ASELSAN’s turnover increased by 38%

ASELSAN’s 3-month revenue increased by 38% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached TL 4.4 billion. It continued its sustainable growth thanks to its investments.

According to the statement made by Military Electronics Industry (ASELSAN); While ASELSAN’s Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation and Taxes (EBITDA) was TL 1 billion, its net profit increased by 36% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached TL 1.7 billion. TL. The company continued to maintain its strong equity structure and the equity to asset ratio was 56%. Assessing ASELSAN’s financial results for the first quarter of 2022, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün said:

“While putting our advanced technologies at the service of the world, we did not forget to take responsibility for our country. We left behind another quarter in which we continue to contribute to our economy. of the first quarter of In 2022, our company’s order balance amounted to 8.3 billion US dollars (USD).As ASELSAN, the presidential office of digital transformation, we participated in the 1st summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI Tomorrow Summit), which was planned to raise awareness among public and private sectors, academia and entrepreneurship to support Turkey’s artificial intelligence strategies announced by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. At the summit, where it was highlighted that the day is progressing, we shared our plans with artificial intelligence capabilities. In the next 20 years, human life will undergo a e transformation similar to that which it has undergone with the information revolution over the past 20 to 25 years. It also continues its activities in civilian areas without stopping. Our ARIN X-Ray baggage screening devices, which were developed with national resources, were delivered to Tokat airport for use under the responsibility of the State Airports Administration General Directorate, after Gaziantep. We continue to grow and grow with our projects growing day by day, and we will continue to do so.”


Stressing the importance of conducting studies on the financial needs of suppliers, Prof. Dr. Görgün said, “With this realization, we signed the Supplier Finance System Agreement with Anadolubank and increased the number of banks we work with to 15. Under the umbrella of the Energy Union which we established, we have made a financial contribution to our suppliers by paying nearly 5.3 billion TL in the first quarter of 2022. In addition, during this 3-month period, we have successfully completed the nationalization of 47 products, thus increasing the number of products we have nationalized in the past 3 years to over 554. We have ensured that a size close to 243 million USD remains in our country. With the financial solutions offered with this system, the contribution to the country’s economy will increase while increasing the production volumes of ASELSAN’s suppliers. We are very happy to achieve this cooperation, which will support the strengthening of production, which is one of the building blocks of socio-economic development. As ASELSAN, we will continue to pursue our cooperation in all areas by working hand in hand with our stakeholders and valued business partners in our industry. he used his.


Görgün said that as ASELSAN, they explained the solutions and applications they produced for a sustainable world at the Economics and Climate Change Summit and Fair, where climate change issues and green transformation were discussed, and said, “We exhibited our domestic and national renewable energy, electric transport and smart city solutions. While creating economic added value for Turkey with the aim of independent technologies, we also work to provide long-term social and environmental benefits to ASELSAN.Furthermore, we support humanity for a sustainable future not only with our processes and managerial practices, but also with our national products and systems that we promote Not just ASELSAN We manage the risk of climate change, which can negatively affect our entire value chain, with our he high technology, our human value and our solid know-how.


Görgün continued his statement as follows:

“With the importance we place on occupational health and safety and the practices we have developed, the only defense industry company in Turkey to have received an award under the International Safety Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of health and safety at work, organized by the British Safety Council based in the United Kingdom.We will continue to progress with the same determination to work in 2022 and transfer it to our financial results. I would like to thank all our stakeholders, in particular our President and Defense Industries President.”


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