Claim that ‘Yassiada is being transferred to the Wealth Fund’ is on Parliament’s agenda

ANKARA – Istanbul CHP MP Mehmet Bekaroğlu questioned Vice President Fuat Oktay on allegations that the hotel, which was built by TOBB with an expenditure of TL 2 billion, and Yassıada, which was “turned into a rock of concrete”, will be transferred to the Wealth Fund and sold to a foreign investor. Bekaroğlu demanded that all officials responsible for this investment, which resulted in a loss, and TOBB Chairman Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu and the State Supervisory Board take action regarding the administration of TOBB.

Bekaroğlu recalled that the 5-star hotel Katre Island, built under Build-Operate-Transfer, was commissioned by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2020. Recalling the news that the hotel was mainly used for events, meetings and accommodation of TOBB and its affiliated institutions over the past 2 years, Bekaroğlu said, “Today the hotel will be moved due to ‘damage’, the hotel has been closed during reservations, and those who want to make a reservation by calling the hotel on the phone, said “we are closed because we are undergoing renovations” There are allegations that it is not sold and that people who want to buy a room on the Internet are faced with the warning ‘no rooms available’.


Bekaroğlu also drew attention to statements by Ömür Gebeş, the general manager of TOBB-affiliated customs and tourism operations, who had the right to operate the hotel for 29 years in his petition, because “negotiations have started to transfer the exploitation rights on the “Island of Democracy and Freedoms” to the public.” Culture and Tourism Highlighting allegations that the ministry will transfer the hotel and the island to the presidency after some time, and that the island could be one of the places to be used by the presidency in Istanbul, Bekaroğlu asked the Vice President Fuat Oktay to answer the following questions:


-Are the above news and claims in the written, spoken and visual media true?

-What is the reason for the new 65% construction permit granted by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in 2018 to Yassıada, which is 195 meters wide and 740 meters long, and transformed the island into a pile of concrete?

-Why was the project carried out with the “Build-Operate-Transfer” model, giving the right to operate for 29 years to the Customs and Tourism Companies affiliated with TOBB, and became inoperable? Why did this project fail?

How will the loss of TOBB, which is estimated at around TL 2 billion, be compensated, to which all members of industry, commerce and stock exchange in Turkey must become members by paying dues?

-Will this loss be covered by the central government budget? Is there a transfer of the project to the public? What type of procedure will be used in the transfer of said project to the public? Is the transfer of the project to the public legal?

-Is it possible that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will transfer the hotel and the island to the Presidency after a certain period of time, and that the facilities on the island will be one of the places to be used by the Presidency in Istanbul?

-Is this project considered included in the Turkey Wealth Fund? What type of procedure will be applied in this case? Are there plans to create a separate company to operate it?

-Do recent news in the media indicate that the foreign investor Ömer Alfardan is a candidate if an attractive condition is provided for the operation of the hotel? In this case, according to which tender procedure is it considered that the said facilities will be awarded to the above-mentioned investor?

– Can these facilities be transferred to foreign investors without a tender if included in the Turkey Wealth Fund?

-For necessary investigations, research and investigation to be carried out on TOBB Chairman Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu and other TOBB officials, including those responsible for the construction and design of the project, including those responsible for the construction and design of the project in question, and the public officials who do not create the conditions to carry out its operation, and therefore, to the National Accounts Commission Do you plan to entrust it with a mission? (WALL)

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