The price of vacation! Reservations are good, hotels are happy…


Easy to say, this will be the first vacation without pandemic measures after 2 years. This is why hotels have focused on programs with artists.

Almost every hotel has a program.

sibel can He will be one of the biggest winners of the party. He will take the stage in Cyprus on the first day of the festival and in Antalya on the second day.

The cost to listen to Gökhan Tepe and Fatih Ürek with Sibel Can and stay 3 nights in Cyprus starts from 22,000 Lira and goes up to 70,000 Lira depending on room preference.

If you choose Antalya for Sibel Can, then you have to extend your stay a bit because the hotel does not allow 2-3 days accommodation.


For 6 nights you have to pay 20,000-70,000 lira.

Ebru Gundeş The first day of the festival is in Antalya… The price to enter the festival while listening to Ebru Gündeş varies between 12,000 and 30,000 lira.

In Cyprus Ebru Yasar A room fee of 12,000 lira will have to be paid for the room, and a room fee of 10,000 lira for Derya Freeci and Özcan Deniz.

And of course, the go-to name for holiday programs Ajda pekkan…

He chose Bodrum, which he loved very much, for this scene. The hotel’s 3 night accommodation package is 18,000 Lira minimum.

Prices start at the same level everywhere.

in Dalaman Sevval Sam and jabbar There will be concerts.

There are also 3 night packages. 12,000 lira for a standard room and 90,000 lira for a deluxe room.

Well, the season hasn’t started yet.

That’s why we don’t come across prices that will open our eyes this holiday.

Specifically, since we know the prices of hotels and especially villas in Bodrum and Çeşme during the summer season, maybe these prices seem “normal” to us.

But I absolutely must add this.

These prices do not include additional expenses made in hotels.

There will be a surcharge for what you eat and drink.

Therefore, add at least 5-10,000 extra lira, depending on the length of your holiday, on top of these stopover and accommodation prices.

We bypass noise regulations


In January ‘noise controlA change has been made to i.

The regulations published in the official journal contain the following articles:

Very sensitive It is prohibited to play live music in open and semi-open entertainment venues in areas where there are use areas. (for 24 hours)

Precise handling hours of live music in open and semi-open entertainment venues in areas where 24.00′will be done until

In other words, we are talking about regulation independent of the pandemic or even after the pandemic.

This means very sensitive use, residential, hospital, care homes for children and the elderly.

Sensitive uses are hotels, schools and religious establishments.

The pandemic is over, there are no more measures, but we have these measures taken for “noise”.


Look and see, there will be a lot of talk, a lot of people will say ‘I’m going to the place’ and lock their shop doors. This summer will be like this…

There will be no live music in areas where there are residential areas (almost all places are in sensitive or very sensitive areas) in the summer.

Either it will be enjoyed indoors or the artists will have to leave the stage after 00:00.

What about respect for “work”?

I wrote the other day that Özge Özpirinçci was in court with the producer of the TV series “Yakamoz”, so she did not participate in any activities related to the series. Turns out Özge never shared on his social media.

He didn’t say, “Our show is on, good luck.”

She ignores her job, that is, Özge.


It doesn’t matter, once you sign it, if you were in front of the camera on set, it’s over…

* I was prosecuted…

* They bored me on set…

* I got offended with him…

* I had a fight with there is no such thing.

Was E Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ too impatient? The public noticed that he was also unhappy. Now, I don’t know if it comes from the scenario or from external interventions.

But the man came out and did his job.

Well, it’s the job.

You don’t do it for free.

Sorry, you can’t be offended. you shouldn’t be offended.

If you are offended, you will waste the work of many people.

like Mykonos

Some operators who are going to open a new room or renovate their rooms have the following words:

* “Brother, I do like Mykonos.”

How do you say:


* “You know that Mykonos Scorpios… The one from the beach. That’s how we design it.”

So you say…

* You know, the DJs, the atmosphere, etc.

What will happen inside, you say something else…

* Kimono or something will be sold, necklaces and bracelets will be very elegant supports.

So why do you say…

No answer…

I have a humble suggestion for them…

* Don’t be like Mykonos…

* Get rid of dreams of pretending to be Scorpios…

* Be authentic, be local…

* You find something, let them talk about us…

Because we customers are fed up with the talk that I’m building a place like ‘Mykonos’.

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