Striking statement from the TORAKS Association ahead of the Scientific Committee’s mask decision

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the meeting of the scientific committee was postponed for one day. Before the meeting scheduled for today, a statement came from the TORAKS association.

At the end of the meeting of the Scientific Committee, a press release is expected on the fate of the obligation to wear a mask. President of the association TORAKS Prof. Dr. Bahriye Oya İtil in a written statement made before the meeting stressed that a new wave of the virus could wait and stressed that the use of masks should continue.


President of the Turkish association THORACICS Prof. Dr. Bahriye Oya İtil warned that a new wave could await Turkey and said: “The World Health Organization says this picture is just the tip of the iceberg. Given this warning, we would like to state that masks should continue to be used in public transport, healthcare facilities and indoor spaces.


teacher. Dr. Stating that Covid-19 still maintains a public health emergency of international importance, İtil said:

“The Sars CoV-2 virus has not yet established its ecological niche (the location or function of an organism or population in a particular physical or biological environment) and still has an unpredictable viral evolution. The World Health Organization recommends that 70% of the world’s population be vaccinated with a full dose of the vaccine. According to data from the Ministry of Health in Turkey, the number of people who received the third dose of vaccine is 27 million 731 thousand 999, and compared to the general population, it is seen that the rate of those who receive the dose completeness of vaccine is about 30 percent. The World Health Organization stresses the importance of vaccination, especially for the elderly, people with underlying illnesses, immunocompromised patients, refugees, vulnerable groups, healthcare workers and people having difficulty accessing treatment.


Secretary General of Turkish THORACICS Association Assoc. Dr. Aslı Görek Dilektaşlı pointed out that the reduction in the number of Covid-19 tests made it difficult to track the virus and made the following statements:

“The World Health Organization recommends that states continuously assess their vaccination rates and epidemiological data and modify national responses accordingly. There is no doubt that there is pandemic fatigue in society. Assuming that more time will be spent outdoors in the coming summer period, it can be expected that the risk of infection transmission will decrease further.The number of tests carried out is gradually decreasing.However, the continuity of testing, the recognition and isolation of cases, tracking and detection of contact cases, prevention of the spread of the disease, establishment of realistic plans regarding the pandemic, contribution to global data, better recognition of the virus and in particular the detection potential new variants and the development of Sars-CoV-2.It allows the development of genomic surveillance to monitor For this reason, it should be vi ser not to avoid tests and even to facilitate diagnosis by popularizing rapid tests. Facilitating access to free testing in public and in private for patients with symptoms will also facilitate case detection and access to data.


Dilektaşlı said that after the month-long decrease in the number of cases worldwide, the number of weekly cases increased by 8% worldwide between March 7 and 13, Dilektaşlı said: “Despite the decrease in number of tests in some countries in the second week of March, when 11 million cases and 43,000 deaths were seen, pointed out that it was the first increase since January. We have observed that the number of cases has started to increase in China recently, and some cities have been quarantined. For some countries in Europe, such as Turkey, which has made decisions to ease measures pointing to the decrease in the number of new cases and hospitalized patients, experts are making statements that a new wave of coronavirus awaits the Europe. For this reason, it is important to increase the number of measures and tests such as masks. mentioned.

The scientific committee meets today

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