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Sözcü Journalist Aytunç Erkin, Rector of Nevşehir University Hacı Bektaş Veli Semih Aktekinin the city on the practices of ‘trouble’ wrote that. Aytunç Erkin, Cihannüma Associationsupposedly close to Semih AktekinRecalling the rise of . to the rectorate, he writes the following:

“Turkey’s agenda is the economy, immigration policy, the candidate for the Alliance of Nations… Undoubtedly painful issues! Yet… The “economico-political” struggles continue in all areas of life.

For example…

Today I will tell you about a “discussion” that took place at Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University. You ask why? The University was commissioned on May 17, 2007 as Nevşehir University. The name of the university was changed to Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University on November 7, 2013. The University carries out its scientific activities in 7 different campuses, one of which is the main campus, with 9 faculties, 9 vocational schools, 2 colleges, 4 institutes and 16 research and application centers. And it has over 20,000 students. So why is the university on the agenda? Because… It should be noted that there are “unrests” in the city regarding the practices of rector Semih Aktekin. What do you mean?


Turkish Eğitim-Sen conducted a “satisfaction” survey among university staff between February 3 and March 18, 2022. Tayfur Ürgenç, head of the Nevşehir branch of Türk Eğitim-Sen, announced the results of the survey: “At the A total of 343 university staff responded to the survey.. (We give you the information right away: The university has more than 650 teacher-researchers) Survey Respondents 276 academic staff, 76 administrative staff is formed. 230 of the respondents are unionized, 113 are not members of any union or belong to another union. In evaluating the answers given to the questionnaire, four main headings emerged. They are mobbing, justice, support and satisfaction. What we see is that there is serious discontent, injustice and mobbing in the institution.

I also reviewed the survey. I looked at the questions and answers, the ratios…

For example… “I have a psychologically and socially appropriate work environment” The responses to the statement are remarkable. 172 out of 343 employees “I totally disagree with this statement” I mean, 69 people “I do not agree” gave the answer. According to the union’s survey, 70% of university employees say they “work in a psychologically and socially unsuitable environment”.

For example… “Do you feel pressured and stressed while working? At the question 173 people “totally”, 60 people “often” gave the answer. So… 70% said “I am under pressure and stressed”!

For example… “Do you feel mobbing while working?” The picture that emerges from the question is striking. 139 people chose “completely”, 61 people chose “often” and 35 people chose “a lot”. 235 members of academic and administrative staff have agreed on “mobbing”. That’s almost 70%!

It is not finished…


Your inquiry The most pressing question is: “Are you afraid of being investigated or unfairly punished? The assessment in the survey is as follows:

“Looking at the answers to this question, almost all employees (90.2%) fear being the subject of unfair investigations or sanctions. This It is believed that the significant increase in the number of investigations opened against the staff, especially in recent years, has also been effective in the emergence of the result.

So what happened after this investigation? The positions of 15 people, consisting of faculty secretary, vocational school secretary, institute secretaries, have been changed at the university.

The provincial chairman of the Nevşehir Iyi party, Ömer Ay, raised a complaint against the rector Semih Aktekin two years ago. Ay claimed that Rector Aktekin was close to the Cihannüma association. So… the association in which “National Vision” is represented within the AKP!

CONCLUSION: There is a widespread claim that the process regarding the appointment of Aktekin, who was promoted from associate professor to professor, was “too fast”. Tomorrow I will share with you an appraisal report dated February 4, 2020.”

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