Deniz Poyraz case | From mugger Gencer to presiding judge: I’ll be in trouble

People’s Democratic Party (HDP) which carried out an armed attack on the provincial building in Izmir last year and Poyraz of the seathe murderer of Onur Gencer He appeared before a judge for the third time. Gencer, who wanted a “reduction in provocation”, threatened the presiding judge who warned him. Gencer said, “I’m going to get you in trouble. The lawyers demanded that the court’s advice be rejected. The court adjourned the next hearing to July 18.

On June 7, 2021, the 3rd hearing of the case of Onur Gencer, a former medical professional who carried out an armed attack on the HDP provincial building in Izmir and assassinated Deniz Poyraz, was held at the 6th Criminal Court of the Palace court in Izmir, demanding life imprisonment and 7 years in prison.

The detained defendant Onur Gencer attended the hearing with the audio and video information system (SEGBİS). Relatives of Poyraz, party lawyers and party members were present in the room. The hearing began after receipt of requests for identification and participation. Özkan Yücel, the head of the Izmir Bar, who spoke, reacted to the fact that the accused was not brought into the room. Türkan Aslan Ağaç, the lawyer for the Poyraz family, also said that they prepared about 300 questions for the defendant, but the connection with SEGBİS is against the face-to-face principle. Tree, “I have practiced law for 25 years and I want the accused brought to justice. We need to contact the accused. We need to see his gestures and facial expressions. That way there will be no fair trial,” he said. mentioned. Tree demanded an interim decision and the accused to be brought to the courtroom. The court denied the defendant’s request to be brought to the courtroom.

Reaction of the lawyers to the decision not to appear in the minutes

The office of the court rejected the request of the lawyers present in the courtroom to be recorded in the minutes. The delegation stated that only proxies will be allowed for cross-examination. The other lawyers present in the room therefore reacted to the delegation. The hearing was adjourned for 5 minutes at the request of the President of the Izmir Bar, Özkan Yücel, who criticized the decision. Speaking after the break, the defendant’s lawyer, Ahmet Can Gürlek, requested an appeal against the commission’s rejection of the lawyers’ request to be entered into the record. Speaking once again after Gürlek, Izmir Bar Association President Özkan Yücel said: “We want this country to have justice. We want this country to look freely to the future. That’s why we reject every member judge and you.”

Threatened the presiding judge

Lawyer Türkan Aslan Ağaç, who spoke, also requested a “rejection commission”. Tree, “We want you to step down because we think the impartiality of the tribunal is gone. If you don’t agree to that, we refuse the delegation.”

After the speeches of the lawyers, the president of the court gave the floor to the defendants. Defendant Gencer demanded a reduction in provocation saying, “His own speeches show that HDP buildings are nests of terror.” On this, the people present in the room reacted to the accused. The presiding judge warned the defendant Gencer. Once again, the reactions increased. , and the presiding judge ordered the accused to be evacuated from the SEGBİS room.

The 7th High Criminal Court will decide

After the speeches, the tentative decision was announced. Deciding on Gencer’s continued detention, the committee decided to write a letter to the jail so that he could be present in the room at the next hearing. The committee, which rejected the request for a “rejection committee”, decided to send the case to the 7th High Criminal Court in Izmir for consideration with the written opinion of the court committee, and adjourned the hearing to July 18, 2022.

CHP’s Tanrıkulu: They make arbitrary decisions

After the postponement of the Deniz Poyraz trial, which took place before the 6th High Criminal Court in Izmir, the lawyers gave a statement to the press in front of the courthouse. Speaking here, CHP deputy from Istanbul, Sezgin Tanrıkulu, said: “I have never seen a period when the judicial system was so reckless, including the period of the coup. It’s like if they had received special training to act against the law. This is the case not only in Izmir but also in all of Turkey. They make completely arbitrary decisions. How could the judge not accept the certificate of If this murderer was here today he would scan us all If you tweet in Turkey you will be detained for 5 hours This murderer was only detained for 24 hours The powers behind him were only detained “no investigation. I criticize the government, not the judges. When the ballot box comes, we will hold it politically accountable,” he said.

Speaking at the press conference, İzmir Bar Association President Özkan Yücel, Diyarbakır Bar Association President Nahit Eren, Şanlıurfa Bar Association President Mehmet Velat İzol , President of Siirt Bar Association Kenan Bilge, Vice President of Van Hamza Bar Association Çiftçi and Vice President of Bingöl Bar Association Nuran Aydın criticized the committee’s decision to the courtyard. (ADH)

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