Minister Bilgin was a table guest at the 1,500-person foyer at the iftar

BAYBURT (IHA) – Minister of Labor and Social Security Prof. dr. Vedat Bilginattended the street fast-breaking dinner for 1,500 people, organized by Governor Bayburt’s office as the “People’s Meeting of Gönül Sofrası”.

The blessings of the Night of Power were shared in the fast-breaking program attended by citizens from all walks of society. Focus on program at Saathane Square; It was a matter of unity and solidarity.

After iftar, Minister Bilgin addressed the residents of Bayburt, with whom he shared the same table. Hoarse from his busy schedule, Minister Bilgin thanked the citizens for their participation.

Minister Bilgin said he taught at university for 30 years and addressed parliament when he was an MP, but nowhere felt the excitement he felt at Bayburt . Stating that Bayburt is the most beautiful city in the world for him, Minister Bilgin said: “I graduated from Bayburt High School. My family was here until I graduated from college. I lived here. Now I try to come at least once a year.. We will continue to work from now on. But know that you also have a representative in Ankara.. he said.

Minister Bilgin said his door is wide open to the people of Bayburt and they are with them heart to heart.

Stating that he came to Bayburt with greetings from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister Bilgin continued: “I would like to announce the good news that the Kop Tunnel, which we have all been waiting for for years and wanted to open as soon as possible, will be completed by the end of this year, the first three months of the new year. Of course, the transportation is ours. Kop tunnel, Zigana tunnel are very important for us These are almost a network model that connects us to every point in Turkey. Joining this network means participating in Turkey’s economy, participating in Turkey’s social, political life and cultural interaction. Therefore , the Kop tunnel will bring us closer to Erzurum and the Zigana tunnel will bring us closer to the Black Sea. But there is another very important good news: the completion of Bayburt – Gümüşhane airport, as you know, our president has given instructions on this subject, until the end of this year, but in February at the latest. the airport in February. Bayburt and Gümüşhane will be connected by air to all regions of Turkey with a common airport.

“These projects are very important and historical projects. Of course, we also have Bayburt’s drinking water problem. Gümüşhane’s drinking water problem has been solved. Now it’s Bayburt’s turn.” Bayburt’s waters are very beautiful. You know. When we went swimming in Coruh, we drank water. It was flawless. Now I believe Coruh will sink with flying colors again. But more importantly, we will eliminate limescale from Bayburt’s drinking water. We will reduce it to the healthiest level. We are also following this project.”

Recalling that his position in the cabinet covers labor and social security issues, Minister Bilgin said he wanted to continue his speech with assessments on this issue.

Stressing that the pandemic process has caused crises in global economies and impacted Turkey, Minister Bilgin pointed out that Germany was struggling with inflation figures of up to 38% per year. months during this period. Bilgin noted that they have intervened against the wear and tear characteristics of inflation and that there are many more measures to be implemented.

Minister Bilgin shared the following information regarding the work they plan to do as a ministry: “There are 3600 additional indicator issues that are causing serious problems for public staff. We will resolve this in a balance that will create a sense of justice in all the public personnel.I would like to share the news that the file will be closed and the file will be submitted to parliament from May.

“There are other social policy measures we will take against the destruction of inflation. We will protect our pensioners. We must socially protect our pensioners. At the end of last year, we increased the most low from 1,500 lira to 2,500 lira.In today’s inflationary conditions, we will reduce the salaries of our pensioners, civil servants and other pensioners.We have increased it above the rate of inflation. But with the destruction of inflation, these questions are again on the agenda. We have studies on them again. We will share them with the public in the next few days, we will complete our work on this question and our president will likely share much needed good news about this with our entire society on May 1. know that you will bring this good news.”

“Our country’s biggest problem is employment. One of the most important conditions for economic development is growth, but growth that creates jobs. Fortunately, despite all these problems, the economy’s industry Turkey grew by 13% last month. The 13% Growth of the industry shows that the electricity industry which has been the engine of the Turkish economy for years. “How to industrialize? All our politicians have said it, but believe me, we have come a long way since the late Turgut Özal and his policies that opened the Turkish economy to the world. economy became. It was a dream for us 20 years ago.”

“Despite the unfavorable conditions caused by the pandemic last year, Turkey has created about one million jobs. We aim to increase even more next year. I have implemented two projects in this regard. We l We’ve done it with the means of the Department of Labor, one of which is known as the On-the-Job Training Project. We’ve arranged it to be a job in a new way. It’ that is, we will cover the people who have hired workers for additional employment under our programs, we will cover the money of the people they employ for 3 months or 6 months We will cover all their expenses social services such as insurance etc. On the other hand, if we have worked for 3 months, it will be multiplied by three, 9 And the employer will employ them for a month, in other words, we will complete it for a year. it took 6 months, we will multiply it again by three and the term inerons in two years.

“Another such employment program is the production process participation project. We will pay for three months of machine training in the young factory where university graduates are recruited but trained in the production process, that is, say they graduated from college without seeing the CNC machine, graduated from technical departments, or even became an engineer, you’ll give it six months. will employ under the condition of guaranteed employment.Therefore, we are opening the door of a direct, non-imaginary employment policy to our young university graduates with these programs.I wish all our young people good luck with this program.

Minister Bilgin announced that Turkey-wide support will be given to students for internship opportunities in industry.

In the final part of his remarks, Minister Bilgin congratulated the citizens on the Night of Power and said, “I hope God will bring us together on such beautiful days and such beautiful iftar tables. I give you all respect and congratulations again at night.” mentioned.

Iftar Governor Cüneyt Epcim, who hosted the program, began his speech by greeting the citizens.

Stating that they are together in a program that will go down in Bayburt history under the shadow of Bayburt Castle, Governor Epcim said, “May Allah keep our unity and health forever. We always say that Ramadan is different in Bayburt. Like all of us Know that Ramadan is the month of the Quran. A very beautiful example of solidarity is displayed with an approach inspired by the Quran, especially with the sensitivity of the Quran. In this sense, we are proud of all Bayburt inhabitants.” he said.

Governor Epcim, Minister of Labor and Social Security, who participated in the fast-breaking dinner, Prof. dr. Vedat BilginHe said he came to Bayburt with good news. Emphasizing that Minister Bilgin takes a close interest in Bayburt’s issues and that he is one of the exemplary figures of Turkish wisdom, Governor Epcim said: “Today we are proud to welcome our honorable Minister Vedat Bilgin in our city. Our minister is with us today. . Because of his approach to all of our Bayburt’s issues, some very big moves are afoot. Our President’s interest in Bayburt, his love for it, and our Minister’s special interest is moving our projects and our investment program forward much faster. Our minister will continue to work with our Bayburt’s special projects from now on. They will be much more interested in their big projects. Today they expressed it themselves. They will also have good news. It really takes very important steps towards the important issues of our Bayburt. We also thank them for their support of Bayburt’s issues and projects. used expressions.

Governor Epcim drew attention to the participation of all segments of society in the fast-breaking program and said, “Bayburt is a city that is the bastion of Anatolian wisdom. It is a city that keeps the beauties of Anatolia alive. let’s continue like this. Let’s be united and united. I want us to wear it prosperously. I thank the Minister again for his participation.

Governor Epcim also expressed that he was happy to see Deputy Fetani Battal, who had recovered from a heart attack and participated in the program, among them again.

After the speeches by Minister Bilgin and Governor Epcim, prayers were said. After the program, Minister Bilgin and those accompanying him gathered in a tea house and discussed with the citizens.

Minister Bilgin then left Bayburt by road. -BAYBURT

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