From entertainment between the poles to the joy of Ramadan TRT screen – Authors – Fadime ÖZKAN

It is customary with us.

When Ramadan arrives, an iftar program is broadcast on almost every channel.

Even those who curse Islam and Muslims for 11 months say, “I guess it’s necessary to broadcast in a Muslim country,” and come up with a program that won’t let audiences get carried away with their faith in religion. , but will only bring it to the party.

He never goes into the sahour trade. As you know, sahur hours are outside of prime time. It’s difficult. Knowing who will stand up and see, they either don’t do any religious shows or they show an old Turkish movie or something happening in the neighborhood.

If we don’t count them, our TV channels are broadcasting with sincerity and service effort this Ramadan. There were names that appeared once a year among them, as well as popular teachers who did regular programs. Within a certain plan and program, he served the public who turned their hearts and eyes to Allah. God bless us all.


But I couldn’t get away from the TRT1 screen this Ramadan.

As iftar approached sahur, as the sweet taste of time drew people to other realms, I found what I was looking for on TRT1 if anything to watch and hear.

I didn’t want to spend time with fiqh information such as tales of saints told to the accompaniment of music or things that break the fast. Undoubtedly, these publications also have a large audience.

TRT, on the other hand, has turned screen time into an active time of faith renewal and servanthood practice this year as well.

Ramadan Joy before iftar and Sahur Bereketi before sahur were on the air. The successful style of Serdar Tuncer, who is the presenter of the programs, his mastery of the issues, his ability to find a platform to include young people and children, and of course the choice of guests, have differentiated the TRT1 show.

Also, the Holy Quran reading competition, which has been going on for six years. There was an effect of joy that overflowed from the screens into the houses and carried us inside this Ramadan.

Organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the TRT The final of the competition was held yesterday at the Kulliye, organized by President Erdogan – the Night of Power. The fact that this year’s winner was 19-year-old Mustafa Öztürk brought different joy to everyone who listened to his recitation and said “mashallah” and “alhamdulillah”.

I congratulate and express my gratitude to all those who have sincerely worked for decades so that these beautiful shows can be realized not only in the latest shows, but also on the screens of TRT.


In fact, a revolution like a revolution has taken place on TRT screens.

I remember in my childhood, when Ramadan came, the TRT screen indulged in an artificial cultural atmosphere in which religious elements were suppressed. Officially, entertainment between poles was sold in the Muslim quarter. Cantos mixed with polyphonic hymns. I asked the yellow flower, the religious content would go beyond its hymn.

Today, the same TRT provides a playing field where bright kids who finished their dissertation at a young age and go on to high school/university compete with the youngsters. Besides making the audience listen to beautiful recitations, it also produces an encouraging and appreciative benefit for the young people, which it is impossible not to envy.

Among the competition programs that fill the screens, there is an important example of the Quran recitation competition. It reminds you that the competition is not between competitors but with yourself.

The language that the jury, consisting of teachers Mehmet Ali Sarı, Halil Necipoğlu and Osman Egin, established with the candidates is also a good example. We need it in all areas. A style that criticizes without offending and teaches without oppressing. When they spotted a gap or error in the contestant’s recitation, they expressed it with language so gentle, grateful, and encouraging that the audience found it both compassionate and kind.

Blessings to your program, mashallah. For example, 65,000 people applied for the competition this year from all over Turkey. 1280 people came to the program and read the Quran.

The average age of the candidates was 19!

Oh my God!



President Erdoğan, who presented the prizes to the winners while participating in the final of the competition, underlined this point yesterday. Emphasizing that even this painting alone is enough to show the nation’s respect, love and adherence to the Quran, Erdoğan said:

“If you remember, in the past, every means was tried to cut the connection of the Koran with this beloved nation. From the era of the one party to February 28, one of the first places where those who wanted to settle their accounts with our nation in every era there were institutions teaching the Quran The Quran From the closing of schools to the destruction of the Mushafs, from the locking of mosque doors to the changing of the language of prayer, the love of faith and the The Quran, which is the example of it, could not be erased in the heart of our nation.” We have completely ruined the game. We did not stop there, we also restored the Fatih heritage Madrasah in the courtyard, which was demolished after the transformation of the mosque. in a museum, and to put it at the service of our founding university.”


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