KAP ***SANFM*** SANIFOAM SÜNGER SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.( General Company Information Form

***SANFM*** SANIFOAM SÜNGER SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.(General Company Information Form)

Contact information
E-mail address

Contact details, telephone and fax
Address Telephone Fax
Güneşli July 15 Mah. Bahar Cad.Polat Business Center Block C 6/2 Floor No:1 BAĞCILAR/İSTANBUL 212 438 53 00 212 438 53 53

Investor relations department or company officials to contact
Surname-First name Position Assignment date Telephone E-mail License document type License document number
ŞEYDA ERDEVECİ DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER 25.12.2014 212 438 53 00 seyda.erdeveci@sanifoam.com.tr – –

Information on the field of activity and the independent audit firm
Scope of the company’s business The main objectives and subjects of the company, provided that the object of the operation complies with the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 (?Turkish Commercial Code? or ?TTK?) and Capital Markets Law No. 6102. 6362 (?Capital Market Law?) and relevant legislation:
1-Production, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, import, export and marketing of all types of insulation and insulation materials for automotive, household appliances, construction, furniture, electronics and all industrial industries of the manufacturing industry. purchase, sale, import, export and marketing of wood, metal parts and all kinds of spare parts in industry Production, wholesale and retail, purchase, import, export and marketing of consumer goods and maintenance. Production, wholesale and retail purchase, sale, import, export and marketing of all kinds of sponge tools and materials. 2- Manufacture, import and export of all kinds of machinery, devices, tools and equipment, spare parts, packaging materials and molds in raw, semi-finished and finished materials mentioned above and/or used in the production of these products, both domestically and to establish and operate all kinds of facilities, factories, warehouses and businesses abroad. Engage in all national and international transport activities. the representative, representative and distributor of domestic and foreign companies, transport The purchase, sale, rental of vehicles, purchase, construction, leasing, leasing, mortgages for and against, the release of these pledges and mortgages if necessary, the transfer and waiver of rights related to the real estate Acquire industrial rights such as copyright, patent, brand know-how, license and enter into agreements in order to carry out the production. Manufacture, import and export equipment and spare parts for machinery related to this production. He has to establish and operate machinery and all kinds of manufacturing-related factories and facilities. Provided it complies with capital market legislation, it may establish a mortgage on its own real estate or on other real estate in favor of itself or third parties. Likewise, it may pledge its movables as security for all kinds of debts of its own and of third parties, constitute a commercial pledge on them and take it as a pledge for the benefit of the company. Subject to compliance with stock market legislation, it may give or receive all kinds of guarantees in kind and in cash in favor of real or legal third parties. It may take or give all sorts of guarantees in kind or personally for the collection and provision of its rights and claims and may dispose of all sorts of them. The company may provide that third parties constitute all kinds of real or personal guarantees, including mortgages, for its own debts, and may accept these works and operations as security. In order to enlighten investors, provided that the necessary explanations are provided in accordance with Capital Market Legislation in the context of particular cases and that the applicable provisions are complied with, the Company may provide guarantors and guarantees to its subsidiaries under the control of the management, and if necessary, it can set up mortgages on the company’s buildings and give operating pledges in return for the loans to be received by these subsidiaries. The principles determined within the framework of the Capital Market Law must be observed when the company gives sureties, sureties, sureties, pledges, including mortgages, in its own name and for the benefit of third parties. In the event that the company redeems its own shares, capital market legislation and relevant legislation are applied and necessary information about significant events is made. To foundations established for social purposes in a way that does not impede their own activities, provided that capital markets law does not violate regulations on disguised income transfers, that necessary material disclosures are made, that the donations made during the year are subject to the information of the shareholders at the general meeting, and that the ceiling for donations to be made is set by the general meeting, may make donations and aid to associations , universities and similar bodies, become a member of associations, join foundations. Donations exceeding the ceiling set at the General Meeting cannot be made and the donations made are added to the distributable profit base. The Capital Markets Council has the power to set a ceiling on the amount of donations to be made. Apart from the above matters, if it is desired to undertake other work which will be deemed useful and necessary for the future of the company, the situation will be submitted to the approval of the general meeting of the company. on the proposal of the board of directors. In order to implement this decision, which constitutes an amendment to the articles of association, the necessary authorizations must be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce and the Capital Markets Board, as with any amendment to the company’s articles of association.

Management Information
Board members
Surname-First name Person acting on behalf of a legal person Member Sex Position Occupation Date of first election to the board of directors Occupation or not of the management Positions occupied in the constitution during the last 5 years Positions occupied outside the partnership in last status with at least 5 years of experience in the field of auditing, accounting and/or finance Proportion (%) The proportion of the group he represents Whether or not he is an independent member of the Board of administration The link of the announcement of the public disclosure platform with the declaration of independence if the independent member is evaluated by the nominating committee if he is a member of the committees and functions of loss of independence
YILDIRIM ULKAT Male Chairman of the Board of Directors Businessman / Businesswoman Senior executive CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS No 58.86 Non-independent member
ŞEYDA ERDEVECİ Female Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors Financial sector Professional Executive Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors Yes 3.15 No Independent member
GÜL ULKAT Female Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Businessman / Businesswoman No Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors No 0.04 No Independent member
RAHİME ALEV DUMANLI Woman Member of the Board of Directors Financial Sector Professional 30.03.2020 Non-Executive INDEPENDENT BOARD

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