400,000 TL to support Bursa’s small businesses! Phones are not silent…

Director of BTSO EVM, Canpolat Çakal, who participated in the “Gündem Special” program published on www.olay.com.tr, prepared and presented by journalists Mustafa Özdal and Yaman Kaya, said: “Support program for transformation which will provide support to SMEs up to 400 thousand TL.” explained the details of Çakal said, “In fact, this support attracts 100,000 businesses to our country. We must listen to them and take advantage of them. Ever since support was announced, our phones haven’t been quiet.

Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB), Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) implemented by It will provide support up to TL 400,000 to SMEs benefiting from the Energy Efficiency Center (BTSO EVM) service.

KOSGEB‘of ‘Green Transformation Support Program’ Within the framework of the project, a significant part of the energy audit costs of the companies and the expenses corresponding to the modifications proposed as a result of the audit will be covered by KOSGEB. With the support, which includes two separate modules, Energy Driver Support and Efficiency Improvement Support, SMEs will be able to receive support of up to TL 100,000 for “Energy Drivers” and up to 400,000 TL for “efficiency improvement” expenses.

BTSO Manager EVM Canpolat Çakaldetails of the arrangement can be found in the publications of Olay.com.tr. “Special Agenda”also said.

Program, Support for energy drivers and support for improving efficiency It has two distinct modules.

Energy Engines Support has been designed for SMEs that consume 10 to 99 toe of energy per year.

In the first phase of this support, Energy Efficiency Consultancy (ESCO), companies with a survey project certificate or energy officials will conduct business driver surveys.

The report prepared KOSGEB will be entered into the system. KOSGEB will support businesses up to 2,000,500 TL for the report in the first place. The report goes in the direction of changing the engine used by the SME and if the company makes this change, it will receive a non-refundable aid of up to 100,000 TL from KOSGEB.

In the second module of the program, Support for increasing efficiency, an energy audit will be carried out first. Authorized persons; will carry out a detailed study from boilers to fans, from ovens to thermal measurement.

Once the report has been entered into the KOSGEB system, alimony of up to TL 30,000 will be paid to the company. If the company makes changes in accordance with the findings of the report, it will receive non-refundable assistance up to 400,000 TL from KOSGEB. Companies with a TEP value between 100 and 500 will be eligible for this support.

Energy efficiency is a visionary business”

BTSO Manager EVM Canpolat Çakal, These racks were almost like a holiday gift to the industrialist in a sugar bowl before the holidays. Why is this so important, first of all, the limits of the grant have been determined. Companies falling within the scope of SMEs and companies consuming energy between 10 and 500 tonnes of oil equivalent (TEP). In other words, this support attracts 100,000 companies in our country. We must listen to them and take advantage of them. Our phones haven’t been quiet since the announcement of support. We, as BTSO EVM, are very happy with this situation. We have organized ourselves for this work and have been operating for 7 years. Energy efficiency is a visionary business. We are continuing these activities with the vision of BTSO Chairman of the Board, İbrahim Burkay. So we are in the right place. We have seen it,” he said.

If it is between 10 and 500 TEP, we can benefit from subsidized aid “

Jackal“We are cashing our 12-month bill. I wonder if we are within the framework of this accompaniment or not to understand this. Suppose our total bill over 12 months, we wanted to receive this service from May. We go back 12 months from April. We collect our 12-month electricity consumption value in kilowatts. A consumption of 11,600 kilowatts corresponds to 1 TOE. However, we may also consume natural gas in our business. We must add the value of our natural gas consumption to this. There, 1,200 cubic meters of natural gas consumed make 1 TOE. We collect our consumption values ​​over 12 months. if If it is between 10 and 500 TEP, we can benefit from these subsidies.. He has such an advantage. Of course, it’s a two-step program,” he said.

It is possible to save up to 60% in companies

BTSO EVM Director Canpolat Çakal concluded his remarks as follows:

First, you need to be aware. We are in the same world, in the same boat, all together. In the last 30 years, we have lost 5 times the area of ​​Turkish forests. Once the environment is lost. We therefore have no future to leave to our children. First of all, we must be aware of this. Right after that, efficiency and environmental activities became mandatory with the European Green Deal. Special attention should be paid to 2023. Companies with more than 1,000 TOE are required by law to have energy efficiency audits carried out and obtain an energy management system certificate by the end of 2023. Previously, SMEs, that is our SMEs, which is 99% of Turkey, complained a bit because they were below the limit of 500 TOE and there was no was no subsidy. Currently, there is support provided by the state for any industrial enterprise engaged in production. There is no institution that produces products that cannot receive support. When such an opportunity arises, it must be evaluated. We have done a lot of energy studies. We saw up to 60% savings and the average payback period is about 1 year.

You can watch the full statements of BTSO EVM Director Canpolat Çakal on our video.

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