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As discussions about regulation regarding big tech and internet companies continue around the world, it looks like Internet Law No. . in the 15 years that followed.

The European Parliament and EU member states agreed on the Digital Services Act (DSA) on April 23, an important piece of legislation that will regulate advertising on technology platforms such as Google and Meta (Facebook ) and promptly remove illegal and harmful content from the platforms.[1].

The law is expected to enter into force as early as 2024, after formal approval by EU institutions. EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager said the deal was better than the draft proposal introduced in 2020. In a video posted to Twitter, Vestager said: “This is no longer a slogan for see and treat what is illegal offline as illegal online. It’s a real thing now. Democracy is back. mentioned.

As discussions about regulation regarding big tech and internet companies continue across the world, Internet Law No. the following 15 years.[1]. In the bill, which has been mooted since last year, it says that “those who make disinformation on social networks are sentenced to 3 to 5 years in prison”. For now, we have the bill presented by Halil Öztürk of the MHP in February, the speeches given yesterday by President R. Tayyip Erdoğan and the Chairman of the Digital Media Commission Hüseyin Yayman. We’ll see more details as they come to us.

New bill on the Internet

If you ask how we remember Halil Öztürk from the MHP, he is a sort of predecessor of the AKP. Both in the previous arrangement on social networks and this time we first see the offer of Öztürk.[2]. The public debates this proposal. They’re probably trying to figure out the backlash episodes. After that, the actual bill of the AKP, signed by many deputies, appears.

In Halil Öztürk’s previous proposal, he called for “social media to be seized with TRIDs”. However, regulators have a rule that “our data won’t go overseas.” You know, the EU says the same thing. There has been a contrary and surprising approach to this rule by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.[3]. Fortunately, we were saying that they realized the absurdity and gave up, but this time Hüseyin Yayman expresses the same thing that “the public has a demand for social networks to have entered with an identity”. We really wondered what audience it was.

Let’s go back to our previous question, we already connect to fixed or mobile internet services with our identities. What does it mean to enter social networks with an identity? Do they want us to give our TC ID numbers to multinational social media companies? Let’s say it will be entered with identifiers, but how can they prevent it from being entered with aliases?

Oh, by the way, on the other hand, there are constraints for operators such as log model and subscriber model. With these, they try to understand where the subscribers are going. On the other hand, with the “mandatory” family filter we wrote last week, we try to prevent subscribers (probably Gen z in AKP families) from going anywhere. It is a kind of “fundamental censorship”.

Can’t Deal With Social Media Can AKP Deal With Disinformation Law?

According to Yayman’s statement to Anadolu Agency yesterday, Yayman said;

“I would like to say to the public: we do not regulate social media. We are developing a disinformation regulation. Blocking or restricting social media can never be like that. Because the AK party is a party that fights against censorship and bans. We have problems with the disinformation law in Germany, the anti-fake news law, the anti-disinformation law in France and the anti-disinformation legal regulations in the United States.

In this speech, Yayman actually means “we do, we do, it doesn’t work” by saying “we don’t do social media regulation”.

We see if the AKP fights against censorship, all together – especially the RTÜK – from its movements. On the other hand, Yayman says we will do whatever is available in the US, Germany or France.

Application in EU, USA and France has 3 steps [4];
Promote free and fair elections
Strengthening media freedom and pluralism
Promoting media and information literacy among citizens

Will the AKP do this? Or, on the contrary, will they introduce a law with prison sentences and bans, as we hear since last year?

The AKP plays its last card to silence social networks

Hüseyin Yayman says that they have a very clear position on protecting individual rights and freedoms on the one hand and maintaining public order on the other, and adds:

“Not because the elections are coming up, we have had studies on this issue before. These studies are also continuing. This should not be sacrificed to the power-opposition debate. This law is a matter that Turkey needs. It is necessary for both Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, Mr. Akşener, Mr. Devlet Bahçeli, Mr. Temel Karamollaoğlu and our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Yayman says “not for the election”, but with the election approaching and the economy in this state, it’s clear he’s going to try and approach social media the other way around this time, as he saw how the AKP took control of the main media in the last 20 years, which he could not bring to the desired level with 18 regulations in 15 years in Law No. 5651. .

It’s not forced, it’s common sense…

Misinformation is not a problem today, it has been a problem for centuries. Businesses, states, and individuals can spread it for various benefits. They can try to change the facts. So this is an important issue that needs to be addressed. But you can see the European Union strategy document above. The path goes through means such as awareness, freedom, honesty, reliability, democracy and respect for the law.

But is the objective of the AKP really at this level?

As soon as the AKP came to power, one of the first things it did was connect the mainstream media to itself. In front of all of us, including the flagship of the press, Hürriyet, and the major television channels, they have all handed over to companies close to the AKP “in one way or another”. But did he help the AKP?

The new generation, already entered into the voting pot, now gets its news via the internet. Therefore, as the election approaches, the AKP, which has been unable to cope with social media despite 18 regulations in 15 years, will now try to cut this link with the unclear “Disinformation Law”.

He did not develop the internet for years, left it idle and blocked the whole country as much as he could, exposing the whole country to the same level of the internet in countries like Kenya, Trinidad and Tobaggo , but what if the economy was like this, livelihoods were up, youth unemployment was at its peak, and he tried to block all media and tried to block the internet?

This new law change will also not be functional. Let’s say now and give some advice to the officials of Yayman or the AKP (and Halil Öztürk of the MHP); There is a concept called “hard play breaks the game”. In other words, nothing is obtained by forcing. There is only one way, if social media users are convinced together. It also doesn’t come with bans or jail time.

Populist words like trafficking in white women, selling drugs, violence against children and women, etc., don’t help either. Words like public outrage, etc. won’t work either. If it provokes public outrage, a lawsuit is already filed. In fact, there are even complaints that go beyond their subject matter, which are often made on social media.

Yayman said:

“Our bill will be open for discussion and will be presented to the public in the near future. As a government, we view the issue of disinformation as a supra-partisan and supra-political issue. At this point, we are never in favor of bans. We are against bans. We want to establish a settlement that will protect the law of Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, Mrs. Meral Akşener, Mr. President, rulers and opinion leaders and prevent them from being exposed to social and political lynching.

Would they do that, in today’s environment and with elections approaching, can they act so democratically? Judging by their previous approach, I don’t think so. But still a good wish. That’s why we always say to Yayman, “OK, we’re waiting, if you take our opinions and follow our advice, then a useful disinformation law will come out.”

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