Important release by Minister Varank: Our young people are not X, Y, Z, but the TEKNOFEST generation

The event “Esenler Municipality Youth Iftars” held in the Esenler Regional Park was organized with the participation of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, the Mayor of Esenler Tevfik Göksu and many young people.

In his speech at the event, Minister Varank said he had accepted without hesitation the offer of the mayor of Esenler, Tevfik Göksu, to do iftar with the young people.As Minister, I attach great importance to the opinions of young people who are the future of our country, from economy to technology, from science to social life, and I meet them often and try to take into account their evaluations of the work we do.‘ he said.

Emphasizing that it is possible to have the desired wealth in the world, but without having the youth to transfer it, Varank said that wealth means nothing.

“We have tried to put our youth in the most important places in everything we have done so far. Some may try to keep our youth on the agenda only with street interviews, but we prefer to listen to the youth who will shape the world of the future, as they talk about science and technology, ecology, art and sport We prefer to listen to our youth in meaningless letters X, Y. We name our youth with a nice name, we call them TEKNOFEST generation, against those who try to put them in different stereotypes by saying “Z” And I’m looking forward to TEKNOFEST.

I am proud to share the excitement of our young people sweating in competitions and to experience that excitement with them. Whatever you’re looking for, from electric vehicles to rockets, from unmanned aerial vehicles to model satellites, from jet engines to competitions for the benefit of humanity, you can find it at TEKNOFEST. We closely follow our youngsters, who make us proud of their performances in competition, and we learn a lot from them.”

“We see young people as our most important companions”

Minister Varank mentioned that a team of high school students came to visit him at the ministry, “The team explained the project they will be participating in TEKNOFEST this year and asked me to press the project button. This project is a UAV project. They are so confident in their projects that they wholeheartedly believed that the drones they would develop here would be a next-generation jet engine that would enter our army’s inventory in a few years. It’s our dream youth” he said.

Stating that in these competitions, youngsters not only learn technical skills but also learn to dream, team spirit and determination, Varank continued his remarks as follows:

“We are just companions for them in this marathon. As a ministry, we offer them many supports that they can benefit from to carry out their projects. This is what we mean when we say the National Technology Move. Recently, software companies, game companies, Turcorns with a valuation of more than a billion dollars or delivered to our army. Our unmanned aerial vehicle AKINCI is the most concrete indicator of the spirit of TEKNOFEST .

The other day we met with a game company at Hacettepe Teknokent in Ankara. The game company owner just graduated from college and started a game company with just 7 people. They sold the game they developed in 3 months for 200 million dollars in the USA. This young man told me: “I will be among the tax record holders in Ankara this year with this software company”. The more you can reveal the talents of young people and the more you contribute to the added value they will produce, the more you will invest in the future of Turkey. You can raise this country above the level of contemporary civilizations with value-added production and technology that will truly develop Turkey. We see young people as our most important companions on this journey.

“We offer hundreds of supports in the service of our young people”

Minister Varank said that as a ministry, they are implementing programs for young people from primary school to post-graduate.If you are in primary, middle or high school, you can go to the DENEYAP Technological Workshops and learn about the technologies of the future. If you are in high school, you can participate in our science festivals and project competitions. If you are at university, you can take advantage of our scholarships and participate in competitions such as TEKNOFEST. We offer hundreds of supports to serve our youth. No matter what you dream for the future in your career plan, you can certainly find a job in our ministry that is worth it. Whatever your need for support, we are there with our ministry, TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB and local development agencies.he assessed.

At the end of his speech, Varank said that he was also an Esenler, “My father had a restaurant here, we ran it. We also spent a lot of time in Esenler. Therefore, as a fellow citizen of Esenler, meeting you at this fast-breaking dinner held special significance for us..” mentioned.

Mayor of Esenler Tevfik Göksu also appealed to the young people and said that when the story of the road is written on a very good fiction, the story that has been set up with enthusiasm to reach the destination will be successfully concluded. , “In order for you to complete this successfully, our government on the one hand, and our municipality on the other hand, have put a lot of effort into fulfilling their responsibilities.” he said.

The event ended with the presentation of a gift to Minister Varank by the Mayor of Esenler Göksu in remembrance of the day.

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