Member of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. İlhan gave a date for the goal of ‘1000 cases’

Member of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan said that although the requirement to wear masks has been lifted in closed areas, there may still be people who wish to wear masks, and people with chronic illnesses and people over 65 can continue to wear masks to protect themselves. İlhan said the target of 1,000 cases, which was determined to remove the mask requirement in public transport vehicles and health facilities, can be achieved during the summer period.


Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Gazi University, Head of the Department of Public Health, Member of the Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan, recalling that the obligation to use masks in closed areas, except for health facilities and public transport vehicles, has been abolished. Citizens should pay attention to the vaccination of people with chronic diseases and if there are citizens at risk, they should continue to protect themselves. But that doesn’t mean no one will wear a mask from now on. For example, if people are going to a busy marketplace, of course it may be the right approach for them to wear masks to protect themselves, even if they are waiting in the environment. The important thing is that people are not required to wear masks in an indoor or outdoor space. People respect those who wear masks, and those who wear masks show respect to those who don’t. You need it. Such a strategy has now been adopted,” he said.



teacher. Dr. İlhan, regarding the target of less than 1000 cases set for the removal of the mask requirement in public transport and health facilities, said: “We are in a downward trend, it is important to know how the trend is changing. It is important that the downward trend persists. I think these numbers may be possible during the summer months. The downward trend continues. Maybe there will be a slight increase in mask usage, as the holidays arrive, but we shouldn’t get too excited. Maybe the cases can go up, it can go down a bit, but it will come down from the 2,000 band. We can hit the 1,000 target in the summer period,” said.

“They can kiss, they can kiss”

teacher. Dr. Emphasizing that there will be activity during the Ramadan holiday, İlhan said, “People haven’t seen the holiday for 2 years, so to speak. Those who go to their families during the holidays will visit their elders. In this process, it would be appropriate to approach these people with more caution, especially if there are citizens over 65 and people with chronic diseases. If a large crowd goes to a elder, we will definitely have to pay attention to ventilation. If that elder has a disease, perhaps it would be right for him to wear a mask and protect himself when the guests come. It is also important that our elders have doses of reminder. We can infect others when we leave. Of course, they can kiss and hug each other, but if there is a person at risk, it would be fair not to hug them for a long time to protect our elders I think it’s important for them to be more sensitive in showing what they mean,” he said.



teacher. Dr. Emphasizing that epidemics are dynamic processes, İlhan said, “I think the probability of a new variant emerging is very low at the moment. such danger. Now the world has learned to live with such a serious pandemic, epidemic, from there. “We as a scientific committee will not hold meetings often. However, our Ministry of Health is already monitoring the outbreak and monitoring the numbers. Of course, we will meet when there is an unusual situation,” he said.

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