Last minute: They killed Özge Nur Tekin saying “We will bring out the demons inside her”! The truth has come out, the professor of magic…

Breaking News: A woman who had psychological problems and had a genie exorcism session has died in Keçiören, Ankara. The horrific incident came to light when the death of Özge Nur Tekin, who fell ill during the sacrifice, was deemed suspicious. It turned out that under the guidance of the teacher, who said: “He is haunted by jinns”, the woman was hit on the back with a rolling pin 100 times, then cupping was applied. Horrific details of the incident have come to light.


Özge Nur Tekin, who fell ill during the sacrifice, died on March 8, 2021 at Yenimahalle Oncology Hospital, where she was taken. After Tekin’s death was deemed suspicious, police notified the prosecutor’s office. After detecting bruises on Özge Nur Tekin’s back and arms and wounds resembling hijama cuts in the death examination report, the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation.

Selçuk Tekin, who was detained in connection with the investigation, said Özge Nur Tekin, whom he married 8 months ago, had a child with his first wife, and they started dating. have problems from the 6th month of their marriage. Selçuk Tekin said he explained the situation to his family and his wife’s family, and that the so-called teacher Erdal Kaya, who was in Kayseri, was contacted by an acquaintance of his mother.


Selcuk Tekin said magician Erdal Kaya, whom he called on the phone, said, “Your wife is haunted by demons; if you do as I say, I will save your wife.” He said: “He first prayed on the phone, my wife was relieved. However, after a while, I got sick and called again: “First you will sacrifice 1 victim to your wife”. Then he said I should hit his back lightly with a rolling pin 100 times, and then we had to have cupping to clean the dirty blood from his body. Then he asked me to fast for 23 days of penance. I prayed 100 times on my wife’s back and calf with a rolling pin, lightly but palpably. I turned by reading. My wife’s family and my family were also in the room. At that point, we all said together, ‘Get out the genie, get out’ But he got sick again the next morning,” he said.


Saying that he recalled Erdal Kaya the next day, Selçuk Tekin said: “‘If you sacrifice yourself, your wife will be relieved.’ We went to the slaughter area in Yakacık. , my wife got sick and passed out. The teacher I called back said to me, ‘If you make one more sacrifice, your wife will get well.’” My wife didn’t wake up. We took her to the hospital, but when we went to the hospital they said she was dead.”

Ozge Nur Tekin’s mother, Hatun Efe


As per Selçuk Tekin’s statement, Özge Nur Tekin’s father Cemal Efe, his mother Hatun Efe, his stepmother Zöhre Tekin, Sevim Özbaş and the so-called teacher Erdal Kaya were also arrested. So-called teacher Erdal Kaya, detained in Kayseri, said he worked as a welder in the industry and said: “On the day of the incident, I called a woman I did not know and I I said that they had taken her daughter-in-law to the doctor, that she had no pain and that she wanted to consult him on her psychology. She asked them to pray, to repent, to give zakat. “I told them to fulfill their wishes and feed the poor. I certainly didn’t tell them to hit him with a rolling pin or get treatment in hijama,” he said.

Erdal Kaya also said he gave advice to people because he had his own religious knowledge and had never accepted money from anyone.


Sevim Özbaş, who was determined to have cupped the young woman, said she was a housewife and said, “At the insistence of an acquaintance, I went to this family’s house, I had never seen before, to do There was a woman lying on the ground. When she took off her clothes for cupping, I saw that the woman’s back and arms were black. When I asked what happened, they said: “The three letters escaped in it, we hit with a stick on the instructions of a teacher we found in Kayseri. We tried to kill the demon inside that way.”


6 people were brought to the courthouse at the end of the procedure. The prosecution sent the wife of the young woman, Selçuk Tekin, and 5 other people before the criminal justice of the peace on duty, demanding their arrest. The suspects were released after application of judicial control measures. At the end of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office issued an indictment against Selçuk Tekin for “causing death by deliberate injury to his wife” and for “participation in a crime” against 5 people, demanding a prison sentence of 12 to 18 years. The indictment was accepted by the 1st High Criminal Court in Ankara and a lawsuit was filed.

Source: DHA

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