Jorge Jesus, look what Ali Ko said! Detail Luis Figo…

Details of the Jorge Jesus-Ali Coaching reunion which hit the football diary like a bombshell have been revealed. He said the Portuguese Wolves coach was very impressed with Fenerbahe’s potential as well as his goalscoring, but being in the UEFA Champions League was very important.


According to information obtained by Milliyet Jorge Jesus was very satisfied with the words of Minister Ali Ko, his projects and the objectives he has set himself. The Portuguese coach, who had already worked with his technical team, stressed that a club with potential like Fenerbahe should be in the Champions League. It has been reported that Jesus got a taste of the idea that the dark yellow-blue club should once again return to the Giants League arena.

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It was said that Minister Ali Koun shared information about Fenerbahe’s current staff, promising young stars including Arda Gler and the latest situation in the league. It was noted that Jorge Jesus and his technical team will follow the footage of the Fenerbahe game in detail, and his assistants will prepare a full report. It was detailed that if the team ends the season in 2nd place, especially the recruitment for the new season must be completed until the Champions League qualifiers.


Fenerbahe, who sit in 2nd place with 4 games left in the league, will lose first place in the qualifying round on July 19-20 if they buy the Champions League ticket. The dark yellow-blue people will have to start the season on June 15 at the latest. For this reason, it will be of great importance that the new technical director be announced in May and the start of staffing studies. We learned that Jorge Jesus has mastered all these schedules and plans. It has been stated that Jesus, who wants to be in the Champions League groups, will want to start the qualifiers with a ready squad.

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Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza, who attended Jorge Jesus and Ali Ko’s meeting at the Solar dos Presuntos restaurant in Lisbon, acted as host. It was said that in this restaurant in Lisbon, where the President of Portugal regularly visits, Ali Ko, the Minister of Fenerbahce, was introduced and showed great interest. Marcelo Rebelo de Souza, who also knows Jorge Jesus very well, was not present during their work, but it was clarified that he did not leave the duo alone in the conversation part.


Everyone’s house, Jorge Jesus, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Ali Ko’s photo was taken at Solar dos Presuntos, one of Lisbon’s famous restaurants.

This restaurant is a very special place for Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza and Jorge Jesus. At the same time, the duo, who are very well set back, often prefer this restaurant.

It is said that Jorge Jesus always invites his special guests to the Solar dos Presuntos restaurant. Famous personalities of the country, especially President Sousa, visit the restaurant, which is known as the best place in Portugal for seafood.

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It was said that coach Jorge Jesus informed his technical team after meeting Ali Ko. It was reported that the Portuguese coach would never give up on his technical team.

It has been stated that Jorge Jesus, who has a technical team of 6, is now acting together to get to know Fenerbahe and seek them out.


Jorge Jesus darkened with another surprise name ahead of his meeting with Minister Ko. Luis Figo, one of the legendary names in Portuguese and European football, met Jesus at Solar dos Presuntos restaurant. The duo had a private meeting with Jesus at Benfica, which also had very good dialogues in the lower period. It was noted that Figo, who follows the UEFA Youth League, frequently meets Jorge Jesus and holds meetings.


Jorge Jesus is also closely followed in Brazil. It has been noted that Jesus got the name of the Brazilian national team, but the 68-year-old is now looking more warmly at the handful teams. It has been reported that the Portuguese coach, who is a hugely popular name in Brazil, is closer to Europe.

Meanwhile, Jesus flew to Brazil after meeting Ali Ko. Jesus, who will be vacationing in Brazil for 10 days with his family, will attend the Carnival in Rio. It has been noted that the experienced coach won’t do any transfer talks and will only visit Flamengo because he is the former club.

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Turkey is locked in the conversation that Fenerbahe minister Ali Ko has had with Jorge Jesus since the morning of the return. While the giant summit appeared on television and on websites, it was the news that got the most attention on social media. The meeting of Co-Jesus was widely covered in the foreign press, mainly in Portugal and Brazil.

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Goal Brasil used the phrase ‘Fenerbahe officially yearns for Jorge Jesus’. Portuguese newspaper Record also wrote, “Ali Ko came to Portugal for Jesus. Official action was taken at the Lisbon meeting.” In A Bola, it has been reported that an official offer has been made for Fenerbahe’s Jorge Jesus. ESPN also said Ali Ko was in Portugal for Jesus and even got pictures of him.

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