Canon expands cinema shooting techniques with first full-frame cinema zoom lenses

Imaging technology leader Canon comes with its Flex Zoom series to showcase its premium full-frame lenses for professional film productions. The CN-E20-50MM T2.4 LF/FP and CN-E45-135MM T2.4 LF/FP series HDR lenses make impressive quality accessible with exceptional performance for creating 4K and 8K productions. With the introduction of these lenses, Canon is expanding its product line to meet a variety of cinematic needs, giving filmmakers more options to choose from. It also supports high-end content creation for different uses and shooting scenarios. Both lenses offer consistent and fast T2.4 light transmission throughout the zoom range, as well as covering the focal lengths most commonly used by filmmakers in a variety of productions.

The fast track to cinematic quality

Designed around Canon’s optical excellence, the Flex Zoom series demonstrates Canon’s commitment to cinematic storytelling. Suitable for full-frame or Super 35mm cameras, these lenses deliver exceptional quality in 4K and 8K shooting from the edges of the frame to the middle. Additionally, both lenses have 11 iris rims, which makes the reflective highlights of the photos taken look natural and cinematic.

Both lenses stand out as Canon’s first full-frame manual cinema zooms, with an industry-leading consistent T2.4 throughout the zoom range. Working in perfect harmony with a wide variety of shooting scenarios, these lenses offer a wide focal range from the wide-angle CN-E20-50MM T2.4 LF/FP lens to the medium focal range CN-E45-135MM T2.4 LF/FP in filmmaking and covers the focal lengths most commonly used in film productions.

The two cine-zoom lenses carry over the range, offering the finesse and warm hues associated with all Canon Cinema lenses. This compatibility allows filmmakers to easily use different lenses in a production without affecting the overall color balance. This ensures consistency across all shots, including heavy sets, reducing the need for gradation adjustments during lengthy post-production.

Efficient Workflows

With versatile lens-to-camera communication, the Flex Zoom series is compatible with industry-standard metadata formats, including Cooke /i Technology™, ZEISS eXtended Data™ (PL mount), and Canon metadata (via the EF). This compatibility allows users to view or record lens information. With EF communication, it allows users to use camera functions such as distortion and peripheral illumination correction with compatible Cinema EOS cameras. Docking station communication also activates the Dual Pixel Focus Guide, which increases comfort and precision of use when shooting manual focus. This is a useful feature for critical focus when shooting 4K productions with a full frame camera.

Versatility and ease of use

The CN-E20-50MM T2.4 LF/FP and CN-E45-135MM T2.4 LF/FP models both stand out as they can be used with both EF and PL slots. The slot can be replaced by authorized third-party companies and Canon Service Centers. This offers a wide range of compatibility options for filmmakers working in all genres, from dramatic productions to high-end films. Flex Zoom lenses are available as a whole with uniform design, consistent front diameter, gear positions, gear rotation angles, and solid durability. This consistency makes both lenses ideal for professional use in a variety of shooting environments. It features standard gearing and a 0.8mm pitch to accommodate third-party accessories such as focus, zoom and iris rings, focus tracking and engines. Additionally, the lenses feature luminous (glow-in-the-dark) metric and imperial markings for ease of use even in low-light environments. Superior design, exceptional optics, and components built for durable use deliver fast, precise operation with durability for professional filmmaking of any type.

Additionally, Canon’s DIGISUPER 122AF and DP-V1830 4K Broadcasting UHD TV Lens software update has also been introduced. The 122x zoom ratio of the UHD DIGISUPER 122AF lens, combined with Canon’s enhanced autofocus technology, allows the lens to achieve an exceptional focal length range of 0.2-1000mm. The firmware update, on the other hand, will support 4K HDR quality management for high-end cinema and broadcast production with the DP-V1830 professional reference monitor and will be available in July 2022.

  • You can find more information about the CN-E20-50MM T2.4 LF/FP here.
  • You can find more information about the CN-E45-135MM T2.4 LF/FP here.

CN-E20-50MM T2.4 LF/FP and CN-E45-135MM T2.4 LF/FP – Key Features:

  • It is designed for full frame sensors.
  • Fixed T2.4 and wide focal coverage
  • Cooke/i TechnologyMTZeiss eXtended DataMT and improved lens metadata support for EF mount
  • Modular lens mount system (supports EF/PL mounts)
  • 11 iris vents for beautiful bokeh
  • Supports 4K and 8K productions.
  • Robust and compact design (approx. 3.3 kg)

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