Wedding fees crippled the industry; The rooms are empty


Due to the embargo applied to food products in Turkey, while coming out of this crisis with its share, each sector tries to survive both in its own field and in the difficulties due to its commercial exchanges.

As the summer months approach, one of the most talked about topics in Turkey right now is rising costs. marriage and marriage attracts ceremonies.

So, what kind of way is the wedding industry in Turkey facing rising costs?

Kazım Kış, the president of the Izmir Chamber of Florists, Muhammet Akgül, the owner of the Orange organization, and Ali Keleş, the owner of the company Beyzade Garden, explained their evaluations on the sector to Ben Haber.

Could you breathe a sigh of relief after the pandemic we have been going through for two years?

Kazım Winter, President of the Izmir Chamber of Florists: As an industry, we mostly do business in the summer months. The reason for the increase in sales, except on special days, is that there are many events such as weddings, engagements and circumcisions during the summer months. This obviously affected us positively and allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief.

Muhammet Akgul, owner of the Orange organization: Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it, the effect of the pandemic is still going on in our industry. I think it needs a little more time.

Ali Keleş, owner of Beyzade Garden: Unfortunately, due to the difficulties brought by the economy, we are experiencing difficulties due to the increase in inflation. The problem I mentioned is not one-sided, frankly, we have problems both on our side and on the customer’s side.

It can be said that it has become impossible for couples to get married after successive hikes in all sectors. How have price increases affected you as an industry, what have couples given up?

Kazım Winter, President of the Izmir Chamber of Florists: Flowers are essential for those who want to get married. Of course, the abnormal increase in the prices of everything caused great deviations in the budgets of the couples who would organize the wedding. For this reason, she went in the direction of restriction or left in the direction of finding different alternatives.

Muhammet Akgul, owner of the Orange organization: Of course, a lot of things have been left behind. They just prefer to get married. Weddings also limited the number of people, they abandoned weddings with dinner, they started to prefer DJs to orchestras.

Ali Keleş, owner of Beyzade Garden: The number of couples who will get married is very low. Couples, faced with price, first buy their house belongings, the groom’s wedding dress, and plan to have a wedding if they have money left over. When they think of a wedding, some say “we don’t have any money in our pockets and are getting married” and leave.

As venue owners, our overhead is high and we can’t get out of the way. We encounter some difficulties because we do not intend to compromise on quality.

The season is approaching, but our room is currently 25% occupied and 75% empty. We said let’s do the weddings we bought during the pandemic period, this time we made a loss. Our other owner friends are in the same situation. They also say they have 30 percent occupancy. As a wedding venue owner, I hear everyone owes them up to their necks. Even though I’m not a tenant, I can’t imagine the end of what happened with the rental system, after having financial difficulties. There are those who cannot pay their rent and whose electricity is cut off. Even if they have a wedding, I don’t think they will make a profit unfortunately. Additionally, there were those who changed the concept of wedding halls and turned them into barbeque and meat halls.

Can you compare current costs with past periods? If you need to give an example in terms of articles, how much is the increase in the number?

IKazım Winter, President of the Izmir Chamber of Florists: Our cost prices have increased by one hundred percent. The price of the most used orchid in weddings has increased from 150 TL to 300 TL. The reason was that the currency was unnecessarily unstable, increasing prices by 100%. Flowers imported from the Netherlands also increased automatically.

While we were selling at least 40 orchids per week, we cannot sell 10 orchids. As prices rose, purchasing power declined and people’s gift ideas changed to replace flowers.

The prices of free-standing baskets and potted flowers, which are preferred at weddings, have risen dramatically. We can’t win the product we made last year for 150 TL, even if we make it for 350 TL now. While the foam we put under the flowers was 50 TL, it became 150 TL. Unfortunately, prices are rising 3-4 times due to the increase in diesel and natural gas and the dependence on foreign raw materials. This is reflected in our costs. Why should we raise prices out of the blue, no matter how you look at it, we are in a miserable state. I guess it will go down to half while we wait for things to open up.

Muhammet Akgul, owner of the Orange organization: Many things have changed compared to the previous period. All contributions have at least doubled. For example, the cost of living flowers has doubled. Apart from that, food costs, wedding dresses and especially transportation costs have increased a lot.

Ali Keleş, owner of Beyzade Garden: There are so many increases in dairy products that the cost of the control plate has increased a lot due to the price increases. Before the pandemic, marriage was between 15 and 20 thousand. Right now the average is 50,000 TL.

Update date: April 26, 2022, 09:33

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