What is a Sole Proprietorship? How to install?

Starting a business may seem like a long and complicated process at first. However, if you choose the type of business known as sole proprietorship, this process can be completed in a much shorter time and in just a few steps. So what is a sole proprietorship?

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

individual companyin a word companies created by individuals can be defined as. In such structures, the liabilities of the business owners are unlimited. To put it in more casual language, people have the ability to be their own boss. These companies are usually created by one person; but there are also sole proprietorship types with a partnership identity. These are general partnerships, limited partnerships and collective societies.

The sole proprietorship is very attractive to people who want to start a business and gain experience because of its characteristics. The cost of opening a business in this area is low. Establishment procedures are also completed in a short time. Therefore, it can be said that the risks brought by the decision to open a sole proprietorship are at a low level. Business or work with traditional methods or merchant site It would not be wrong to say that this type of company seems to be the right alternative at the initial stage.

How to create a sole proprietorship?

Two different ways can be preferred to establish a sole proprietorship. The first is to go to the tax office. In this method, which is a more classic method, the necessary documents are collected and an application is made to the tax office to which the business address is attached. Then, within a few days, the financial inspectors go to the address concerned and carry out a brief examination of the company. If there is no problem, the establishment of the company is completed in a few days.

The second method is to in line is to realize. The online sole proprietorship application is made via the interactive tax office, accessible via e-government. After entering this system, the “Start work” option in the “Save notifications” section is clicked, and then the desired information about the company structure is entered. NACE code, employment status, owner of company headquarters and date of hire are some of the information requested during the application process. The inspectors come to the address of the company after the requests made on the internet and the establishment procedures are thus concluded.

What documents are needed to open a sole proprietorship?

The tax authorities ask you for certain documents when opening a business. The documents required for a sole proprietorship are:

– Copy of the identity card of the owner of the company

– passport photo

– Declaration of signature

– Copy of the lease or title deed

– Residence certificate

A copy of the lease agreement or the title deed, which is part of the requirements for the establishment of a sole proprietorship, must be submitted to the inspectors who come for inspection in the applications made online. In addition, if the application is made by the accountant, and not by the business owner, the documents requested by the tax office must be presented. proxy is also added.

What are the benefits of starting a sole proprietorship?

There are many benefits to starting this type of business. In order to express them more clearly, we can enumerate the advantages of sole proprietorship as follows:

– The number of documents required for establishment is low.

– Transactions are completed in a short time.

– Establishment and accounting expenses are low.

– Thanks to progressive taxation, payments to the State are determined according to income.

– It’s easy to close the business when things don’t go as planned.

Due to the advantages we have mentioned, this type of business, in particular get started in e-commerce It seems like a way to be preferred by those who want it. So which method should you follow for this?

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