Statement from Erdogan’s Osman Kavala: This man was Turkey’s Soros

Regarding Osman Kavala, who was sentenced to an aggravated prison term in the Gezi case, AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “This man was the Turkish Soros, he was the behind-the-scenes coordinator of the events from Gezi. Our judicial system has given its decision on this issue. I’m sorry, there is a judicial system in this country. ” said.


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AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the iftar program where he met with NGO representatives in Istanbul.

Defending the illegal decisions in the Gezi case, Erdogan said of the aggravated life sentence of businessman Osman Kavala: “The decision taken about an individual disturbed certain circles. This man was the Turkish Soros. He was the behind-the-scenes coordinator of the Gezi case. “Our justice system has made its final decision on him. I’m sorry, there is a judicial system in this country. The justice system will make this decision to show that what it believes and knows is that the right is dominant.” mentioned.

Highlights from Erdogan’s statement:

“Neither the treacherous hands of terrorist organizations nor the targeting of their political extensions will prevent us from serving our nation. The cause to which we dedicate our lives is the cause of rights and truth. Turkey’s last 20 years were the period when the greatest steps towards democracy and development were experienced. We started the Anatolian Revolution with the elections of November 3, 2002.


The decision made about one person disturbed some circles. This man was the Turkish Soros, this man was the behind-the-scenes coordinator of the Gezi events. Our justice has rendered its final verdict on him. I’m sorry, there is a judicial system in this country. The judiciary will make this decision to show what it believes and knows, and that the law is dominant.

Now there are many people looking for it. Some people gave us suggestions when we went abroad. We said, “Sorry, Turkey is a rule of law.” You say yes to the terrorist organization that appears in your streets. The PKK appears in its streets in rags. You don’t listen to them. In Turkey, the steps taken make you uncomfortable. Finally, the European Court of Human Rights has said that we cannot take any action unless the court issues a first instance decision. Now the decision is made. You will now be subject to the decision made. This decision will take effect whether or not you are.

From a Turkey where prohibitions of rights and freedoms reign, we arrived at a Turkey where everyone can defend his opinion as long as he does not glorify terrorism.

We have come to the time when our daughters could not enter school with their headscarves, where our veiled daughters were dragged outside the university gates, where the police unfortunately took away our daughters’ headscarves, and now all of our security forces secured them. Praise be to Allah, who has brought us this day.”


We have removed all the shackles of one-party fascism and putschists against the national will. We have reached domestic and renewable energy production capacity. On the sport side, we have equipped it with modern facilities right down to its most remote corners. It is possible to testify in all fields, from agriculture to social policies.

We have made Turkey a country where every individual can be proud to be a citizen and proudly carry their passport everywhere in the world. Of course, we also had to face many difficulties and hardships. Turkey has come to our days not walking in a thornless rose garden, but being kneaded in the grip of a scorpion. We have survived countless problems, from guardianship forces to entrenched gangs in state forces, from street incidents to attacks by terrorist organizations.


In the Dolmabahçe Mosque, the drug addicts sitting inside the mosque with their beer cans came by opening channels from the mosque to our office here. They marched to Taksim Square with the vagabonds. They defended them as libertarians. They burned down my citizens’ stores, as well as the state buses there. Are they libertarians? Why did they do this? They did it for the environment. How is this environmentalism?

We have written the epic of ecology in this country. We did this by planting about 5 million trees. They said they removed 12 trees from one place to another, they said they were removing the trees. Their life is a lie.

They almost touted a coup with Republican rallies. With the declaration of April 27, they tried to capture the national will. They tried to drag Turkey into chaos with political assassinations. They tried to shut down our party on fake newspaper clippings. They deceived our youth with these events which they launched under the pretext of the tree and the environment. They were eager to crash our economy with their calls not to consume.

With their pit actions they tried to divide the homeland and snatch our brothers from us. With the betrayal of July 15, they led us to the coup attempt, to direct attacks on our lives. They released all the snakes they had fed and bred over the years.


We have not trampled on the will of the nation, its back, to the vultures, to the scoundrels who have sold their souls to the imperialists. We paid the price, we suffered, we endured hardship. We suffered political violence, we were threatened. We have never undermined the sacred trust given by our nation at the ballot box. We have always stood tall, we have remained firm, we have never deviated for a single moment from legitimacy and the law.

We have not allowed a single member of our nation to bleed. We have reconciled with those who tried to take the will of Miletus captive through intimidation, either at the ballot box or in court. Our ancestors say: “The wolf passes the winter, but does not forget the frost that it eats”. We have not forgotten the attack we have suffered over the past 20 years, we do not forget, we will never forget even after years.

We will not leave this blessed homeland, every inch of which is weary with the blood of martyrs, to terrorists, supporters of terrorism or our contractors. We had 5 martyrs, we neutralized and killed around 60 terrorists. There were no voices from the main opposition in parliament. Those known to be party skits tried to block us saying ‘how can they do this, how can they do this’. Whatever you say, my commando will get in there, and he did.

There is no more concession in these matters. The border is 30 kilometers beyond the border, we said we will get there and we did. Our next operations are continuing and will continue. It is a victory for our nation that the courts, which decide in the name of the nation, judge the putschists and give the response they deserve. I say God bless you.


Our justice system, which called justice to account for the July 15 betrayal, wrote its name in history in letters of gold after Yassıada’s embarrassment. Now there is no longer a flat island or a flat island. In ruling on the Gezi events, our justice system not only eased our consciences, but also taught a lesson in law and justice.

Currently, our mosque on one side and the Ataturk Cultural Center on the other are in Taksim Square in their brand new form. Hopefully we will have other projects under this plan. with our nation. Our judicial system has not yielded to the blackmail of the dead outside Turkey and their foreigners.

The dead language of certain groups, which smells of threat, will not make us forget the importance of this historic decision for the future of Turkey.

As at every stage of our political life, we will not consent to be chained to the will of our nation. We will continue to grow Turkey on the basis of democracy, freedom and justice. I hope we will build the prosperous Turkey of 2023 together, just as we have come these days side by side and heart to heart. »

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