I made a song in French without knowing French

“I sang in French without knowing French”

‘Fatih Altaylı ile Bire Bir’, which was screened on Wednesday evenings on Bloomberg HT, brought together the on-screen audience with its colorful guests this week. Altaylı, in his show last night; operator İzzet Çapa, musician Gökhan Türkmen, singer-presenter Tuğba Ünal, conductor Murat Bozok and traveling couple Zehra and Hasan Şirin, who have completed their world tour.


Describing his musical journey, Gökhan Türkmen said: “I was excited when my childhood friend started playing guitar. I started playing guitar and singing when I was 13-14 years old I didn’t take big lessons I tried to learn I made my first composition when I was 15-16 I took the first step in 2000. “I got out my song ‘The Big Man’ in 2005. It exploded on the internet. I want to be a music teacher, but I didn’t pass the conservatory exams.” mentioned.

Turkmen Gokhan

The musician, who sings in French despite not knowing French, said: “I love listening to French songs and watching French films. I made a song called ‘Paper’. The format of the song sounded very French. We wrote the lyrics in French. . I memorized the lyrics. I’m also thinking of doing songs in Italian and Spanish. I used the expressions.

Fatih Altaylı, İzzet & Ccedil;apa, Gökhan Türkmen

Fatih Altayli, Izzet Capa, Turkmen Gokhan

Izzet Capa, the son of an industrial family, told the story of his entry into the entertainment industry with his siblings. Capa said: “Ahmet learned this craft in Switzerland. He took Celal with him. When they were so successful, I got jealous. (Laughs) I said, ‘I should do something too.’ I opened my first establishment in Harbiye. Then I partnered with Celal. We have.” used expressions.

İzzet Çapa and his older brother Celal Çapa

İzzet Capa and his older brother Celal Capa


Capa also said, “I used to like having fun. I lost that feeling right now. That feeling was Covid-19. How’s your taste…None of my restaurants have done anything without having fun . I consider entertaining to be my duty,” he said.


Emphasizing that he now works as a consultant instead of a business owner, Çapa said, “I changed my world. I don’t open a store. Someone comes who wants to do this job. I am a consultant. I’m here every night. for a free store, but I’m not the owner. I have no problem with taxes, I have no problem with insurance, I have no problem with the police. Do my best. I want to, but I don’t have that kind of money. I’m trying to do my best with someone else’s money. I am the visible face of Cahide Plazzo. The owner is Şehmuz Şerbetçi, the son of former Çakıl Casino founder Yaşar Şerbetçi. I entertain someone else with someone else’s money. I’m much more successful, I have peace of mind. I don’t hinder my creative ambition. used expressions.


Referring to the music ban, İzzet Çapa expressed his reaction: Good luck to Demet Akalın. ‘I can do this on my own.’ mentioned. The masks have been taken off, so all the germs have been broken, what’s the problem?

Capa also pointed out that the entertainment industry is dying.

“Journalism satisfied my curiosity”

Capa also spoke about his adventure as a journalist. The operator, who also worked for the Habertürk newspaper for a while, said: “I am a very curious man. If I have experience in journalism, it is thanks to Fatih Altaylı. When Fatih Altaylı calls me, ‘I can learn something for sure.’ I said. Constantly learning something satisfies my curiosity. In fact, that’s exactly why I got into journalism,” he said.

Capa, who is also gaining attention with her social media posts about social events, said, “Someone will be brave. I just like being someone’s voice.” continued his words.


Traveler couple Hasan and Zehra Şirin also talked about their completed world tour. Hasan Şirin said: “We took the helm of a sailboat for the first time in 2009. I had a partnership for more than 25 years and decided to end it. Then we did the accounting with Zehra: ‘What have we done so far?’ “We saw that we were doing nothing. I said, ‘Let’s go to the sea together.’ We did a world tour from Bodrum. We lived on a boat for 8 months. We did not travel for the adventure. know the world and the different cultures.” used the expressions.

Zehra and Hasan Sirin

Zehra and Hasan Sirin

Zehra Şirin said: “I was scared crossing the Atlantic Ocean. There was a storm on one side and a hurricane on the other. We were caught in the middle. At that moment, ‘Qu’ am I doing here?’ I said.” he said.


Claiming that he had been a consultant for some time, chef Murat Bozok said: “We protect the kitchens of hotels, malls, airlines and restaurants, develop their menus, train their staff, take care of the works architectural sites, not only in Turkey, but all over the world. We learn something different in every place we are interested in. mentioned.

Murat Bozok

Murat Bozok

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