Turkey takes the first step to choose the space traveler

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank underlined the importance of studying space and aeronautical medicine and said: “We will soon make an announcement to choose the people Turkey will send to space. people who will go into space must have special conditions.” mentioned.

The 2022 Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şahane University of Health Sciences Award Ceremony was held at Bağlarbaşı Culture and Convention Center.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Varank recalled the saying “It is its history that gives character to an institution” and said: “It would not be wrong if we called the School of Medicine ‘the ‘spirit of modern Turkish medicine’. was institutionalized with the Faculty of Medicine. This valuable school has been a pioneer in the history of Turkish medicine with its experience since its inception. Thanks to the doctors, surgeons and pharmacists it has trained, the foundations for many health facilities in Anatolia were laid, he said.

Stating that this legacy continues today with the University of Health Sciences, Varank said:

“The University of Health Sciences is an international school in the field of health with its nearly 3,000 professors, more than 20,000 students and dozens of faculties. Its services now extend to Central Asia and to Africa. I personally attended the opening of the Faculty of Medicine in Somalia. Along with the graduates here. It is very valuable to have met this distinguished institution. Today, this distinguished institution also hosts one of the most prestigious awards in Turkey.11 scientists and researchers have been deemed worthy of the Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şahane Academic Awards for their successful work in their fields.At the same time, their work in the health field Mekteb -i Tıbbiye-i Şahane Media Awards will be given to our 8 media representatives who create social awareness in the field Our school -member athletes who have achieved success in intercollegiate competitions will also receive the Mek teb-i Tıbbiyye-i Şahane Sports Awards.”

“We have built a high-tech and human-friendly healthcare system”

Minister Varank said that a healthy mind is found in a healthy body and this logical relationship is also valid for social laws.

Emphasizing that they have made a health revolution in Turkey with this awareness, Varank continued his remarks as follows:

“Thanks to the health infrastructure we have put in place since 2002 and the health insurance we have provided, we have set the best example of a welfare state in the world. While Turkey’s total health expenditure were only 18 billion lire in 2002, this figure has exceeded 250 billion lire today.While establishing innovative structures, we have started to train the most qualified health personnel in our country, from doctors to nurses. We have increased the total number of health personnel from 295,000 to 1 million. We know that the quality of our health system is directly proportional to the well-being and quality of life of health workers. , we are also taking steps to improve the living standards of our health workers, and we have not hesitated to throw it away when necessary.

Thanks to all these breakthroughs, we have built a high-tech health system that is above all respectful of people. We would not be mistaken if we said that the health system of the world and Turkey gave the most difficult test during the pandemic period. However, we have observed together how developed countries have fallen in class during the pandemic period. So to speak, they fell into a coma and could not get up from the operating table. Turkey, on the other hand, has successfully passed this test with its health ecosystem, from city hospitals to domestic vaccines, from doctors to technicians. So much so that Turkey’s fight against Covid-19 has been held up as an example around the world. Statesmen who have visited us have asked how we got there. “Can you share this experience with us?” he asked. The pandemic has once again shown how precise measures we have taken in the field of health.”

Advice for young people to “always turn to science and pursue knowledge”

Pointing out that there were 5 technoparks on paper in Turkey when they came to power, Varank said they had increased the number of technoparks to over 90 over a 20-year period.

Noting that there is a demand for new technoparks from universities all over Turkey, Varank said: “Thanks to our activities, our R&D expenses have increased to 54 billion lira. The fact that a large part of this expenditure is made by our private sector is also an achievement that we appreciate.The main dynamic behind these successes is the training of people.The way to increase our competitiveness is through investments in our human resources.

Minister Varank said that as a ministry there is support for all stakeholders, from young researchers to experienced scientists, and made the following assessment:

“With the International Leading Researchers program, we bring scholars from the best universities and research centers in the world to our country. We offer scholarships to our young people in a wide range, from high school to doctorate. With TEKNOFEST, we inculcate the R&D culture in young people with science festivals, and develop their talents with schools like DENEYAP and Ekol 42. All this support does of course not come without consideration. Our young people always and everywhere make us proud. Our girls have become the second in Europe by winning 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze at the 11th European Mathematical Olympiad for Girls last week.A category opened and held for the first time last year. year, we will host these Olympics in Turkey.The girls will compete in Antalya.

We believe that our young people will achieve many successes by participating in the competitive R&D ecosystem. While the direction someone charted for our youth is full of zigzags and dark agendas, the direction we charted is towards a bright future in the light of science and technology. Our request of our young people is this: never stop dreaming. Remember that dreaming is half the success. Never delay your work. Stay away from vicious arguments that will divert you from your path. Always turn to science and run after knowledge. You will see that as long as you pursue knowledge, we will always be with you with our support. Trust yourself.”

Mentioning that our history is full of discoveries of our scientists that have cost the whole world, Varank said: “If you work with confidence, I believe that new Aziz Sancarlar, Özlem Türeciler, Uğur Şahinler will emerge among you. The existence of young people like you is the greatest guarantee of a bright Turkey in the future. May it help us all. I congratulate our scientists, scholars, media representatives and athletes who received the award. I would like to congratulate the Professor Dr. Cevdet Erdöl for establishing the Smoke-Free University. It is an example for all of Turkey and for cooperating with YÖK. We must unite and make our universities smoke-free. He said.

“We will test the Turkish citizen who will go into space”

Stressing the importance of space and aeronautical medicine studies, Minister Varank said: “We will soon make an announcement to select the people Turkey will send to space. The center created by the University of Health Sciences will also be very useful to us. “Who will go into space must have special conditions. This center is the first of its kind in the near future. “One of the users will be our ministry. We will test the Turkish citizen who will go into space.” mentioned.

Rector of the University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl also gave a presentation on the activities of the University of Health Sciences. Erdöl in his presentation said that they are responsible for the education of 35,800 students, when students from all over the country and abroad are counted as well as honors students in total.

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