosting service options by choosing 10GB or 50GB options.

● You can choose to create an account with different features and quotas using the same domain name.

● You can create your personal calendar as well as share it or use common calendar options.

● You can perform calendar synchronization conveniently and securely.

● You can use address book and calendar synchronization on mobile or desktop devices.

You can visit to find the most affordable business email plans in Turkey.

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