Why Men Are More Prone to Cheating: The Coolidge Effect

If asked what is the most important thing in a relationship, most people would say loyalty. It is very important to be faithful to the person you are in a relationship with and not to have sexual or emotional feelings towards others. What if we said that there is a biological phenomenon that explains why humans and even animals, especially men, are more inclined to cheat or to be closer to polygamy?

To cheat inclination or particularly evident in the animal nature polygamy There is a biological reason for his condition: Coolidge effect. In relationships today, since the areas where people can communicate much more easily with each other have expanded, people no longer approach relationships that need to be loyal to one person as much as before. Therefore, the coolidge effect evolutionary advantages Even if it is seen as a problem, it can have detrimental effects on relationships today.

Well, one of the basic impulses of animals and humans related to sexuality We have examined in our content whether there are aspects of the Coolidge effect that make scientific deception reasonable.

What is the Coolidge effect, considered one of the scientific reasons for cheating?

The Coolidge effect, in short, is a biological phenomenon observed in animals and humans. Renewed sexual desire used to define. That is, it occurs in both men and women, more often in men when a new sexual partner emerges. increased sexual desire It is a determining effect.

The coolidge effect in humans can be defined as follows. For example, you have a long-time partner but after a while with him. you are tired of being in a relationship and therefore your libido has also decreased. Even if your sexual desire for the person in your life decreases, a new partner has emerged You can easily become sexually excited at the same time.

Hence this phenomenon called coolidge effect cheating reason seen as. But just as a male can impregnate more than one female an evolutionary advantage is also thought to be.

So where does the coolidge effect get its name?

coolidge effect chicken

The name Coolidge effect was coined in the early 1920s. US President Calvin Coolidge and his wife visited a farm. The President’s wife and President Calvin come across a chicken coop while walking around the farm, and Mrs. Coolidge wonders how many times a day the chickens have sex. Miss Coolidge is surprised when she receives dozens of responses.

If Mr. Coolidge always with the same tooth When he asks the guide if it’s okay, he gets the answer “no” and the president is surprised by this performance of the rooster. The roosters concentrate on picking one other hen at a time.

What does research show about the Coolidge effect?

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To learn more about the Coolidge effect an experiment on mice Finished. Two mice, male and female, are placed in a cage, but the females are changed at regular intervals after sufficient sexual activity. The male mouse begins to feel exhausted after some time after sexual activity with the same female. Until a new female rat, sexual partner of the male, is placed in the cage.


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The male mouse seeing the new female energy returns and the exhaustion towards his ex-partner disappears. The same was seen in female mice, but not as quickly as in males. The reason for this is, in short, the innovation and obscurity brought about by pleasure with curiosity can be considered After this research with quite striking results, the question “Well, if we choose monogamy, will the passion in the relationship die over time?” The question may come to mind.

Is there a gender difference in the coolidge effect?

coolidge and genera

Studies show that the coolidge effect has been observed in most animals such as mice and chickens, as well as in humans. predominantly male behavior show that. Also considered an evolutionary advantage, males should avoid as many females as possible. fertilization pattern Although this situation is more acceptable in animals, it can be a problem in humans.

The reason the coolidge effect is more common in men is that women directly experience the effects of situations that may arise during sexual activity (such as pregnancy) when choosing a mate. more selective because of his behavior.

So what can we do to avoid being affected by the coolidge in our relationships?


According to most researchers, the coolidge effect with disloyalty and the result with cheating concerning. However, certain conditions reduce the coolidge effect in humans. Since a person in a relationship seeks to find other partners due to a decrease in sexual interest in their partner, this is cheating. ethical and moral issues This coolidge effect is not correct. We mentioned that the phenomenon is more common in men, as the research results show. So, men versus women It is scientifically proven that they are more prone to cheating.

Of course, although there is an effect that can be explained scientifically, it is not acceptable to be with others if the partners in the relationship do not agree on it. In long-term relationships, couples stay away from each other for a certain period of time. probability of being bored and should act solution-oriented when communicating in such situations.

Also, according to British evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, a person is likely to experience the coolidge effect. It is inversely proportional to the intelligence quotient. In other words, it can also be an indicator of your intelligence to resort to the coolidge effect and cheat because it has been scientifically proven.


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