Countdown to Galatasaray Elections! Which coach will Metin Öztürk and Eşref Hamamcıoğlu work with? Here is the photo of the meeting…


After the Ordinary Financial General Assembly held in Galatasaray on March 26, while Burak Elmas and his leadership were not let go from the administrative point of view, the yellow and red people went to the elections. While the election was taken to court after the cases were announced, the precaution was taken for the election and after the hearing held on April 22, the precaution was lifted.

Among the yellow-red people, the news that Fırat Develioğlu asked a higher court to annul the election and that the Court of Appeal annulled the election was brought forward. According to information obtained by Spor Arena; A formal decision regarding the annulment of the election has yet to be received by the Galatasaray Sports Club from the Court of Appeal.

In Galatasaray, the election will take place on Saturday April 30, unless the Court of Appeal decides to suspend or annul the election. Two presidential candidates, Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk, will compete to become the new boss of the Yellow-Red Club. Both candidates are very confident in their team and their voting potential. So much so that both sides have already rolled up their sleeves. Hamamcıoğlu and Öztürk don’t want to be behind in their transfer work if elected. For this, the two candidates have given the necessary instructions to the names they intend to wear at the head of football.



On the other hand, İsmail Sarıkaya, one of the team members of Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Öztürk, sat at the table with coach Okan Buruk.

Contacts with Okan Buruk, to whom Metin Öztürk won the election at Galatasaray, to whom he would cede the coaching seat, accelerated. İsmail Sarıkaya, who is expected to be Öztürk’s vice president, and businessmen Erhan Gündal and Okan Buruk, sat at Zorlu AVM’s table yesterday.

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Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, meanwhile, says a German coach is in his heart at every opportunity. Hamamcıoğlu, about the coach, said: “I don’t know Farke and we haven’t had any contact. But I confirm it, the Jupp Derwall revolution should start again in Galatasaray.” use expressions…


Galatasaray presidential candidates gave special interviews to Spor Arena ahead of the elections. Along with the statements of Metin Öztürk and Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, we remember the last statements of Okan Buruk about the yellow-red people…


Metin Öztürk: We are the favorites in the election | My promises have been manipulated | Nuri Şahin did a commercial, Okan Buruk…

Answering questions about the presidential election on Sports Arena’s YouTube channel, Öztürk answered his plans and important talking points. If elected, he will make a vault, he will work with Levent Nazifoğlu, Nuri Şahin’s controversy, his views on Domenec Torrent and Okan Buruk and much more in our video.

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu: Ease of payment is like candy | We have a list of coaches | Daniel Farke and Campos

Describing the ideal he covets and his plans in Galatasaray, Hamamcıoğlu responded for the first time to the talk of “free presidential candidate” speech. The viable structure of the club, the preference of safes, the future of Domenec Torrent, the reality of Daniel Farke, the possible structuring of the football branch and the electoral agenda…



Okan Buruk, who played in top teams such as Galatasaray, Inter, Beşiktaş, had the greatest success of his coaching career after winning the Turkish Cup with Akhisarspor, making Başakşehir the champion of the 2019-2020 season. The 48-year-old teacher was mentioned by many teams after his separation from the dark orange-blue team on January 29, 2021, but he always remained silent. These days, it’s on the agenda at Galatasaray, where he kicked off football in his facilities. Okan Buruk has made important decisions both for the future and for Turkish football.

Stating that he has received many offers from the Super League and abroad in the meantime, Buruk said: “It’s a project that I wanted one hundred percent and I’ve been waiting to take a step forward. We like to work, but sometimes we have to wait”. But I miss being on the sidelines. In this process, I usually watched the games on TV. Finally, we went to a game with his beloved Acun Ilıcalı for Hull City, which he owns. When you are in the mood, he understands better what he is missing. It’s important to walk on green ground,” he said.



Stating that his name came up for the coaching job with the team he grew up with, Buruk said: “I played for 18 years. Then I had an adventure in Italy. I went to as a champion in 2008. The greatest happiness I will experience after this time will be training for Galatasaray. There is a selection process. Some of the candidates It is not clear that he will prefer this, but it’s nice to step in. The fans have great support and interest in me, both on the street and on If I am given such a task for this, I will be happy to take action for the future of Galatasaray and serve without thinking of anything materially or morally,” he said.



Assessing Emre Belözoğlu’s performance at Başakşehir in a statement to Sabah newspaper, Buruk said, “Professor Emre’s performance at Fenerbahce was also very good. If he won a game, he would be champion. Başakşehir’s performance also started with a magnificent outing. It turned into a bumpy graphic in the sequel. But we saw that he changed a lot of things in Başakşehir, especially the quality of the game. Tactically, I agree with him “, did he declare.


Asking if the İsmail Kartal era should continue at Fenerbahçe, he said: “It’s the decision of the club. The president and the management will decide, but the teacher İsmail has made such a breakthrough. There is a rise in teacher İlhan (Palut) in Konya. Abdullah (Avcı) is in Trabzon. He has gone far ahead. New names like Emre (Belözoğlu) and Nuri Şahin have shown up. There are some things that Hakan Keleş has done to Giresun, where we thought it would be relegated as a team. In short, Turkish coaches are successful, but we also need to continue our development. We need to keep pace with world football. It’s a must. don’t get me wrong, but those who are not preferred in their own country accept Turkey’s duty,” he said.


“I do not distinguish the technical man as national or foreign. Buruk said: “But for a long time Turkish coaches have had incredible success. There is a point of view of ignoring the success of Turkish coaches. It is something that is in Turkey’s genes, in fact , we put foreigners in our eyes. We have admiration. We want to take it to technical manhood. I’m not against foreign coaches. There have been some very successful ones, but when you think about it , which team won the championship with a foreign coach, was it Zico? He continued.


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