The concert received full marks from residents of Mersin

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Mersin Metropolis Mayor Vahap Seçer and Meral Secer“In the name of the law” Ahmet Baran He listened to his concert. Mersin art lovers enjoyed a night full of art at the concert, which was opened to the public by the Metropolitan Municipality’s Department of Culture and Social Affairs. President Seçer said: “Music suits Mersin. Anything beautiful suits Mersin,” he said.

The concert was well rated by the residents of Mersin.

Concert of qanun melodies at the amphitheater in Atatürk Park, The elected president and Meral Seçer, Chairman of Mersin Province of IYI Party, Mehmet Dutar, Assembly Members, Metropolitan Municipality Bureaucrats and Department Heads and many residents of Mersin listened. Ahmet Baran, who has been in music since the age of 7 and was awarded the title of the youngest soloist of symphony orchestras at the age of 18, brought together the works of the album “Kanun Namına” and many other beautiful works with art lovers from Mersin. Mersin listeners also accompanied the songs and formed a large choir. While Mayor Seçer and Meral Seçer accompanied all the songs, the artists of the Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra took part in the scene. Ahmet Baran’s stage performance was applauded by Mersin residents at the end of the concert.

Özdülger performed the song ‘Ay Gız’

As Ahmet Baran’s stage performance took the audience on a magical journey, all the pieces were applauded. Bengi İspir Özdülger, coordinator of the Department of Culture and Social Affairs and an opera artist, performed the play “Ay Gız”.

“My valiant lion” was sung in memory of Atatürk

The residents of Mersin, who saw the image of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, which was also reflected on the stage in the play ‘Yiğidim Aslanım’, applauded this standing painting. Ahmet Baran sang the song in unison with the people of Mersin for the cherished memory of Atatürk. At the concert, the lights were turned off and the lights of the phones were turned on, which made for a huge picture.

Baran: “It’s like I’m doing a concert in the warmth of my house”

Ahmet Baran said, “It’s like doing a concert in the warmth of my house” and thanked the concert organizers. Stating that music is a miracle that brings people together with the same feeling, Baran said, “Tonight, based on the authority given to me by law, I want you to assume such an old white cloud. that the history of mankind, the subject is concise, the music that melts the emotion and penetrates our hearts. He said: “Let us all fly a white-winged bird to the blue sky of our beautiful Mersin, where I am the translator of frothy sensations, while the white cloud travels the whole world, and our hearts are tied to the strings of the law, the words of the lover and the composition of hopes.”

Addressing the audience, Baran said, “I have missed your wonderful energy and shining eyes. I wish you were here and see for yourself. The weather is also perfect. Indeed, delicious applause for our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, who prepared this beautiful meeting for us on this beautiful spring evening and changed the face and energy of our city with his vision and his services,” he said. he declared, and the audience applauded Mayor Seçer. for minutes. Ahmet Baran said, “May I have your efforts, our city is really beautiful with art, technology and your efforts. Good luck with your services,” he said.

President Seçer: “Music suits Mersin”

At the end of the concert, Ahmet Baran said: “Leave Mersin with his services, to our mayor of Mersin, Vahap Seçer, who has made a difference in Turkey, values ​​art and artists and has transformed our city into a garden bloomed with the brilliance of his heart, and his precious wife Meral. May I ask for a round of applause? He invited President Seçer on stage. President Seçer said: “We are having a very pleasant evening. I guess I needed it the most. I really enjoyed that. Thank you so much. The music suits Mersin. In fact, everything beautiful is suitable for Mersin. Good-hearted people like you and Ahmet Baran suit you very well. Mersin should not be a city of hate. Let it not be the city where the others are. May Mersin be ours,” he said.

“A choir of cultures has formed here”

Assessing the chorus formed by the audience, President Seçer said, “Here too, it’s not like imitating Hatay, a chorus of cultures has formed. Mersin because Turkey. Summary of Turkey. Every color is here. Mersin is a riot of colors. We first try to be worthy of Mersin, the people of Mersin, our country and humanity. If we can do good things together, we are happy. President Seçer offered flowers to Ahmet Baran at the end of his speech.

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